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Turkey: Journalism behind bars

Nedim Şener: Photo by IPI/David Reali.

Journalists caught in a Kafkaesque affair can expect to spend years behind bars before being allowed to respond to the accusations against them. A climate of fear escalates with each raid and arrest.

Blogging beyond borders

Bloggers in some parts of the world go to great lengths and take personal risks to get their message out there.

In bad company

How the authorities in Kazakhstan and Belarus are obstructing press and internet freedom.

Not a fair deal

Turkmen president, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, with Hillary Clinton: Photo by US State Department.

The West must not validate a dictator by buying gas or other resources from him; but instead make him understand that gas purchases are based solely on the democratisation process and on improvements in the human rights situation.

Qaddafi’s media repression

Muammar Qaddafi: Photo by US Navy.

Al-Ghazal’s assassination was perpetrated after Libya started its return to the international scene and inaugurated its costly public relations campaign to improve its stained image in Western capitals following nearly two decades of ostracism spurred by United Nations Security Council sanctions. Yet media remain tightly muzzled.

Sketches with secret ink

Faraj Bayrakdar: Private photo.

Prison testimony of Syrian poet Faraj Bayrakdar. Translated book excerpt: Khiyanat al-lujha was samt (The treasons of the language and silence).

Steps towards freedom

Tryckfrihetsförordningen: Artwork by GreyType Creative.

Fragments from the history of free speech in Sweden: “Few Swedes would recognise the name of Johann Heinrich Schönheit. He was the last Swede to be executed in Sweden for exercising his freedom of speech.”

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