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Daughters of South Africa

Ndumie Funda: Photo by Adam Letch.

Profile of Ndumie Funda and the struggle against corrective rape in the rainbow nation.

Born behind bars


Children growing up in a prison in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison in Mexico City.

Little woman, little women

Interview with Alaina Podmorow, thirteen-year-old humanitarian from Canada.

Against gender apartheid

Interview with Parvin Ardalan, women’s rights activist, journalist from Iran.

Vs. Sharia

Sharia enforced dress code: Photo by Nick Treacy.

There is a world of difference between sexists and bigots who believe religion gives them the go ahead to think that gays are perverts and unveiled women whores and a state that puts those beliefs into laws, under which gays are executed and badly veiled women are fined, imprisoned or have acid thrown in their faces by Hezbollah and Basiji thugs. When this is the case, speaking of personal beliefs is at best misleading.

The God who hates women

Eve after the fall: By Alexandre Cabanel.

Oppression of women under religious regimes: “Religion dresses up power in robes and mitres, it disguises force majeure as the will of a male God. Men are doing what God wants them to do, and so are women.”

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