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Fuelling the fire

Pakistan bought the Erieye radar surveillance system from Sweden, for $10 billion: Photo Saab AB.

India is the second largest arms importing country in the world, just after China. Pakistan has been, for a long time, a standing customer of European arms, making it the eleventh largest arms importer in the world. Given this, the region is indeed a lucrative market for the arms industry to engage in. Armed conflicts between the two nations have been used by eager European arms producers, aided by their governments.

Myths of neutrality

Myths of neutrality

Ignoring the Holocaust in Sweden and Switzerland: “The Nazi Gold issue rocked the boat in both countries and became a worldwide media controversy. It was effective because confrontation came from the outside: politicians in Sweden and Switzerland were forced to face the issues.”

Against militarism

Campaigning against Nato in Norrbotten, Sweden: Photo by Ofog.

While the global military-industrial-complex propagates that the path to security and peace lies with military solutions, Ofog strives for a world based on democracy, human rights and justice, where real security of the people will be achieved through ending poverty and discrimination.

Steps towards freedom

Tryckfrihetsförordningen: Artwork by GreyType Creative.

Fragments from the history of free speech in Sweden: “Few Swedes would recognise the name of Johann Heinrich Schönheit. He was the last Swede to be executed in Sweden for exercising his freedom of speech.”

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