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[caption id="attachment_2386" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Photo by Laihiuyeung Ryanne/CC-BY"][/caption]

D Advair For Sale, ecember 10 is the death anniversary of Alfred Nobel, and also the day Nobel prizes are awarded. In 2010, when for the first time a Chinese national was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, many from China gathered in Oslo to attend the prize-giving ceremony, to celebrate. I was also invited to join the festivities – an invitation I turned down.

I have known Liu Xiaobo, australia, uk, us, usa, the laureate, for a long time. Longer than many of those who gathered in Oslo that day to show their support for him. It all started in the summer of 1988 when Liu and I became colleagues for a few months, Is Advair addictive, in an academic project at the University of Oslo. Liu was invited for lectures, Advair For Sale. As he did not speak any foreign language, I also helped him as an interpreter.

In 2001, I and a number of exiled Chinese writers, along with few dissident writers still in China, founded the Independent Chinese PEN Centre (ICPC), Advair interactions. Liu was one of those in China. That same year ICPC was accepted as a chapter of International PEN. Since 2003, Liu and I worked together to lead ICPC – Liu as the president in Beijing, Advair used for, and I as the vice-president and the general secretary, working from exile. Advair For Sale, After one term as the general secretary, I became the international secretary, press secretary, and spokesperson for ICPC. During that time, Liu and I kept close daily contact.

So, Liu Xiaobo and I are old comrades. And as an ICPC comrade, Advair description, I should have travelled to Oslo to attend the ceremony and cheer for Liu, when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. However, I declined the invitation from Oslo, Herbal Advair, and instead of going west from Sweden, flew east to Helsinki.

Instead of Oslo, I accepted an invitation from Amnesty International Finland, to join them in Helsinki. Because, December 10 is also the International Human Rights Day, Advair pictures. For the day, I had no intention to wear a Tuxedo and raise a glass of champagne, celebrating the first Chinese national getting the Nobel Peace Prize, Advair For Sale. Despite the success of an old ICPC comrade, I decided to join the International Human Rights Day celebration in Helsinki, and talk about the human rights situation in China.

I feared that when the whole world would focus on Liu Xiaobo and the peace prize in Oslo, the many other prisoners of conscience rotting behind the bars in China would fall under a dark shadow for a long time to come. Online buying Advair hcl, I feared that all those political prisoners in China would be neglected and forgotten easily, when the spotlight of the Nobel prize would focus on one winner, one Liu Xiaobo.

Indeed, there is a long list of forgotten Chinese political prisoners: Wang Bingzhang, Gao Zhisheng, Hu Jia, where can i find Advair online, Huang Qi, Chen Guangcheng, Guo Quan, Shi Tao, Purchase Advair, Zheng Yichun, and the list will grow only longer. There are many cases, where political prisoners are released on bail for very poor health conditions, or released only after serving the full lengths of their sentences. They too are under persecution: Yan Zhengxue, Advair no rx, Li Hong, Qin Yongmin, Hada. Advair For Sale, Qin and Hada, for example, were released after spending twelve and fifteen years in prison.

All of these prisoners of conscience are outstanding individuals. All of them have devoted themselves for the struggle of democracy, Buy Advair no prescription, freedom, and human rights in China. And for their extraordinary efforts, based on their conscience, beliefs, and ideals, where can i cheapest Advair online, they had to pay the price. Borrowing words from the press release of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee on Liu Xiaobo, each of them can be described as “the foremost symbol of the wide ranging struggle for human rights in China.”

For example, I can mention Wang Bingzhang. Advair pics, He earned a degree in medicine from the prestigious McGill University in Canada. If he focused only on his own life and career as a professional doctor, he could have lived a rich and secure life in great comfort, Advair For Sale. Instead he devoted himself to the struggle for democracy in China – founding the first Chinese Democratic Union, in 1982. After decades of struggle, he has now been awarded life imprisonment – a sentence much severe than Liu Xiaobo’s eleven years. His family in Canada – wife and Children – can not see him in prison.

There are people who say that the prize for Liu Xiaobo is not for him only, Advair brand name, but a symbolic award to the Chinese people, to everyone – one medal is enough for everyone. I say, one medal is just not enough. There are people who describe the peace prize as a bomb thrown at the dictators in China Advair For Sale, . Advair recreational, If that is the case then, I say, more bombs like this can lead to the collapse of the regime.

Today, China is divided between different political ideologies, split into different factions where many dissidents like Wang Bingzhang do not toe the same line as Liu Xiaobo. That is why, where can i order Advair without prescription, contrary to the claims made by the Norwegian Nobel committee, Liu can hardly become the one symbol for such a wide and split range of Chinese struggle.

Liu Xiaobo is now well-known for his moderate approach towards the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As we read his 2009 trial statement, I have no enemies. Advair price, That translates to the fact that even the CCP is not his enemy. But I know that Wang Bingzhang and many other Chinese dissidents definitely regard the CCP as the worst enemy of democracy and freedom in China, Advair For Sale. In his statement, Liu says that the human rights situation in China has made “macro level progress,” and the prison is “humanised,” where he can receive full respect from all officers. But there are prisoners of conscience who suffer torture and never get any respect in the prison, Advair for sale, such as lawyer Gao Zhisheng. As we often say, some get carrots, some get sticks.

Some Norwegian friends told me that they did not know much about Wang Bingzhang or Gao Zhisheng. Advair photos, I can understand why. Advair For Sale, Most of the Chinese political prisoners do not have access to resources, and are not so well-known internationally. Wang or Gao are not even in the case-list of International PEN’s Writers in Prison Committee, since the committee only focuses on writers, not on all prisoners of conscience.

To make matters worse, their straightforward position against the CCP often scares the Western governments. Western foundations or government agencies actually shy away from financing them or their organisations, order Advair no prescription. On the other side, Liu Xiaobo and his faction have the resources and are well financed by US or European funds, given their moderate position on the CCP.

Then, how is the human rights situation in China now. Advair no prescription, Has the symbolic Nobel Peace Prize given to well-connected Liu Xiaobo changed the situation in Chinese prisons. Or, has it just fuelled the illusion that mainland China would one day evolve into a democracy, and the CCP would crumble like the former Soviet Communist Party?

There are people who say to me, “You have left China many years back, and do not understand the situation there.” I retort back that people inside China can not even obtain information freely, people in one province there do not know what happens in another province, Advair For Sale. They can not say that they know the country better than me. For people like me outside China, there is a website called Human Rights Defenders, with correspondents across China. They send out daily email briefings reporting the latest and local incidents of human rights violations in the country, Advair alternatives. I think that their work is very significant, and they too are worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Due to the illusions surrounding the CCP, and the idea that mainland China will one day manage to evolve into a democracy, Western governments generally adopt a policy of appeasement, Order Advair online overnight delivery no prescription, yielding to the pressure from China. Advair For Sale, These governments focus only on immediate economic benefits. They carry out superficial human rights dialogue with China without any follow-up on effects and results.

Western actors wish that there would be leaders like Gorbachev or Yeltsin inside the CCP, who can drive a political reform leading China towards a sustainable democracy. This is also why they do not back Chinese dissidents like Wang Bingzhang, who advocate the overthrow of the CCP. They only back those dissidents who toe a moderate line, Advair from canadian pharmacy, and advocate for moderate improvements, such as Liu Xiaobo. Irony is, even the moderates are now facing hard persecution and heavy penalties. In 2009, Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to eleven years in prison, even after immense criticism from foreign actors, particularly the US, Advair For Sale. Advair images, That showdown by the Chinese government made clear indications that China does not care about international criticisms.

The peace prize award ceremony in Oslo itself is another evidence of China’s indifference to Western opinion. Liu Xiaobo, touted as the symbol of the Chinese struggle for democracy, is still a Chinese political prisoner serving a prison sentence. He could not reach Oslo to receive the award in person, not even family members were allowed to travel abroad to attend the ceremony, buy Advair without a prescription. Almost all the invited guests from China were stopped by the Chinese police. Advair For Sale, Many writers, artists, academics, and lawyers were barred from travelling overseas for conferences. A writer friend from Beijing told me that he was barred from travelling inside the country or aboard until the end of January 2011.

On December 10, when the whole world was calling for the release of Liu Xiaobo and other political prisoners in China, the stubborn dictators of the country continued to stand against the world. Order Advair online c.o.d, Liu told his wife that he wished to read his trial statement, I have no enemies, as the thanking speech in Oslo. It was read there on that day. In my opinion, the struggle for democracy in China is not limited to any “I” or a single person, online buy Advair without a prescription. Whether he has enemies or not, is insignificant and irrelevant, Advair For Sale. What really matters is whether the people of China have enemies or not. And yes, they do. In all fights for freedom, Where can i buy cheapest Advair online, there are always enemies of freedom.

The greatest human disaster in the twentieth century was the one-party communist rule in many countries, which resulted in the deaths of millions of people, many times more than the number of people killed by the German fascists. This fact is already established, for example, in the famous book, Advair duration, The black book of communism. Advair For Sale, Today, only a few countries in the world are under communist rule, as the world has rejected this authoritarian system. Communism is the enemy of democracy, the enemy of freedom.

In China, the CCP remains the enemy of freedom, Advair without prescription, the enemy of human rights, the enemy of people power. One can not claim, “I have no enemies,” if one loves freedom and longs for human rights, if one remembers the torture of comrades in prisons.

As I denounce the CCP as the enemy and talk about those hardcore anti-regime political prisoners in China, Advair blogs, I know that some might wonder if I do not see the macro-progress China is making. A Swedish professor, who is in friendly terms with the Chinese government, phoned me recently to express his frustration about a CNN interview of a Chinese artist, Buy generic Advair, Ai WeiWei. He found it unfair and incorrect that Chinese intellectuals like Ai Weiwei criticise the regime so fiercely, “Can you not see that China has made great progress?”

I know that this argument of Chinese progress is actually propagated by the CCP and its friends, in response to criticism from all sides. If you, for once, concede that China has made some progress in some minute levels, all other criticisms of the regime would then be treated as wrong and unfair, Advair For Sale. This is because the touting of Chinese progress is actually part of the compromise formula where the CCP can easily change from foe to friend.

The question of China making progress or not is misleading, since even if the country has made some progress somewhere it can not rob the Chinese intellectuals off their right and responsibility of criticising the regime, kjøpe Advair på nett, köpa Advair online. Finland has made progress, Sweden has made progress, and we do not expect Swedish or Finnish intellectuals to give up their right to criticise their governments. And, Get Advair, unlike China, we do not see them being arrested and put to prison for exercising their rights either.

On the question of progress, if economic development is the only indicator, while there is no improvement in terms of basic human rights, then the future looks more dangerous. Nazi Germany is a good example as it made great economic progress, Advair natural. Advair For Sale, However, the Nazi dictators robbed the people off their rights and freedoms, pushing the Jewish population into concentration camps. Like Nazi Germany, China can also go into a dangerous direction if there is only economic progress. Those who only think of their own interests, and those who stand to profit from cheap Chinese labour, Advair without a prescription, will praise the progress in China and ignore the actual human rights situation in China.

The question of human rights in China is a qualitative one, not quantitative. A few years back, I was attending a panel discussion on the human rights situation in China, during the Göteborg Book Fair. I invoked the case of a dog with a rope tied to its neck, Advair trusted pharmacy reviews. That rope could be loosened from one metre to two metres, three metres, five metres, and even ten metres, Advair For Sale. Even when the other end of the rope is tied to a pole, the dog may feel that its freedom to move has increased tremendously, and this could be seen as great progress for the dog. However, Real brand Advair online, this only would be a quantitative change. For freedom, the dog has to get rid of the rope all together. It is the same for us humans. Advair For Sale, If we want freedom, we need to cut away the rope. We must get rid of the shackles even if they are plated in gold; we must get out of the prison even if it is remodelled as a garden. That is the principle of freedom, a qualitative question.

The human rights situation in China requires qualitative changes. This can only be achieved through a complete end to China’s one-party dictatorship. And, this change is not about the release of Liu Xiaobo, or one famous prisoner. It is about the people of China and their right to freedom and democracy. And no single symbolic prize can earn them the freedom, unless each of the prisoners of conscience is released and recognised.


Chen Maiping – writer, translator – is one of the founders of Independent Chinese PEN.

In print: Independent World Report -- Issue 6/Spring 2011.

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