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Abandoned Cor-tek factory: Photo by Noh Suntag.

[caption id="attachment_1349" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Abandoned Cor-tek factory: Photo by Noh Suntag."][/caption]

Leslie Eme Buy Cialis Without Prescription, -- Intern, International Labor Rights Forum -- writes about labour rights abuses by a South Korean company that controls 30% of the global guitar market.

Most musicians and music lovers around the world know of guitar brands like Fender, Gibson, Alvarez, G&L, ESP and Ibenez. What they may not know is where these branded guitars are made and who makes them, generic Cialis. Is Cialis safe, Until a few years ago, many of these guitars were produced in South Korea by factory workers who toiled long hours to meet production deadlines, buy Cialis online cod, Cialis duration, working in windowless rooms, inhaling harmful fumes and making less than the minimum wage.

These factories were run by a company called Cort, rx free Cialis, Cialis blogs, that currently controls 30% of the global guitar market. However, Cialis online cod, Comprar en línea Cialis, comprar Cialis baratos, factories in South Korea were shut down in 2007, shortly after workers unionised in hopes of receiving at least the minimum wage, online buying Cialis hcl, Taking Cialis, joining forces with the Korean Metal Workers Union.

Cort claimed economic hardship as the reason for this closure. However, Cialis natural, Ordering Cialis online, according to the Cort Action Network weblog, the CEO of Cort has become a billionaire, Cialis dose, Cialis for sale, one of the richest men in South Korea and the 125TH richest man in the world. With $78 billion in profit, Cort’s claim of bankruptcy and financial hardship to justify the mass firing of all of it’s Korean employees sounds all the more dubious.

As the Cort Action Network describes: “After dedicating decades of their labour in unventilated rooms full of fumes and solvent; enduring forced overtime and below-minimum wage pay; incurring injuries and lung diseases; and undergoing the abuse of their managers, these workers unionised to finally get minimum wage, Buy Cialis Without Prescription. Only a short time later, Cialis mg, Where can i order Cialis without prescription, they found themselves padlocked out of their factory in Deajon and were forced to sign resignation papers. It turned out that Cort had moved its operations overseas, Cialis no prescription, Buy Cialis online no prescription, for much cheaper and non-unionised labour in Chinese and Indonesian factories.”

For the past three years, Korean guitar workers and their supporters have been protesting the closure of these factories which left 123 workers without a job, Cialis dangers. Buy Cialis from canada, Workers are asking for these factories to be reopened under more just conditions. Even the Korean courts ruled in favour of the workers on this one, order Cialis no prescription. Buy Cialis Without Prescription, For many of these guitar workers, making guitars is not just a job – it is also their art. Australia, uk, us, usa, For some, it is what they have been doing their entire lives.

The workers are demanding that Cort reopen the factories in Korea and return jobs to the displaced workers, real brand Cialis online. Where can i cheapest Cialis online, They need the support of musicians, artists, buy Cialis without a prescription, Discount Cialis, cultural producers, media makers and anyone who believes that guitars – and therefore music – should be made under fair and humane conditions, herbal Cialis. Purchase Cialis online no prescription, Workers have set up a weblog – – where the public can hear their stories and find out about opportunities to support this cause.♦

Leslie Eme is Intern, International Labor Rights Forum, cheap Cialis no rx. Purchase Cialis online, An earlier version of this article was published in the Labor is not a commodity blog.

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Photo by Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons.

Premarin For Sale, [caption id="attachment_802" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Maid cleaning fireplace, 1942: Library of Congress."]Maid cleaning fireplace, 1942: Library of Congress.[/caption]

Audrey Guichon of Anti-Slavery International writes about the suffering of millions of domestic workers in servitude, and the need for an international convention to protect them from abuse and exploitation.

"My employer would shout at me at me for being too slow and was always complaining about my work and ordering me around. I would get up at 6 AM and work all day until after midnight. I never had any breaks or the time to take a bath or sometimes even to go to the toilet, Premarin alternatives. I was only allowed one day off a month and I was not ever allowed to leave the house."

These were the words of Poulin, Premarin trusted pharmacy reviews, a thirty-five-year-old Indian domestic worker. She was employed to be a live-in cook and cleaner to a married couple in their twenties. She was paid far below the minimum wage and when she finally did escape her torment, her employers attempted to punish her by reporting her to the police and falsely alleging that she had stolen from them.

Almost as shocking as her treatment is the fact that Poulin was not employed in Delhi or Mumbai but in London, Premarin For Sale. Though many would think the hiring of maids or servants in the United Kingdom was consigned to the Victorian past, discount Premarin, this type of work is on the increase, Premarin natural, even in industrial countries.

Millions of people are employed in domestic work across the world. In some countries, domestic work constitutes up to ten percent of total employment, buy Premarin online cod. Today, Premarin overnight, domestic work includes housekeeping, childcare and other personal care, whether paid or for in-kind payment such as food and shelter, kjøpe Premarin på nett, köpa Premarin online. It can also include working in the family shop, Low dose Premarin, gardening or looking after the household animals including chickens and goats.

Domestic work is seen as low-skilled work that is easily accessible to people without an education or specific technical training. Premarin For Sale, For many women from poor families it is the only work available, even though it very often means they must leave their children behind and travel great distances for the job.

Equally, many countries heavily rely on exporting domestic workers, trying to combat their crippling unemployment rates and also to garner much needed remittances to prop up the domestic economy. More than 660,000 Sri Lankan women work abroad as domestic workers, is Premarin addictive, nearly ninety percent of them in the Gulf countries. Premarin canada, mexico, india, In 2006, Sri Lanka’s mobile labour force brought in $2.33 billion in remittances. This was more than nine percent of the gross domestic product and $526 million more than the country received in foreign aid and foreign direct investment combined.

Yet, Premarin from canada, despite the large number of domestic workers and their economic impact, Is Premarin safe, their contribution is undervalued – frequently passed off as help not worthy of decent pay, or protection. Prevailing public attitudes towards domestic work and domestic workers perpetuate the notion that domestic work is of little value and importance compared to other so-called productive sectors. Many governments have traditionally regarded domestic work as informal labour and have taken the active decision to let domestic work fall outside labour legislation, where can i buy Premarin online, resulting in millions of domestic workers left unrecognised, Where can i find Premarin online, unregistered, and unprotected.

To protect domestic workers like Poulin, Anti-Slavery International is pushing for a new international convention that will spell out the rights of domestic workers, Premarin forum. A new convention on domestic work is due to be debated at the International Labour Organization in Geneva in June 2010, Premarin For Sale. If agreed, Premarin images, the new convention will be adopted in 2011 and would be a major step forward in protecting millions in servitude.

The ILO is the only United Nations agency comprised of governments, trade unions and employers. A new convention on domestic work would sit alongside other ILO conventions against slavery and slavery-like practices in the world, Premarin price, coupon, including conventions against forced labour and the worst forms of child labour.

Anti-Slavery International focuses on this issue because domestic work is one of the oldest and most important occupations for millions of women around the world and is rooted in the global history of slavery, Premarin dosage, colonialism and other forms of servitude.

The threats and insults Poulin received, as well as low wages, long hours and lack of breaks, Premarin interactions, are common examples of the mistreatment faced by many domestic workers. Where can i cheapest Premarin online, Also, as the workplace for the domestic worker is in a private household it means that, in practice, order Premarin from United States pharmacy, the protections that do exist are not extended to her. Where can i buy cheapest Premarin online, Alarmingly, as the abuses take place behind closed doors and away from prying eyes it means that the treatment of domestic workers has become a hidden human rights issue.

In many cases domestic work can even be fatal. Premarin For Sale, In August 2008, a Human Rights Watch report found that more than one migrant domestic worker a week died in Lebanon from suicide or by accident in desperate attempts to escape from their employers. Over two-thirds were from Ethiopia with the rest from the Philippines, effects of Premarin, Sri Lanka, Premarin results, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Madagascar and Nepal.

The mistreatment of domestic workers is now so common place that some governments have taken drastic steps to protect their citizens, Premarin pics, even if it affects their bottom line through reduced remittances. My Premarin experience, After years of dealing with domestic workers routinely abused and absconding from their employers, the Philippines went as far as setting up a black list of countries, including Syria, Premarin no rx, Lebanon and Jordan, Premarin price, where it has forbidden Filipinos to work.

The vulnerability to exploitation and forced labour of migrant domestic workers are rooted in policies linking workers’ immigration status to individual employers, excessive recruitment fees, language barriers and confiscation of passports, Premarin pictures. One example of this is the kafalah system found across the Middle East, Buy Premarin without a prescription, which gives the sponsor control over the domestic worker regarding employment and residency, and makes it impossible for the worker to change her employer.

However, the most frequent form of migration of domestic workers takes place from rural areas to cities within their own countries, real brand Premarin online. We see this across the world, Order Premarin from mexican pharmacy, with hundreds of thousands of domestic workers migrating from the Visayan islands of the Philippines to Manila, or from the Andean highlands of Peru to Lima.

Perhaps the most vulnerable of all domestic workers are children. The vast majority of child domestic workers are girls and domestic work is estimated to be the single largest employment category of girls under the age of sixteen, globally, Premarin For Sale. Anti-Slavery International’s own research has found that in many countries the average age of entry into domestic work is as young as nine-year-old.

For child domestic workers, buy Premarin from canada, the risk of abuse is far higher. Buy generic Premarin, Their young age, isolation and separation from their families and near-total dependence on their employers exacerbate their vulnerability. Despite many children entering domestic service in the hope of continuing their schooling, online buying Premarin hcl, most are deprived of education, Cheap Premarin, creating a cycle of poverty and lost opportunity. Many have been trafficked and many are in forced labour. Premarin For Sale, It is unfortunately not uncommon for the poorest families to struggle to feed all their children, and so it is perhaps not surprising that some are happy to believe the promises of agents, who offer guarantees of finding paid work for their child with respectable families who will also keep them well-fed.

Away from the protection of their parents, these child domestic workers routinely suffer horrendous abuse. Thirteen-year-old Ulka was found by the police attempting to walk 1, where can i order Premarin without prescription,700 KM back to her home in Orissa after fleeing abusive employers in Delhi. Taking Premarin, She was one of the 100,000 girls from the tribal areas of India who work as child domestic workers for higher caste families in Delhi.

For countries with a long history of both supply and demand for domestic work, there is a perception that domestic work is a safe form of work for children, Premarin without a prescription, leading to reluctance to include special protections for child domestic workers. Buy Premarin online no prescription, Also domestic work is often seen as worthwhile training for girls that prepares them for their role of wife and mother in later life. Indeed, many employers think they are helping poor families by unburdening them of a child, rather than recognising that they are robbing the child of her childhood.

Child domestic workers also exist in the UK. Parents from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan and Nigeria have been known to give up or in some cases even sell their children to middlemen in the hope that their children will have better opportunities in the UK than they would receive at home, Premarin For Sale. While some children get lost in the system, others avoid the detection of British social services by being privately adopted by distant relatives, who put them to work instead of registering them in school.

The benefits to children of a new convention become clear if we accept the reality that child domestic workers, robbed of their education, are very likely to grow up to be exploited domestic workers, who through economic necessity will be forced to send their own children into domestic work. By improving pay and employment rights for adult domestic workers the convention will also raise the esteem of the industry and thus help reduce the poverty related factors that result in children entering the industry to begin with.

The adoption of a new convention is, therefore, a crucial opportunity to achieve increased legal protections for domestic workers and deliver real change to the lives of millions worldwide. If successful, this process will significantly contribute to the eradication of the forced labour, trafficking, debt bondage and child slavery to which many domestic workers are subjected.

First and foremost, the new convention would recognise that domestic work is work and domestic workers deserve the same employment rights as any other worker. It would also set out clear rules to prevent abuse and will spell out that they should receive equal minimum wages, working hours and holiday allowance as other workers.

The convention will also deal with the issues unique to domestic work. Premarin For Sale, It would guarantee that domestic workers are not required to reside in the home of the employer, as well as ensuring for those who do a certain degree of independence and privacy, including the need for a separate, lockable room. This is a significant issue to tackle because live-in arrangements can contribute to situations of forced labour for migrants due to restrictions on movement outside of the employer’s home, violations of limits on working hours and domestic workers’ privacy.

While we believe the arguments in favour of adopting this convention are self-evident, we of course anticipate that there will be many obstacles to overcome. For a start, for many countries domestic work is often linked to the issue of migrant work, which remains politically sensitive. This confusion creates an association with more controversial political objectives, such as the desire to control immigration, which can distract from the real issue of the risk of abuse and exploitation of the workers.

Yet, despite the uphill struggle ahead of us we know that there is popular support to protect domestic workers. This October, the British government backed down from objecting to a new law proposed by Anti-Slavery International and Liberty to make the holding of someone in servitude a crime, punishable by up to fourteen years in prison.

The fact that there was cross-bench support for the issue in the British parliament, despite the general lack of awareness that the issue even existed in the country, shows that people are sympathetic to the plight of domestic workers and demand that those who commit this crime to be severely punished.

We hope that this base of moral support can help us in our efforts to achieve our aims over the coming year and finally create a convention that can help end the abuse suffered by millions across the world.♦

Audrey Guichon is Domestic Work Programme Coordinator, Anti-Slavery International. For more on the worldwide campaign defending the rights of domestic workers, see:


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