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Lewis and Ashtiani

We do not allow the rape of rapists, or the burning down of the houses of arsonists, do we?

Cartoons for freedom

Portfolio of award-winning Iranian cartoonist Mana Neyestani, illustrating the struggle for rights and liberties in Iran.

Barring the Bahais

Persecuted by the Islamic regime, Bahais in Iran are systematically denied their right to education.

Against gender apartheid

Interview with Parvin Ardalan, women’s rights activist, journalist from Iran.

Phoenix from the ashes

Shahnameh: The Persian national epic.

A tale of the book in Iran: “Throughout Iranian history, Iranians have seen their culture attacked by one invading or despotic regime after another… But, after each defeat, like the mythical bird arising from the ashes, Iranian culture regathers its strength and revives its creativity.”

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