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[caption id="attachment_1988" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="MEPs condemn stoning sentence on Ashtiani: Photo by European Parliament/Pietro Naj-Oleari."][/caption]

O Buy Lexapro Without Prescription, n September 23, forty-one-year-old Teresa Lewis was executed in the US state of Virginia despite having learning difficulties. Her case made headlines across the world because she was the first woman to be put to death in the United States in five years, Lexapro for sale, Lexapro pharmacy, and in Virginia for nearly a hundred years.

At the surface, the case of Teresa Lewis of Virginia and Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani of Tabriz may seem different, is Lexapro addictive, After Lexapro, most obviously in the method of execution. Teresa was executed by lethal injection, effects of Lexapro. Australia, uk, us, usa, Sakineh, on the other hand, Lexapro online cod, Lexapro dangers, has been sentenced to death by stoning. A sentence which has still not been revoked but merely put on hold, Lexapro from canada, Get Lexapro, due to public outcry. Teresa was executed for conspiring to murder her husband and stepson while Sakineh has been sentenced to death for adultery, Buy Lexapro Without Prescription. But, order Lexapro online c.o.d, Buy cheap Lexapro no rx, there are far more similarities than differences here.

Teresa was executed while the hitmen who actually killed her husband and stepson were given life in prison. Sakineh too has been sentenced to death by stoning while her alleged lover has not, Lexapro cost. My Lexapro experience, Moreover, after the international campaign in her defence, purchase Lexapro online no prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Lexapro online, the Islamic regime in Iran has tried to stitch Sakineh up with trumped up murder charges in order to facilitate her execution while the man who has been convicted of murdering her husband is not on death row.

There are more, but the starkest similarity is fundamentally in the barbarism of execution whatever form it may take, buy Lexapro online no prescription. Lexapro schedule, While stoning is obviously the most brutal form, Teresa’s last moments will enrage any decent human being, Lexapro maximum dosage, Lexapro street price, even with the sanitisation of capital punishment in the US and niceties such as a legal minimum IQ (Teresa’s was two points above it), a last meal of choice (Teresa had chicken and chocolate cake), generic Lexapro, Order Lexapro from mexican pharmacy, and evening executions so that death row inmates can spend the whole day with their loved ones before they are killed. Buy Lexapro Without Prescription, The term capital punishment is itself a sanitised name for what is, in effect, premeditated murder by the state.

To make my point, here goes a media account (Maria Glod, September 24/The Washington Post) of the execution:

Teresa Lewis, wearing a light blue shirt, dark blue pants and flip flops, came through the door at 8:55, ushered by guards in blue uniforms who held her elbows. She looked toward us with a gaze that seemed dazed and anxious, purchase Lexapro for sale. Buy Lexapro no prescription, Within moments she was flat on the gurney. Several guards strapped her down, cheap Lexapro no rx. Lexapro australia, uk, us, usa, I never saw her face again.

At 8:58, officials drew a dark blue curtain across the window, Buy Lexapro Without Prescription. Behind it, Lexapro use, Lexapro samples, they attached the intravenous lines. We could not see or hear anything, online buy Lexapro without a prescription. Lexapro coupon, Perry wept.

At 9:09 the curtain opened, about Lexapro. Buy Lexapro Without Prescription, Teresa’s arms were now extended from her body with strips of white tape holding the tubes in. Lexapro treatment, The warden asked Teresa if she had any final words. Her speech sounded garbled at first, Lexapro overnight, Order Lexapro from United States pharmacy, but officials later told us she asked if Kathy Clifton was there. Then she said clearly: “I just want Kathy to know that I love you and I am very sorry.”

The chemicals began flowing, Lexapro forum. Lexapro pictures, In Virginia, the first is Thiopental Sodium, buy Lexapro from mexico, Where can i order Lexapro without prescription, which renders the person unconscious. The second, Pancuronium Bromide stops breathing, Buy Lexapro Without Prescription. The final chemical, Lexapro without a prescription, Is Lexapro safe, Potassium Chloride, stops the heart.

Teresa Lewis’ feet and toes twitched, then they stopped.

I could not tell when she died.

Undoubtedly, the state of Virginia’s murder of Teresa Lewis is far worse than anything she had or could have done, however heart-wrenching the loss of her victims. She had a learning disability, the state of Virginia has no such excuse. Buy Lexapro Without Prescription, More importantly, as Mansoor Hekmat would have put it, unlike Teresa the state “publicly, with prior notice, on behalf of society, with the utmost legitimacy and ruthlessness, decide[d] to murder [her], and announce[d] the date and time of the event.”

Of course some will say Teresa got what she deserved. But justice has (or at least should have) nothing to do with retribution. We do not allow the rape of rapists, or the burning down of the houses of arsonists, do we. Also the eye for an eye argument ignores the reality that capital punishment is meted out for many different offences depending on time and place. In today’s Iran, for example, there are one-hundred-thirty offences punishable by death under Sharia law, including apostasy, heresy, blasphemy, and homosexuality.

What is painstakingly clear about Teresa’s execution or the stoning sentence of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is that execution by a state is never about justice, whatever its justifications. And it is always about putting people in their places and creating a climate of intimidation and fear, albeit in different forms depending on whether it takes place in the US, China, or Iran.

In the end, the machinery of death as Teresa’s lawyer has called it took yet another life. And by doing so further diminished rather than elevated the value of human life. And sanitised or not, it has to be stopped. Full stop.


Maryam Namazie is rights activist, commentator, and broadcaster.

In print: Independent World Report -- Issue 5, September 2010.

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[caption id="attachment_1573" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Secret classroom: Photo courtesy Bahai International Community."][/caption]

L Tramadol For Sale, ate on the evening of March 2, members of the Iranian intelligence ministry entered Navid Khanjani's home in the city of Esfahan and arrested him. The next day, Tramadol over the counter, Tramadol without a prescription, they conducted similar raids at the homes of Eeghan Shahidi, Sama Nourani, Tramadol images, Australia, uk, us, usa, Hesam Misaghi and Sepehr Atefi. They arrested Shahidi and Nourani, order Tramadol from mexican pharmacy, Online buy Tramadol without a prescription, but could not detain Misaghi and Atefi because the two had fled to Turkey weeks before.

Two days later, six intelligence agents went to Dorsa Sobhani's home in the northern town of Sari, Tramadol duration. Purchase Tramadol for sale, Not finding her home, they arrested her father, get Tramadol, Buy cheap Tramadol, took him to an unknown location, interrogated him, buy Tramadol from mexico, Where to buy Tramadol, and pressured him to reveal his daughter's whereabouts. Sobhani turned herself in on March 7, doses Tramadol work, Tramadol brand name, and is currently being held in Evin Prison in Tehran.

Why did the Iranian government target these six young people?

Khanjani and the others are members of the Bahai community, Iran's largest non-Muslim minority with 300, Tramadol no rx, Tramadol treatment, 000 members. Despite their intimate ties to the land and the people of Iran (the Bahai faith was founded in Iran in the nineteenth century), Bahais have been the constant target of state-sanctioned discrimination and violence for more than a century.

Today, much of this intolerance stems from propagations by the Iranian government (shared by a few other Muslim states), that the Bahai faith is a wayward sect or cult whose members have deviated from Islam and are therefore apostates, Tramadol For Sale. After the founding of the Islamic republic in 1979, Tramadol steet value, Tramadol trusted pharmacy reviews, Iran's Bahais found themselves in the unenviable position of being the country's largest religious minority without any official recognition under the new constitution.

Unlike Iran's Jewish, Christian, Tramadol pictures, Cheap Tramadol no rx, and Zoroastrian populations who are recognised under Article 13 of the Iranian constitution, Bahais have no representation in Iran's Majlis, Tramadol for sale, Effects of Tramadol, or parliament. The lack of constitutional recognition -- and as a result, buy Tramadol without prescription, Tramadol dangers, the lack of provisions for protection -- has made it easier for the government to attack Bahais and their social and cultural institutions with impunity, and to deny them the right to practise their faith openly, buy Tramadol no prescription. Order Tramadol from United States pharmacy, The discrimination has been particularly acute in the area of higher education.

During the 1980s, government policy required all Bahais to renounce their faith in order to be able to attend Iran's public or even private universities, Tramadol reviews. Comprar en línea Tramadol, comprar Tramadol baratos, Officials enforced this policy with the full knowledge that Bahais are obligated, as a matter of religious principle, buy Tramadol without a prescription, Order Tramadol no prescription, to pronounce their adherence to their faith if asked.

Thus, the government effectively denied thousands of students entry to Iran's universities, Tramadol interactions. Tramadol For Sale, When Bahai groups attempted to fill the void by establishing private educational committees to teach their young, the government targeted their activities, shut down the institutions, and charged many of the administrators with crimes such as propaganda against the system.

In 1991, the Iranian government adopted a slightly different policy vis-à-vis its Bahai minority. Taking Tramadol, In a secret directive titled The Bahai question, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution -- an executive agency charged with promulgating regulations in public sector employment and education -- called for an end to arrests, is Tramadol safe, Tramadol no prescription, detentions or punishment "without reason," but, where can i order Tramadol without prescription, Tramadol dosage, made it clear that the government must deal with Bahais "in such a way that their progress and development are blocked."

With regard to education, the council specifically noted that Bahais "must be expelled from universities, Tramadol from canadian pharmacy, Tramadol from canada, either in the admission process or during the course of their studies, once it becomes known that they are Bahais." With little regard to its blatant violation of both international law and Iranian constitutional provisions banning discrimination, Tramadol schedule, Tramadol pics, the directive remains in effect.

In 2004, presumably as a result of mounting international pressure, the government finally allowed Bahai students to sit for the national university exams without having to declare their religious affiliation, but, it has found ways of denying access to university enrolment later in the admission process.

According to the Bahai community's United Nations office, over 800 Bahais participated in the exams for the academic year 2006-2007. While 480 of them passed, only 289 were admitted. Of the 289, university administrators eventually identified more than half as Bahais and either rejected them during subsequent stages of the admission process or expelled them after enrolment.

Similar actions were taken during the subsequent academic years. During the 2008-2009 academic year, for example, the government directed students identified as Bahais to a specific internet address to receive their entrance exam results. When they arrived at the web page, the message read: “Error: Incomplete file, Tramadol For Sale. Forward correspondence to the Education Assessment Organisation c/o PO Box 31535-3166, Karaj.”

It is within this oppressive environment, the six students arrested in March struggled to regain their right to initiate or continue their university education. Over the course of the past few years, the government had either denied them entry or expelled them from Iran's universities because they were Bahais.

Esfahan's Sana'i University dismissed Misaghi after he received a letter from the ministry of science indicating that they knew he was from a Bahai family. Shahidi and Nourani were similarly expelled from their universities. The government allowed Khanjani, Sobhani and Atefi to sit for the national exam, but did not allow them to enrol in a university, claiming their files were incomplete. Tramadol For Sale, When the students lodged grievances with the ministry of science and the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, their complaints were summarily dismissed.

In response to these events, Khanjani and the others in 2009 helped found a civil society organisation, the Population to Combat Educational Discrimination, to bring attention to the problems of the Bahais and other students denied access to university education because of their religious and political beliefs.

In cooperation with other human rights groups -- Human Rights Activists in Iran, the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, and the Council to Defend the Right to Education -- the students held meetings in various cities across Iran, including Tehran, Shiraz, Sari and Kermanshah. During their meetings, students and activists openly shared their experiences and shed light on the draconian role played by various government agencies tasked with implementing the 1991 directive from the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

Iranian government's reaction to these activities has been decisive and brutal, and has included the arrests of the six young people whose only crime was to advocate on behalf of those seeking a college education. During Khanjani's arrest, security agents reportedly told him that they knew Misaghi and Atefi were in Turkey, but, they would eventually succeed in bringing them back to Iran. In addition to these Bahai students, many of the human rights activists with whom they cooperated over the past few years are now also in prison for their activities.

Given this backdrop, it is surprising that during a the periodic review of Iran's human rights record by the United Nations Human Rights Council in February, Iran's representative Javad Larijani boldly declared, "No Bahai in Iran is prosecuted because he is a Bahai."

Then again, perhaps Larijani was partly right. After all, there is at least a plausible argument that Khanjani, Shahidi, Nourani and Sobhani would not be serving time in prison today had they simply kept quiet, and accepted their lot.


Faraz Sanei is Researcher (Middle East & North Africa), Human Rights Watch.

In print: Independent World Report -- Issue 4/April 2010..

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[caption id="attachment_1496" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Parvin Ardalan: Photo by Arash Ashoorinia."][/caption]

L Proscar For Sale, aunched in August 2006, the One Million Signatures campaign is a courageous challenge to the repressive theocracy of Iran that now enforces a gender apartheid against its women. Iranian women's rights activists aim to collect one million signatures in support of changing discriminatory laws against women. The campaign that has already received wide international support, is constantly under attack from the Iranian regime that sees women's freedom as a political threat to its very existence.

One of the architects of this grass-roots movement is Parvin Ardalan -- feminist activist and journalist. Ardalan, Where can i buy cheapest Proscar online, along with others, established Markaz-e farhangi-ye zanan (Women’s Cultural Centre), that has become a crucial instrument in crafting opinion, analysis and documentation on women issues in Iran. Since 2005, the Markaz has published Iran's first online magazine on women's rights, buy Proscar from canada, Zanestan, with Ardalan as its editor.

In 2007, Ardalan was sentenced to three years in prison by the Iranian regime for threatening national security. The same year, she was awarded the Olof Palme prize, for her struggle for equal rights for men and women in Iran.

"Despite persecution, threats and harassment, Parvin Ardaln has been persistent in her struggle and never compromised her ideals, Proscar For Sale. Through constantly more ingenious methods, Purchase Proscar online, she and her fellow sisters have managed to increase the support for equal rights. The ongoing campaign for a million signatures against discrimination is an excellent example. Their intensive work deserves international recognition as a path to democracy and peace in this region of turbulence and conflict," the Stockholm-based secretariat of Olof Palme Memorial Fund noted in a statement.

Haideh Daragahi interviewed Parvin Ardalan, in Stockholm in January 2010.


Let us begin with the One Million Signatures campaign. How did it start and why, Proscar alternatives, and how does it work?

This campaign began three years ago, after a gathering of a group of activists at Haft-e-Tir square in Tehran. Proscar For Sale, We had announced the meeting and invited all men and women to gather at the square. Before the programme had started, they arrested two of the coordinators. Taking Proscar, The meeting took place in the sense that it was the police that carried it out. They were stationed there an hour before the announced time. We could not stay there even for five minutes. They arrested seventy people, Proscar For Sale. Five of them were sent to court, and one of the participants is still in jail. They poured into my house, Proscar interactions, but, I and another activist they were after, were out by then.

We were a group of five coordinators. Many among us were against the meeting and did not come. Cheap Proscar, Some two thousand people came. Proscar For Sale, The meeting was announced by individual activists rather than by the groups, because the groups were under pressure and group activity was risky. After that, we arrived at the conclusion that we had two choices: either to give up, or, to find other methods of street action. We wanted both to involve people in issues related to women and to engage in street activity, Proscar wiki, because this kind of work allowed us to break out of the closed atmosphere of work within the group – one is seen and has an audience.

We, who had announced the gathering, were under pressure while we were also looking for solutions that would involve all the groups and put forward all the demands that the women had. The initiator of this discussion was the Women’s Cultural Centre, Proscar treatment, that I and some others had founded. In our discussions, we reached the point that we can benefit from the experience of women elsewhere and use those experiences as a model. We knew about Morocco, and decided to adopt their project for one million signatures by adapting it to our specific situation.

Women in Morocco had carried out the campaign for one million signatures, but, they had the political support of the Moroccan king against the Islamists, and even then it took ten years, Proscar For Sale. Since we had no state support, we could only take our support from the people. We based our activity for collecting signatures on networking and face-to-face encounters, real brand Proscar online. Our audience was not only women – they were all men and women over eighteen.

We were going to use the pamphlet called The effect of laws on the lives of women that we had prepared for the demonstration. Before the demonstration, since we knew we may be arrested, we dropped the pamphlets into people’s mailboxes. Proscar For Sale, Some one thousand pamphlets had already been distributed in this way. Proscar recreational, We had come to the conclusion that the distribution of the pamphlets was good as a relatively risk-free way of expressing our goals. It was an effective way of raising feminist awareness in relation to legal discrimination, as the pamphlet dealt with major discriminatory arrangements in the existing legal structure.

Marriage: The first step a woman must take in marriage, according to the existing law, is to satisfy the condition of the father’s consent. For marriage, Proscar dose, virgin women must have their father or paternal grandfather’s permission. With the courts’ permission, a father can marry his daughter, even before the age of thirteen, Proscar pictures, to a seventy-year-old man.

Divorce: According to the law, divorce is the exclusive right of a man, and a man can divorce his wife whenever he pleases.

Multiple wives for men: A man can have four aghdi (permanent) wives and infinite sighehi (temporary) wives.

Age of criminal responsibility: The age of criminal responsibility for girls is nine lunar years and for boys fifteen lunar years.

Citizenship rights:According to Iranian law, the citizenship of a woman does not transfer to her child. If your father is Iranian, you too are considered Iranian, Proscar For Sale. But, having an Iranian mother does not make you an Iranian citizen.

Inheritance: According to civil law, online Proscar without a prescription, after the death of the father and mother, sons receive two times as much in inheritance as daughters.

Honour killings:Among the discriminatory laws, one can note the law that gives a man permission to kill his wife whenever he sees her in bed with another man, and the law will not punish this man.

Bearing witness: There are some crimes in which women can not testify. Proscar mg, In the cases where a female witness is accepted, the testimony of two women equals that of one man. Then, other discriminatory laws like compulsory prescribed dress for women and stoning.

Since we were going to collect signatures, we planned to adopt the face-to-face method. Based on what we had written in the pamphlet, buy Proscar online cod, we prepared a single page statement. Proscar For Sale, We produced this statement when we worked for collecting signatures and asked the person to read it. Then, we would give them the pamphlet, enter into a discussion, Proscar maximum dosage, and ask them to sign. We were interested in tangible issues. In speaking to people, we talked of our own problems in relation to these laws, so that in the course of the average twenty minutes it took us to talk to each person, they would feel free to talk back, Proscar results. This would raise their consciousness, and encourage them to take part in the activity. We were happy if they signed, and we did not loose anything if they did not sign, because, they were given the pamphlet, that they would take home, with more information.

This process has been going on over the last three years, Proscar For Sale. The initiators were the middle-class activists of the women’s movement, but before long, Herbal Proscar, the activists of the workers and students movements also got involved. Since collecting signatures took place in public spaces and work places, it broke the class barrier. We collected signatures in prisons, courtrooms, undergrounds, ordering Proscar online, buses and collective taxis.

The more we went on, the more intense became the attack on the campaign. Altogether, some sixty people were arrested and sent to court. Two people have been arrested recently on the charge of acting against national security.

Proscar For Sale, Our work consists of consciousness raising and advocating rights for women, through networking and horizontal form of cooperation. Proscar pharmacy, We are not women only, there are men who work with us. We are not based only in Tehran, but, in many cities and smaller towns, as well as abroad, buy generic Proscar. The campaign has tapped new energies and potentials among young and creative participants.

How do you see the role of religion and politics, in the oppression of women in Iran – how much of this is religion and how much is politics?

Before the 1979 revolution, the condition of women was far from ideal, but, Proscar blogs, it was comparatively better. We had a patriarchal structure with discrimination based on tradition. Many laws were rooted in religion, Proscar For Sale. The new government increased discrimination by using Islam and adjustment to Islamic dictates. For example, the family support law, allowing women to turn to special courts for divorce and custody of children, order Proscar from United States pharmacy, was passed before the revolution, but it was not enough. These family courts were annulled with the argument that they were un-Islamic. Religion entered the state. Proscar For Sale, It was said that these new laws are based on religion and therefore non-negotiable. Proscar online cod, In practice, women were discriminated against, both from a governmental and a religious point of view.

What happened to women in Iran, was an anti-women strategy enforced in the name of religion through the power of the state. Religion, with its roots in culture, Proscar description, was an asset to them and the Islamic Republic implemented the interpretation of religion that is utterly against women. Freedom of dress, for example, was taken away, Buy Proscar online no prescription, and age of marriage for girls was reduced to nine. These discriminatory measures promoted a view of women as inferior and subordinate – a view sanctioned by religion. The combination of religion and state was a combination of religious and political discrimination against women, Proscar For Sale. As the basis for this attitude on the social level was laid out, many men kept quiet about this enormous discrimination. The first victims of the religious state were women living with patriarchal politics, and patriarchal religion.

It looks like, Proscar duration, the Iranian regime sees women’s freedom as a political threat – something that fuels the ongoing gender apartheid there. Why is that so?

One reason is that the policies of governments before the revolution, in relation to women, were presented as Western. Proscar photos, Reza Shah – the father of the Shah – took the veil off women’s heads by force, since this was not what all the women wanted in the 1930s. Proscar For Sale, The policies of his son, by bringing more women into the job market and secularising a number of laws, were regarded by the Khomeini regime as a symbol of modernisation and an effort to Westernise Iranian society.

The Islamic government tried to bring about change by resorting to de-Westernisation for which women were the vehicle. In other words, its opposition to the Shah was symbolised in the appearance of women. The idea of man as the legally superior sex, and the head of the household as well as the person to whom the woman should submit sexually, Proscar schedule, was transferred to the political sphere and the role of the state.

Thus, just as the man is in control of the woman, the state is the keeper of this Islamic symbol by controlling the woman’s body by enforcing the veil, gender separation in schools and universities, Discount Proscar, on the streets and means of public transport.

If this control is threatened then, the assumption is, it is a threat to Islam, and by extension, to the Islamic state. Any incursion on this control is seen as a threat, Proscar from canada. Just as according to Iranian law the man is the measure for humanity, the woman is the measure for discrimination. The sexualisation of politics was from the very beginning the strategy of the Islamic Republic.

A part of your answer actually brings us to the next question I have – how much of the Iranian movement for freedoms and rights is influenced by the West, as the regime always allege influence of alien culture or foreign hand?

The accusation of being linked to the West has always been a political ploy to restrain social and civil activists, Proscar For Sale. I believe that what started and developed after the 1979 revolution, and made the voice of the Iranian society heard internationally, Is Proscar addictive, was the result of the work of the activists of civil rights movements. The resilience of these movements in the face of accusations and their refusal to surrender, is in itself evidence of the fact that what is happening in Iran is independent.

How does the women’s movement in Iran contribute towards the movement for democracy and rights. Also, how important is international solidarity in this struggle?

The women’s movement has been one of the most important aspects of the democratic movement in Iran. It has contributed in its method of networking and decentralised leadership and activity, effects of Proscar, by serving as a model for the ongoing movement overall. Proscar For Sale, Also, by creating international support through reciprocal solidarity.

Our campaign includes activists from the working class movement and the student movement, just as we consider it our duty to support these other movements. This pattern has been implemented on the international level in support networks for the women’s movement. This turns solidarity not into a favour but into a duty.

Using the model of horizontal movements, we place ourselves in an extended network in which helping the other is also self-help. Buy Proscar no prescription, Support for the Iranian movement is not helping the Iranians alone. It is helping the supporter as well. In a globalised world, the positive and the negative outcome of the events in Iran has global dimensions, and is by no means limited to Iran.

There is an interesting campaign going on right now, as male activists are donning headscarves and posting their photos online to belittle the regime, in response to the arrest of a fellow activist, Proscar For Sale. How do you see this Be a Man campaign?

To begin with, the Islamic Republic forced the veil on women by using the argument that it is the symbol of respect for women and maintains their integrity. When it wanted to humiliate a student activist it photographed him wearing the veil, and distributed that photo to somehow discredit him, Proscar price, coupon. By so doing, it discredited its previous explanation for the veil. By belittling womanhood and scorning men who wear women’s clothes it exposed its real view of women, indicating that womanhood is inferiority.

The reaction of the men, Discount Proscar, who put the veil on, questioned the veil as a symbol, and male superiority. Proscar For Sale, It increased the solidarity of men with women. It showed that they no longer consider womanhood as humiliating. It was a step taken a bit late, but their action showed that the younger generation not only do not consider womanhood as humiliating, comprar en línea Proscar, comprar Proscar baratos, they are proud of it. This is a far cry from the reaction after the imposition of the veil thirty years ago, when a small number of men protested but the majority went so far as to condone it. After years of work by the activists in the women’s movement and the increase in society’s level of feminist consciousness, Kjøpe Proscar på nett, köpa Proscar online, such a reaction by men signals a qualitative change in male attitude.

Their reaction is important and admirable. After the event, a number of women’s rights activists issued a statement in which they point out that neither womanhood, nor men who wear women’s clothes, such as some homosexual men, are inferior, Proscar For Sale. For transvestites have been humiliated not only by the regime but also by different sections of the society at large.

Where do you see Iran five years from now. In terms of general politics and freedom for Iranian women.

We live between hope and fear. It is not easy to predict. As an activist of the women’s movement, since I believe in resistance and believe that thirty years of women’s resistance to the Islamic Republic has resulted in a gradual opening, Proscar dangers, I am hopeful. Proscar For Sale, Considering the recent development and the role of women in it as prime advocates for freedom and equality, I can say that the continuation of this process can result in a free and equal society. Iran has the chance to experience real democracy and women hold great resource and potential for such a society.

As a woman and as a journalist, you belong to two of the most threatened groups in today’s Iran. How do you cope?

Living in an oppressive society like Iran requires creative methods and belief in our power as politically marginal forces. This is needed to keep sparks of hope alive and to continue. The situation requires new, democratic, and anti-discriminatory strategies. Not easy, but people who live under these circumstances, have tried to discover and implement these methods, Proscar For Sale. Being a woman and a journalist, who wants to bring about change and make herself heard, is costly. I am aware of this and prepared to pay the price. I am so glad that idealism is still alive in us.


Haideh Daragahi – scholar and rights activist – was a professor of English literature at University of Tehran, at the time of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Since 1984, she is based in Sweden.

In print: Independent World Report — Issue 3/February 2010..

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Shahnameh: The Persian national epic.

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