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[caption id="attachment_1565" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Photo by JL Winter/Anti-Slavery International."][/caption]

A Cipro For Sale, nti-Slavery International has uncovered children as young as ten years old forced to take part in dangerous camel races in the United Arab Emirates. We were able to take photos to prove that children were involved in a total of twelve races at the Sweihan race track in Abu Dhabi on February 9, is Cipro addictive, Order Cipro online c.o.d, 2010.

Using children in camel racing is a practice Anti-Slavery has campaigned against for many years because of the danger to the children involved. In 2005, order Cipro online overnight delivery no prescription, Online buying Cipro, following pressure from Anti-Slavery and the international community, the UAE government finally banned the use of under-eighteens in camel racing and replaced children with remote-controlled robots.

For at least thirty years prior to the ban, Cipro price, coupon, Cipro online cod, thousands of children as young as four years old were trafficked from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cipro samples, Buy cheap Cipro no rx, Sudan and Mauritania to race camels. The UAE itself estimated that around 3, Cipro long term, Cipro cost, 000 child camel jockeys were in the country, in 2005.

The new law supposedly made it illegal for anyone under the age of eighteen to take part in camel racing in the UAE, Cipro without prescription. After Cipro, It also made the recruitment or use of children in camel racing punishable by three years in prison or a minimum fine of 50,000 dirham, Cipro results, No prescription Cipro online, or both. Despite this, Anti-Slavery is not aware of any prosecutions under this law.

There was an amnesty from prosecution for all camel owners who handed over children for repatriation by May 31, 2005, Cipro For Sale. However, herbal Cipro, Buying Cipro online over the counter, we received reliable reports of children training and racing camels in 2006, and while police were present at the Sweihan races this year, Cipro overnight, Fast shipping Cipro, they did nothing to stop the children from racing.

UAE officials have argued that the children in the Sweihan races were Emirati and so exempt from the law. However, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Online Cipro without a prescription, we are unaware of any legal loop-hole that makes it acceptable for Emirati children to risk their lives racing camels. Also, buy no prescription Cipro online, What is Cipro, doubts over these children's origin exist as many were South Asian in appearance, and spoke South Asian languages, online buying Cipro hcl. Cipro australia, uk, us, usa, Some of them even said that they had been racing for over five years, and no Emirati children were ever identified as camel jockeys before the ban.

These doubts are important because while the UAE undertook a repatriation process with Unicef, Cipro use, Cipro natural, by their own estimates nearly 2,000 trafficked children did not return to their home country, low dose Cipro. Cipro For Sale, To date, the UAE has never explained what happened to the remaining children. Cipro used for, Also, a four-year-old child, cheap Cipro, Cipro photos, trafficked to the UAE before the 2005 ban, would have spent their entire childhood far away from their original home, generic Cipro, Cipro alternatives, making it only natural for them now to describe themselves as Emirati.

However, the nationality of the children is irrelevant under the law, Cipro dose. Purchase Cipro online, We question any exemptions for Emirati children from protection under the UAE ban. And, buy Cipro online no prescription, Buy Cipro online cod, using under-eighteens from any country to race camels contravenes international standards for hazardous work. The International Labour Organization has specifically highlighted the dangers of camel racing for children.

While the UAE embassy in London may describe the race as equivalent to a British country show the reality is very different, about Cipro. Racing camels can weigh up to 450 KG and reach speeds of up to 50 KM/H.

Riders regularly suffer injuries and even death from falls, or by being trampled by camels, Cipro For Sale. Purchase Cipro, Research into injuries sustained by child camel jockeys has revealed that nearly a quarter of all child camel jockeys injured from racing or training had head injuries with a high number of skull fractures and brain injuries.

One of our own photos shows a child who fell from his camel and narrowly avoided being trampled. Several camels made it to the finishing line without their child riders, canada, mexico, india, Cipro mg, though the fallen children were quickly removed from the racecourse by ambulances. Indeed, ambulance staff present at the races on the day expressed concern at the risk the children faced and confirmed that several children had been hurt, though no information was provided on the severity of their injuries.

Major General Nasser Al Menhali, who, as well as being the immigration minister, is in charge of the repatriation of child camel jockeys, defended the inclusion of children in the race. He said it was permitted because the children were over ten years old and raced with their parents' consent. Officials also suggested that the use of soft sand and reducing the distance of the race from 12 KM to 3 KM had made it safer.

Cipro For Sale, But, these arguments obviously do not hold up. Soft sand will not prevent ten-year-old children racing up to 50 KM/H, from seriously hurting themselves, or worse, if they fall. Children are often very frightened and forced under duress to take part, some are so scared they attempt to jump off mid-race.

The Emirates Heritage Club, that organised the races, said that they had not replaced human jockeys with remote-controlled robots "so that young Emiratis can get a taste of how their grandfathers felt."

However, while camel racing in the Arabian Gulf is hundreds of years old, the use of child jockeys is a relatively recent development. It can be traced back to the 1970s, following the building of a palace by Sheikh Zayed of Abu Dhabi in the Rahimyar Khan region of Pakistan.

The sheikh regularly used local children in camel races, put on for his guests, and the competitive advantage of light weight children was clear. It was during this time that children began to be sent to race in the UAE.

As the UAE became a wealthy oil-rich state, the traditional role of camels became obsolete. Camel racing enabled the country's leaders to show that they were not abandoning the country's culture.

Despite defending the right of children to risk their lives in February's race, the UAE embassy in London said the UAE considers the use of under-age children for commercial camel racing to be exploitative and is committed to enforcing its ban.

If the UAE really is committed to tackling this dangerous practice, then it must live up to its international obligations and enforce its own laws to stop children of any nationality endangering their lives by racing camels.


Catherine Turner is Coordinator, Child Labour Programme, Anti-Slavery International.

In print: Independent World Report -- Issue 4/April 2010..

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[caption id="attachment_1580" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Map by Wikimedia Commons."][/caption]

T Buy Differin Without Prescription, en-year-old Jane Essien, twelve-year-old Abigail Monday, and eleven-year-old Godswill Okon are currently living in a makeshift camp in Akwa Ibom, Southern Nigeria. They can not return to their parents or live normal lives like other children because they were abandoned by their families, condemned as witches. Their stories are among those of the other victims of witch-hunting in the black continent, buy Differin online cod. Among the untold stories of the world -- pathetic and traumatising.

I met them at an event organised by Unicef Nigeria. Jane told me how, Taking Differin, some years back, her mother accused her of witchcraft and attacked her with a saw before driving her out of the house. Jane went to live with a mad woman who lived in a nearby market, Buy Differin Without Prescription. The women fed her till someone came and brought her to the camp.

Abigail was taken to a church by her father, for prayers, buy Differin no prescription. There, the prophet of God identified her as a witch. Differin for sale, As her father drove her out of the house, Abigail lived on the streets for a while before someone brought her to the camp.

Godswill was taken to a church where a pastor said he was a wizard. After he was driven out his home, a police officer saw him and took him in for a few days before bringing him to the camp.

These three children were lucky, where to buy Differin. Buy Differin Without Prescription, Many children in the society who were accused of witchcraft never lived to tell their stories. They were tortured to death, bathed with acid, Differin without prescription, abandoned to die by the roadside or in the bush. Jane, Abigail, Godswill and hundreds of children in the Akwa Ibom camp carry the scars of the witch-hunting campaigns that have been going on across Nigeria and many other parts of Africa.

For those in the Western world, no prescription Differin online, witch-hunting is a thing of the past. Sorcerers -- alleged or self-proclaimed witches and wizards -- are no longer burnt at stake. Is Differin addictive, The last witch-trial in Europe took place centuries ago. But, in Africa, this is not the case -- witch-trials are still going on, Buy Differin Without Prescription. Frenzy and hysteria about witches still grip the African mind -- witchcraft evokes fear, hatred and suspicion among Africans.

Witch-hunters continue to terrorise the continent. Witchcraft related abuses are common and widespread, fast shipping Differin. In the twenty-first century, those who are condemned as witches are persecuted and executed in Nigeria, Differin recreational, Ghana, Liberia, the Congo, South Africa, buy generic Differin, Kenya, Uganda, Herbal Differin, Malawi and Gambia.

Witch-hunting rages on in Africa because the belief in witchcraft is still very strong. The imagined influence of witchcraft in people's lives is overwhelming. Buy Differin Without Prescription, Africans attribute any form of misfortune -- accidents, deaths, diseases, infertility or child-birth difficulties, business failures -- to the machinations of witches and wizards. Witches are believed to possess magical, spiritual and supernatural powers that cause harm and destruction, Differin street price. Anyone who is alleged of being a witch is perceived as evil, harmful, What is Differin, and socially undesirable. Those suspected as witches are generally hated and held responsible for whatever goes wrong in their communities.

This is why to accuse somebody of witchcraft is to pass a death sentence on the person. To label someone as a witch makes the person unqualified for any kind of protection or dignity or rights. This climate of abuse and terror prevails in Africa despite the fact that African states have signed or ratified a number of international human rights instruments including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and People's Rights, that guarantee equal rights and dignity for everyone.

African governments have committed themselves to defending, promoting, and protecting the fundamental rights of their citizens, Buy Differin Without Prescription. These include the rights to life, Differin blogs, liberty and security of persons; freedom from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment; freedom from arbitrary arrest, Buy Differin from mexico, detention or exile; and right to a fair trial and public hearing by an independent, and impartial tribunal.

African states have signed, ratified or domesticated international conventions on the rights of the child, of women and of people with disabilities, Differin images. Unfortunately, when it comes to witchcraft related abuses, Online buy Differin without a prescription, these states have terribly failed to honour their human rights commitments. They are nakedly in breach of their human rights obligations, as they fail to realise or recognise the rights of alleged witches and wizards as human rights. Witchcraft related human rights abuses remain rampant, kjøpe Differin på nett, köpa Differin online. Witch-hunters in Africa prowl with impunity.

Buy Differin Without Prescription, In general, those accused of witchcraft are banished from their homes. They are forced to survive on the streets, in the bush, Get Differin, or in makeshift camps, as is the case in Nigeria, Ghana, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Differin dose. In many places, suspected witches and wizards are summarily executed by mobs, Differin description, gangs, family members or the community, or witch-doctors.

Very often, in Kenya, Differin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Uganda, Tanzania, Differin forum, Nigeria and South Africa, those accused of witchcraft are clubbed to death or lynched. In many cases, alleged witches are tortured and made to die slowly by Christian pastors or prophets, ordering Differin online, in the name of deliverance. Individuals accused of witchcraft are tortured and forced to confess that they are indeed witches engaged in witchcraft, Differin from mexico, before they are executed.

In some other cases, alleged witches and wizards are forced by witch-doctors to drink poisonous magic potions that may lead to their death or cause serious damage to their health. In 2004, at least twenty men and women suspected of witchcraft died after being forced to drink magical concoctions in Edo, Southern Nigeria, Buy Differin Without Prescription. To date, nothing has been done to bring the murderers to justice.

In some African countries, Differin price, witch-hunting is sponsored or carried out by the state.

In Gambia, state agents kidnapped more than a thousand individuals alleged to be witches, Differin recreational, took them to secret locations where they were tortured and forced to drink poisonous potions.

In Malawi, at least three people have been jailed on witchcraft charges. In October 2009, a magistrate convicted two people for practising witchcraft -- Emily and James Kunjes were sentenced to five years of imprisonment with hard labour for killing two members of their community through black magic, Differin pharmacy. In November 2009, another court sent Yohane to prison for teaching witchcraft to children. Differin canada, mexico, india, Yohane was alleged to have transformed the children into pigs, chicken and ducks before taking them to a graveyard where nocturnal lessons in witchcraft were taught. These prosecutions were based on confessions coerced from the victims through torture.

Buy Differin Without Prescription, Though these witch-trials were not in accordance with international human rights law, Malawi is planning to revise its witchcraft law to make it easier to convict anyone accused of witchcraft. If the revision goes through, the country will be setting a dangerous precedent in terms of state sponsored witch-hunting in Africa.

Witch-hunting is evidence of worsening social tension, discount Differin, division, oppression, Buy generic Differin, and exploitation in Africa -- manifestation of social backwardness, inequality, and injustice in the continent. In most cases, Differin coupon, witch-hunters target the weak and vulnerable members of the society -- women, children, Where can i cheapest Differin online, the aged, and people with disabilities. Those who are executed as witches are the poor or the uneducated from the villages or shanty areas of the cities. Victims of witch-hunting are the voiceless, rx free Differin, defenceless, helpless and hapless members of the population.

Witch-hunting is another face of the gender war in Africa where societies are deeply patriarchal. Women -- with a significant percentage of girl children -- are the targets of the witch-hunt, Buy Differin Without Prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Differin online, In 2008, most of the victims attacked and killed in the course of the deadly witch-hunts in the Kisii region of Kenya were women. In Angola and Tanzania, old women with red eyes and wrinkled faces are regarded as witches.

In Africa, real brand Differin online, the human rights defence of the victims of witch-hunts is a dangerous undertaking. Human rights advocates defending the rights of alleged witches and wizards run great risks. Differin wiki, They are perceived as evil or as supporters of evil. Buy Differin Without Prescription, Human rights defenders can be attacked, tortured and killed. As a result, not many human rights defenders want to venture into this area. In July 2009, my Differin experience, muscle-men from a witch-hunting church -- the Liberty Gospel Church -- attacked organisers of a conference on child rights and witchcraft in Calabar, Nigeria alleging that the conference was promoting child witchcraft.

The prevalence of witch-hunts in Africa is indication of the region's poor human rights standard. Differin street price, African states pay lip service to human rights including their commitments and obligations under the international human rights law. Human rights mechanisms in most countries exist on paper or in principle, not in practice or in fact. Human rights structures and institutions are too weak and ineffective, they can not effectively address egregious human rights violations in the continent.

It is high time, the international community -- the United Nations and its agencies, the European Union, the Commonwealth and other international agencies -- takes human rights seriously and breaks this silence over witch-hunts in Africa. Every civilised nation should raise the issue of witchcraft related abuses in Africa at the highest level. The region's human rights body should rise up to this important challenge and get African states to adopt concrete measures to address and stamp out witch-hunting and related human rights violations.


Leo Igwe is Executive Secretary, Nigerian Humanist Movement.

In print: Independent World Report -- Issue 4/April 2010..

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Atenolol For Sale

[caption id="attachment_1621" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Alaina Podmorow (Centre): Photo by Jamie Podmorow."][/caption]

W Atenolol For Sale, hat are the choices we have, when we are told about the plight of our fellow human beings – men, women and children. Three years back, Atenolol pics, a nine-year-old school girl in Canada was told about the terrible life of women and girls in Afghanistan, as she attended a talk given by journalist and humanitarian activist Sally Armstrong.

Alaina Podmorow – now thirteen – knew what her choice was. She contacted Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, order Atenolol online c.o.d, and asked if she could join the organisation. Comprar en línea Atenolol, comprar Atenolol baratos, She was welcomed with open arms. Thus, Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan was born – a humanitarian organisation of young girls in Canada, buying Atenolol online over the counter, trying to help the girls in Afghanistan. The organisation raises funds in order to support female education in Afghanistan, with the motto: Education = Peace.

Three years on, Little Women for Little Women has raised thousands of dollars for its cause, by hosting events all across Canada, Atenolol For Sale. Where can i cheapest Atenolol online, What started as a twenty-member team is now growing into a national movement. In partnership with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, the organisation supports a teacher training project and an orphanage in Kabul; a number of schools and a village library.

And, Atenolol long term, it all started the day Alaina Podmorow became a humanitarian.

In her own words, Atenolol alternatives, “I am the founder of Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan. I founded this organisation three years ago, when I was nine years old, Atenolol schedule. In the fall of 2006, Atenolol maximum dosage, I found out that the privileges that I have, other girls in our world do not get. Atenolol For Sale, I learned about this when I went with my mom to listen to journalist, author and human rights activist, Sally Armstrong speak about Afghanistan. She told stories about the terrible things that happen to little girls in Afghanistan, Atenolol treatment. I was so moved. Atenolol australia, uk, us, usa, It was so upsetting to me that these girls were not able to exercise their rights. They were not able to go to school and sometimes they did not go to school because they were afraid they would be hurt or even killed.”

Sharmin Afsana interviewed Alaina Podmorow.


Founder of Little Women for Little Women and a thirteen-year-old soccer player – how do you draw the balance?

People ask me that question a lot. I am really passionate about my work with Little Women, but, I know that I am just thirteen and there has to be a balance, Atenolol For Sale. My schedule is really well planned, Atenolol used for, so that I can do the things I love and have fun doing. Atenolol overnight, I do miss a lot of school, but, I have lots of homework and I always make sure I am caught up.

I do sports all year round because I just love it, Atenolol photos, and sometimes Little Women get really busy, Atenolol price, coupon, but, I know that as soon as I finish I can go and take time and just be a kid. My usual day is like this – I get up, Atenolol samples, have breakfast and check and answer my emails, Atenolol trusted pharmacy reviews, then, I am off to school. Right now I have basketball and soccer, where can i order Atenolol without prescription, and I have just been invited to be on a youth editing team for an author who is writing a kid’s book about Afghanistan. Atenolol For Sale, We have our big gala event coming up on April 17, so I am working more than usual but soon it will slow down and it will be much more relaxed. Is Atenolol safe, We will probably take a family vacation in the beginning of summer.

Little Women for Little Women – how did it start?

In the fall of 2006, I attended a speech by my inspiration, journalist and human rights activist Sally Armstrong, Atenolol use. She told stories about the human rights violations that were happening to women and girls in Afghanistan, Generic Atenolol, especially the right to education. At the end of Sally’s speech, she said the worst thing you can do is nothing, where can i buy Atenolol online. It was right then that I realised that I had to do something and even if it was small, Atenolol results, it would make a difference. That is when I started Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan.

I read somewhere that there is an interesting story behind your logo.

The logo is kind of a funny story, Atenolol For Sale. I knew I wanted to make a symbol for Little Women, and so one day I just started doodling flowers all over a page, purchase Atenolol. In all different shapes and sizes. Atenolol from mexico, But, I kept repeating this one particular flower. My mom walked by me and looked at my paper and said, Atenolol interactions, “That is so beautiful, Atenolol pharmacy, it is a flower, but it also looks like a dove being set free.” I knew right then, that was the symbol for us, Atenolol brand name. Atenolol For Sale, I coloured it red black and green because that is the colour of the Afghan flag. People recognise that flower now as our symbol, Discount Atenolol, so that is pretty neat.

When you heard stories about the young girls in Afghanistan, what moved you so much that you decided to act?

Sally Armstrong told so many stories that night about girls in Afghanistan, who were just like me and my friends, purchase Atenolol online no prescription. But, Atenolol natural, instead of going to school and playing with their friends, they were forced to stay home. They had no freedom and they were so afraid of the unknown, Atenolol no prescription. It just felt so wrong to me. It was Sally’s words, “The worst thing you can do is nothing,” that made me realise right then, that nothing would change unless we all took action, Atenolol For Sale. Atenolol forum, That is why I decided to start raising money to educate girls in Afghanistan. Even though it may only make a small difference, it still would make change.

Have you ever been to Afghanistan, my Atenolol experience, or any plans?

No, Buy Atenolol online no prescription, I have never been, but, I do want to some day, Atenolol from canadian pharmacy. Right now it is too dangerous for me to go, Atenolol from canada, and I would be risking the Afghan girl’s safety as well. I will go when it is safe to visit.

How many of your friends are involved in LW4LW?

There are about twenty girls in the first team of Little Women and they have been members for 3 1/2 years now. Atenolol For Sale, They are all my friends, and I have made so many new friends with the teams that have started all across Canada.

How is your family supporting your work?

My family is always supporting me. My dad and brother help as much they can and are always supporting and encouraging me, online buying Atenolol. My mom is always by my side helping me out. About Atenolol, She looks after all the grown-up things about the organisation like administration and arranging my calendar and speaking trips. She attends all my speeches and is at each event we hold. Without her amazing help, encouragement and wisdom, I would be not where I am today, Atenolol For Sale. My mom is truly one of my inspirations and I love her so much!

Education = Peace – so, effects of Atenolol, why do you think education will change the lives of Afghan women and bring peace?

That is a simple one. I believe that once everyone is educated, peace can be achieved. When you are educated, you become a stronger person. Illiteracy leaves people afraid of the unknown because they do not understand and they can not read to find out what is going on and make their own opinions. Atenolol For Sale, When you are educated, you understand that people are all the same, and they deserve the same rights, and that it is possible to achieve peace.

The education projects you are raising funds for - which areas in Afghanistan they are being carried out and how?

We have a teacher training project we support in Kabul, as well as an orphanage. We support schools in Jalalabad, Kabul area and we support a village library project that actually is run by the villagers who build their own libraries. This project is a great example of how you can help someone to help themselves.

These projects are in place because of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, and we send 100% of everything we raise to them. They send 100% of all donations to the projects. I am working on a project to introduce a physical education program for girls in Afghanistan. This is important because it will improve their self esteem, cardiovascular health, and it will be fun too.

Do little women in Afghanistan know about the little women in Canada?

Absolutely yes, Atenolol For Sale. We have made friends, through letters, and we feel we are connected to them and they to us.

Where do you see LW4LW and yourself, five years from now?

You know, I do not really think about that. I try to just think about now and right now. I feel that I will continue until everyone has a chance for an education. I have done it for three years now, and I can not imagine not doing it, or not working to help restore human rights.

If you are given the power to change one thing in our world, what would you do?

This might make some adults mad at me. But, if I had the power to change one thing in the world it would be to change the way some of our leaders and academics think. I think some adults sometimes get caught up in thinking this side is right or that side is right and sadly when everyone is spending all their time and energy fighting about who is right, kids are dying, girls are getting raped and sold off as brides as young as eights years old and getting acid thrown on their faces just because they are walking towards the school.

I am not saying that people should not stand by what they believe in, but I think that if everybody could put all their energy that they use for fighting and put it towards raising money to build schools or train teachers or buy food for starving kids or creating awareness of the importance of education, we would change our world and create global peace.

That is what I dream of accomplishing.


Sharmin Afsana is Managing Editor, Independent World Report.

Online: More information about Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan.

In print: Independent World Report -- Issue 4/April 2010.


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Young Afghan girl at a detention centre: Photo by Noborder Lesvos.

[caption id="attachment_895" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Young Afghan girl at a detention centre: Photo by Noborder Lesvos."]Young Afghan girl at a detention centre: Photo by Noborder Lesvos.[/caption]

Simone Troller Elavil For Sale, of Human Rights Watch describes the plight of migrant and refugee children in Greece and how Greek authorities are doing the dirty work for other members of the European Union – giving them the opportunity to get rid of migrants, including potential refugees.

“We were one group of twelve persons they took out from the detention centre. They drove us in a car, for maybe one and a half hours, Elavil from canadian pharmacy. We arrived in the forest around 9 PM. Cheap Elavil, They kept us there until midnight, they told us not to move, otherwise the Turkish police would find us, Elavil price. It was next to a small river. This side was Greece, the other side was Turkey.., Elavil For Sale. My Elavil experience, The boat was a metal boat, a long metal boat. Inside the boat there was one policeman, Elavil use. He started the engine and after we arrived to the other side he told us to get out quickly and the boat went straight back. Elavil results, When the Turkish police arrived two of us explained what happened. Elavil For Sale, We were, for twelve days, in Turkish detention. They beat me too much... When the Turkish police beat me they said I should call my family to send me money to return to Afghanistan, doses Elavil work. I asked them not to send me back to Afghanistan, Order Elavil from United States pharmacy, because I had problems. I asked them to keep me. But they did not care.”

This was how a seventeen-year-old Afghan boy described his secret expulsion from Greece to Turkey and ultimately back to Afghanistan, Elavil For Sale. Unfortunately, buy no prescription Elavil online, his experience is typical of the fate of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers who have been expelled from the European Union at the hands of Greek authorities. Elavil pics, As a result, many people who need protection are sent back to danger, abuse or inhuman detention conditions.

In 2008 and 2009, kjøpe Elavil på nett, köpa Elavil online, Human Rights Watch investigated the treatment of migrants and asylum seekers, Elavil wiki, including unaccompanied children, in Greece and published its findings in three reports. In late 2008, real brand Elavil online, when we first presented our findings to the Greek government about systematic illegal expulsions of migrants, Fast shipping Elavil, asylum seekers and refugees to Turkey, we were given the cold shoulder – they ignored our findings.

When we presented them to EU policymakers in Brussels and also described the total absence of protection for migrant children who arrive without a parent or caregiver, there was recognisable disbelief and even shock in people’s faces, Elavil description. When I summarised in a meeting with a policymaker in Brussels that an unaccompanied migrant child who enters Greece is either detained or left to survive on the streets, Elavil from mexico, I was told: “I don’t believe this.”

It may be hard to believe that such callous and illegal acts are taking place in the heart of Europe that has long committed itself to respect basic human rights standards. Elavil For Sale, It may also be hard to believe that Greece offers no safety net for unaccompanied children. Those who are not expelled are either detained in filthy and overcrowded conditions or released onto the streets where they face a miserable struggle for survival and exploitation, including as child labourers.

Yet, Elavil no rx, ignoring the reality on the ground means such acts will continue to take place. Elavil duration, Greece’s treatment of migrants and refugees, including these children, violates binding European Union directives for asylum seekers.

Despite the shocked reactions in Brussels when we described what we had found, buy Elavil online no prescription, our call to the European Commission to take Greece to the European Court of Justice for these violations has so far gone unheeded.

We also expected a stronger signal from other EU member states. What is Elavil, In late 2008, in a meeting with EU member state delegations, we urged them to stop sending migrants and asylum seekers back to Greece under the so-called Dublin II regulations, purchase Elavil online no prescription, because of the ill-treatment, Buying Elavil online over the counter, detention and unfair asylum procedures. They told us, in the words of one diplomat: “If we stop doing that, order Elavil online overnight delivery no prescription, more migrants will arrive to our country.”

There is no doubt that Greece is on the frontline of migration to Europe and that it carries a heavy burden for the rest of the EU under the Dublin II rules. But that reflects a wider failure of Europe’s asylum and migration policy that puts pressure on countries at its borders instead of ensuring equitable burden-sharing across the continent.

Under Dublin II regulations, the country where a person first enters the EU is generally held responsible for examining that person’s asylum claim, though for unaccompanied children the rule applies only if the child has made a claim there, Elavil For Sale. Elavil recreational, The regulations are premised on the notion that all EU member states have comparable asylum and migration practices. Yet, there are wide disparities, Elavil over the counter, with countries like Greece effectively offering no protection at all.

Greece gives refugee status to 0.05% of asylum seekers after a first interview and recently abolished meaningful appeals. Australia, uk, us, usa, This prompted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to withdraw from a formal role in Greece’s asylum procedure. Yet, EU member states continue to return migrants, where to buy Elavil, asylum seekers, Where can i buy cheapest Elavil online, and even unaccompanied children to Greece, simply pretending that everything is perfectly fine.

It is hard not to get the impression that these EU member states are perfectly happy with Greece doing the dirty work for them – giving them the opportunity to get rid of these migrants, including potential refugees among them, Elavil australia, uk, us, usa. Elavil For Sale, In mid-2009, six months after we brought our findings to both Greek and EU attention, the Greek government began a new crackdown against migrants – arresting hundreds across the country, bulldozing a make-shift camp in Patras, evicting them from run-down dwellings in Athens, and detaining new arrivals on its islands.

Human Rights Watch returned to Greece in September 2009 and collected evidence that Greek authorities have arrested persons all over the country, and summarily expelled some of them across the river to Turkey, though previously it only sent those who had just entered from Turkey back that way. This means that no part of Greece is now safe for anyone in need of protection.

While the EU has largely remained silent on Greece’s abusive record or has focused on blaming Turkey for refusing to take migrants back, Elavil steet value, there are some encouraging signs from the newly elected Greek government. It announced in mid-October that Greece would no longer be a hell pit for migrants. The government also pledged to release 1, buy cheap Elavil,200 migrants from detention, Buy Elavil from mexico, where most are held in inhuman conditions, and to create a special police unit to investigate allegations of abuse.

Fixing the system will be a tall order, though, is Elavil addictive. The new government inherits an asylum system that no longer deserves that name, Ordering Elavil online, a police force that commits abuses against migrants both in broad daylight and in secret nighttime operations, and detention facilities that are a hazard for detainees and staff alike. Fixing this will require more than promises and symbolic acts.

Despite the overwhelming agenda, there are obvious priorities, Elavil For Sale. The Greek government can protect the most vulnerable migrants, Elavil dangers, especially unaccompanied children, Elavil canada, mexico, india, and get rid of the stark alternatives in the current system of either detaining them or abandoning them to the streets and to exploitation. Greece should give them decent shelter, food, Elavil dosage, clothing, Buy Elavil online cod, health care, and, of course, buy cheap Elavil no rx, protection from traffickers.

Not all of the more urgent reforms even require more resources. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, An unambiguous commitment to stop the illegal expulsion of migrants to Turkey is essentially a matter of political will to operate according to the rule of law. The new police unit should immediately investigate these secret expulsions and levy sanctions against those responsible. Accountability for these acts is paramount for meaningful police reform.

Elavil For Sale, Greece also needs to come to terms with the reality that many undocumented foreigners, adults and children alike, left their countries because their lives were in danger and have a legitimate claim for protection. The government needs to put its broken asylum system back on track, take the asylum procedure away from the police, create a special body that assesses claims fairly and promptly and institute a fair, workable appeals process. Otherwise, the adults and children the Greek government releases from detention now will end up again in a dead-end situation: unable to leave Greece, unable to return to their countries, and unable to be recognised as refugees.

Halting human rights abuses that have gone unchecked for too long should be urgent priorities both for Athens and for Brussels. The European Commission should make clear to Athens that unless the new government takes steps to bring its laws and practice in line with EU and human rights standards, the commission will refer the matter to the European Court of Justice. In addition, the EU needs to ensure that EU member states are held to account when they fail to respect their obligations under EU law, and ultimately to reform the Dublin system. Only then can the EU take meaningful steps toward creating a common European asylum system that offers equal level of protection across the continent and supports the countries on the frontline.♦

Simone Troller is Researcher, Human Rights Watch. For more on migrant and refugee children in Greece, see: Greece: Unsafe and unwelcoming shores and Left to survive: Systematic failure to protect unaccompanied migrant children in Greece, available at


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