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Born behind bars


Children growing up in a prison in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison in Mexico City.

War school


A military camp for children in Hungary: “The taste of military adventure and discipline.”

Deadly ride

Children as young as ten years old forced to take part in dangerous camel races in the United Arab Emirates.

Witches of Africa

These three children were lucky. Many children who were accused of witchcraft never lived to tell their stories.

Little woman, little women

Interview with Alaina Podmorow, thirteen-year-old humanitarian from Canada.

Unwelcoming shores

Young Afghan girl at a detention centre: Photo by Noborder Lesvos.

Greece gives refugee status to 0.05% of asylum seekers after a first interview and recently abolished meaningful appeals… Yet, EU member states continue to return migrants, asylum seekers, and even unaccompanied children to Greece, simply pretending that everything is perfectly fine.

Blood cotton

Child labour in Uzbek cotton fields: Photo by EJF.

Forced child labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton fields: “Each September, as the cotton harvesting season begins in Uzbekistan, the government shuts down most of the schools and forces the school children out to the cotton fields to pick cotton.”

Lost childhood

Grandparents for Asylum demonstrating in Denmark: Photo by Amila Jašarević.

Children in Danish asylum centres: “In their desperate search for normalcy and stability, these children often take refuge in the virtual world of social networking websites like Facebook or Myspace.”

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