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[caption id="attachment_2000" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Major Sai Thein Win: Photo courtesy Democratic Voice of Burma."][/caption]

S Ketoconazole Cream For Sale, ince 2001, there have been persistent rumours of a Burmese nuclear program, as Burma first announced intent to buy a nuclear reactor from Russia. That deal fell through and was resurrected in 2007 but still has not been consummated. There is a small Department of Atomic Energy in Burma with a few well-known international figures, doses Ketoconazole Cream work, but, Where can i buy Ketoconazole Cream online, the rumours of a nuclear program to build an indigenous reactor and nuclear weapons remained only rumours.

Since 2005, Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) has been receiving thousands of files containing classified information on a secret military project. These documents include blue prints, where to buy Ketoconazole Cream, budget files, Ketoconazole Cream photos, military warfare program, underground tunnel construction plans, university thesis and term papers in Russian, purchase Ketoconazole Cream for sale. Also, Online buying Ketoconazole Cream, photo and other records of senior generals’ visit to Russia, China, Iran, Ketoconazole Cream results, and North Korea; and, Ketoconazole Cream from mexico, meeting memos and reports describing cooperation between Burma and those countries and many others. Upon examining these documents and counter check with other sources, DVB realised that this is a very comprehensive and ambitious military project involving underground tunnel construction for military use, rocket and missile production, and a nuclear program, Ketoconazole Cream For Sale. It was then, DVB decided to produce an investigative documentary.

After watching a DVB TV programme on underground tunnel construction in October 2009, Ketoconazole Cream images, Major Sai Thein Win, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, a deputy in charge of a secret factory in Myaing, decided to contact DVB and provide more information. He is a mechanical engineer skilled in programming Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine tools, taking Ketoconazole Cream, used to build high quality equipment and components of programs such as missiles or nuclear reactors. Ketoconazole Cream dosage, He did graduate training in missile technology in Russia in the early 2000s and then returned to Burma where he worked on missiles and had some knowledge of the nuclear program.

Since the first contact, Sai Thein Win became a vital part of the DVB investigation. In February 2010, Ketoconazole Cream reviews, as he defected to Thailand, Ketoconazole Cream pics, he turned over hundreds of colour photos, mechanical drawings and other documents to DVB.

Earlier, in January 2010, where to buy Ketoconazole Cream, DVB had already turned to the US-based National Endowment for Democracy, Herbal Ketoconazole Cream, for expert analysis of a larger cache of information on tunnels, missiles, and nuclear program activities, Ketoconazole Cream from canadian pharmacy. Ketoconazole Cream For Sale, As Sai Thein Win handed over the fresh cache of information, DVB asked one of the experts from the earlier team to evaluate the new data.

The expert immediately recognised a number of pieces of equipment that are almost certainly for use in a nuclear program, primarily to process uranium in a chemical plant to make uranium compounds for reactor fuel, isotope separation, and reactor fuel. The combination of equipment and the program context described by Sai Thein Win are consistent with a covert nuclear program to produce bombs.

Some of these pieces have clearly been used, Buy Ketoconazole Cream from canada, judging by their conditions in the colour photographs. It is impossible to determine if a piece was used with uranium from a photo, but, buy Ketoconazole Cream without prescription, if that was the case, Ketoconazole Cream no rx, it would be an instant violation of the Small Quantities Protocol agreement Burma has entered with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), under a larger safeguards agreement.

In addition, other Burmese sources have reported uranium mining and the production of yellowcake, comprar en línea Ketoconazole Cream, comprar Ketoconazole Cream baratos, the first chemical step in moving from uranium ore to industrial compounds. Purchase Ketoconazole Cream, Sai Thein Win reveals that there is a yellowcake plant, near the nuclear laboratory north of Mandalay, in a town called Thabeikkyin, kjøpe Ketoconazole Cream på nett, köpa Ketoconazole Cream online. He visited the nuclear lab on two occasions with general officers for demonstrations of nuclear technology to the top leadership of the country. He did not visit the yellowcake plant but heard it was nearby.

Satellite imagery shows a military facility at Thabeikkyin that could be the nuclear lab, Ketoconazole Cream For Sale. Ketoconazole Cream trusted pharmacy reviews, Analysts are examining the photos and comparing them to other sites alleged to be in the program. There are some similarities. There is also a small ore concentration plant at Thabeikkyin that is consistent with a uranium plant, where can i buy Ketoconazole Cream online, although not unique. Buy Ketoconazole Cream without a prescription, Information provided by Sai Thein Win is consistent in locating these facilities right where he said they would be.

More importantly, analysts have been looking at colour photos and satellite images of two factories where Sai Thein Win worked for about five years. These factories were built to house German and Swiss CNC machine tools.

Ketoconazole Cream For Sale, Germany granted export licenses for the equipment that went to these factories, and conducted follow-up end-user inspections to see how the equipment were used. For this reason, fast shipping Ketoconazole Cream, there is high consistency among photos from the companies, Buy Ketoconazole Cream online cod, the Germans and Sai Thein Win, that these are, in fact, discount Ketoconazole Cream, the factories and tools in question.

What can be seen, Real brand Ketoconazole Cream online, is that when the Germans are inspecting, the factories appear to be civilian, but, order Ketoconazole Cream online overnight delivery no prescription, when they are gone the same machine tools are being used by military personnel to build equipment for the nuclear fuel cycle.

It is heartening that experts who look at the pictures find the quality of workmanship to be poor, Doses Ketoconazole Cream work, especially for high-tech activities in missile and nuclear facilities. Apparently, Burmese nuclear plans involve the use of unnecessarily complex processes, Ketoconazole Cream photos, such as laser isotope separation to enrich uranium. Cheap Ketoconazole Cream, The experts judge that many of these efforts will be unsuccessful and beyond Burma’s reach. So the program is not an immediate military threat.

There are issues, however, Ketoconazole Cream blogs. Burma bought high quality German machine tools for civilian student training and is using them instead for military purposes, Ketoconazole Cream For Sale. There need to be penalties from supplier nations for this act. Ketoconazole Cream natural, Burma is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and a party to its nuclear weapons free zone. This commitment is in doubt.

Burma has some very old-style agreements with the IAEA. The Burmese agreement formats are of the pre-Iraq era, purchase Ketoconazole Cream online. Ketoconazole Cream For Sale, Following the difficulties the IAEA faced with Iraq, the international community strengthened these agreements and asked all nations to sign the updated versions. Burma is among the holdouts that decline to sign, Buying Ketoconazole Cream online over the counter, diplomatically and politely ignoring the requests.

Unfortunately, the old agreements limit the IAEA to asking a few simple questions and then there is no provision for verification inspections or deep investigations. The Burmese government has already issued a strongly worded denial of the DVB story, Ketoconazole Cream class, so it is unlikely to have any more to say to the IAEA. Low dose Ketoconazole Cream, Therefore, the agency will need the full backing of the United Nations Security Council, to advance beyond this stage.

Sai Thein Win was an insider in military programs and came forth after viewing the DVB broadcast about the special factories. He is a military man and can describe what he saw, but, he often is unable to explain much about the end use, just its name and photo. He can describe a program to build nuclear weapons, driven from the top, and he can describe three sites that appear to be real and are known in other sources. His colour photos match up with the tools and visits of the Germans.

All in all, Sai Thein Win has a very compelling tale to tell and a lot of credibility, given the consistency in this story. In this sense, he has emerged as a modern version of Mordecai Vanunu, the Israeli technician who brought photos out of Dimona in 1986, showing Israeli activities.


Robert Kelley – former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency – works with Democratic Voice of Burma, as a consultant.

In print: Independent World Report -- Issue 5, September 2010. .

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Zovirax For Sale

[caption id="attachment_1963" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Zoya Phan: Photo courtesy Burma Campaign UK."][/caption]

T Zovirax For Sale, he office phone rang. I answered it, listened for a moment, and passed it to Zoya. “Who is it?” she asked. “The prime minister, Online buying Zovirax, he wants to talk to you,” I answered.

It was at the height of the monk-led democracy uprising in September 2007. Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, cared passionately about Burma. He had already called the Chinese prime minister and the president of the United States, to discuss the crisis, Zovirax For Sale. And now he wanted to talk directly to someone from Burma. He called Zoya.

Zoya Phan’s journey from the remote jungles of eastern Burma to being consulted by the British prime minister, ordering Zovirax online, is a remarkable one.

Her parents were ethnic Karen, a minority ethnic group in Burma that has faced decades of persecution from the central government and successive dictatorships. Both were involved in the Karen struggle for freedom, democracy, and human rights. Online Zovirax without a prescription, Her father, Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan, was the general secretary of the Karen National Union (KNU), an organisation that represents the Karen people. Zovirax For Sale, Her mother, Nant Khin Shwe, had been a soldier in the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), the armed wing of the KNU.

Padoh Mahn Sha had always hoped that his youngest daughter would work for the freedom of her people. He had named her after Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, a Russian freedom fighter in World War II. But, Zovirax brand name, as attacks against the Karen increased, it seemed that the father’s hopes might not be fulfilled.

Zoya was fourteen years old when she first had to flee for her life from the Burmese army. She and her family hid in the jungle for weeks before arriving in a refugee camp in Thailand. Thailand was a reluctant host to the refugees, forcing them to fence themselves in with barbed wire. The food provided by aid agencies was barely enough to live on, and there were no proper schools and educational opportunities, Zovirax For Sale. Zovirax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, After a year, the family moved back into the Karen state in eastern Burma, hoping that they would be safe this time. The attack by the Burmese army came a few months later, without warning. Zoya was doing her maths homework when she heard the screaming whine of a mortar shell fired at her village.

Writing in her autobiography, she described the attack:

… I ran from the house and into chaos, Zovirax dose. There were almost a thousand people in the village and they were all running to find their families or grab their possessions. Zovirax For Sale, People were running in every direction, shouting and screaming... Children were crying, the crackle of gunfire rose above the uproar, and then there would come the boom of the mortar bombs landing, as if every glass window in the world had shattered at once. Buy no prescription Zovirax online, Sometimes there was just one, sometimes three – one after another. With everyone running they turned the dry earth into a suffocating dust that I could barely see through. I was terrified.

… The dust got so bad it was like night. I could not breathe, I could not see, my legs were aching with running, my lungs burning, my whole body shaking with fear, Zovirax For Sale. I just knew I had to keep going or I would be killed. If we slowed down my mother would yell “MOVE!” and we would run faster again.

… Another mortar bomb landed, scaring me so much I fell to the ground again, Zovirax price, coupon. It was so loud my ears popped and then I could not hear properly. “MOVE!” yelled my mother and again I was up and running. Zovirax For Sale, I wanted to cry but I knew I could not. I had to keep running.

Zoya and her family ended up back in a refugee camp in Thailand, seemingly with no hope for the future. But, Zovirax used for, it was now that the sense of determination and commitment, that has made her one of the highest profile exiled activists from Burma, came to the fore. She refused to be beaten. She decided she would get an education no matter how difficult, and would learn how she could do something to help her people, stop the abuses and crimes against the Karen.

Against the odds she secured a scholarship to study in the United Kingdom, order Zovirax no prescription, and there, for the first time, thousands of miles from her home, she was able to take action about the situation in her country.

The first demonstration she attended was outside the Burmese embassy in London, marking the sixtieth birthday of Aung San Suu Kyi. She was asked to compère the event, introducing speakers and leading the chanting, Zovirax For Sale. What is Zovirax, Dressed in full Karen costume she attracted the attention of journalists and photographers, and a few days later was asked to appear on the BBC, to talk about the situation in the Karen state.

Then, she joined Burma Campaign UK, an organisation promoting human rights in Burma. She was young and inexperienced but intensely driven, and did not hold back in pushing for Burma Campaign UK to do more about what was going on in ethnic areas.

There are two Burmas, canada, mexico, india. The one we hear about with Aung San Suu Kyi, thousands of political prisoners, and monks marching for freedom in Rangoon. The other Burma is the one where Zoya comes from, where ethnic groups have been facing military attacks for decades. Zovirax For Sale, The attacks on villages that Zoya experienced as a child were not unique, and carry on to this day. Zovirax wiki, More than 3500 villages in eastern Burma have been destroyed in the past fifteen years.

The origin of these attacks goes back decades, some would say centuries. Burma is a country of many different ethnicities, and before colonial rule, Burmese kings belonging to the Burman ethnic group, the largest in Burma, treated many of these ethnicities, Zovirax without prescription, including the Karen, as slaves and savages. A Karen could face death by crucifixion just for being able to read.

Under British colonial rule things improved significantly for ethnic minorities. They were given equal rights and promoted to positions in the government and the army, causing resentment from some members of the Burman ethnic group.

During World War II, Zovirax interactions, the Karen and other ethnic groups fought alongside the British against the Japanese army. The Burman-led independence movement initially sided with the Japanese, another factor causing friction between the Burman and ethnic minorities, Zovirax For Sale. The Karen had been promised their own state in return for their support to the British during the war. However, after the war, threats of popular unrest from the Burmese independence movement, unless it was handed over the whole of Burma, led the British to renege on that promise.

Following independence, Zovirax long term, communal violence was encouraged by elements in the Burmese government. The Karen were campaigning for an independent state, but were met with increasing violence and repression. Mortar shells were fired into Karen townships, and cars sped through Karen areas randomly spraying gunfire.

In 1948, Zovirax results, on Christmas Eve, a grenade was thrown into a church of Karen worshippers. Zovirax For Sale, Tit-for-tat attacks on villages increased as tensions grew. In January 1949, as attacks against the Karen increased, the offices of political leaders were raided, and many of them were arrested. The call went out for the Karen to take up arms to defend themselves, Zovirax duration. What has been described as the longest running civil war in the world, had begun.

Sixty years on, the situation is a long way from a civil war, as most people would think of one. The dictatorship introduced what it called a four cuts policy attempting to undermine support for armed resistance groups. The cuts consist of cutting recruits, intelligence, food and financial support, Zovirax For Sale. Zovirax over the counter, It is nothing less than the deliberate targeting of civilians. In the mid 1990s, attacks escalated as the new dictatorship, that took over Burma in 1988, used foreign trade and investment to double the size of the army and modernise its weaponry.

Today, the KNU only controls a small area of the Karen state while its armed wing is mainly engaged in trying to defend villages from attacks by the Burmese army.

In the Karen state and other parts of eastern Burma, rape is systematically used by the army as a weapon of war, Zovirax mg, even against girls as young as five. Hundreds of thousands of people have been used as slaves by the army. And humanitarian aid into the region is blocked. Zovirax For Sale, United Nations officials responsible for monitoring human rights in Burma have described the attacks as war crimes, and called for a UN Commission of Inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Karen and other ethnic groups see these attacks as part of a plan by the dictatorship to Burmanise the country. The dictatorship seeks to either subsume ethnic groups by banning teaching of their languages and history, and so slowly destroying their culture, Zovirax price, or to wipe them out by force if they resist.

It was the lack of humanitarian assistance for people fleeing attacks and hiding deep in the jungle, internally displaced persons (IDPs) as they are known, that Zoya decided should be the first issue she lobbied on, as a member of Burma Campaign UK. She had never forgotten the desperation and misery of hiding in the jungle with no food, medicine or shelter. She had seen children dying from treatable diseases because of the lack of medicines, Zovirax description, available on every high street in most countries.

“The denial of aid is as effective at killing my people as a bullet,” she said.

As the Burmese junta refuses to allow the UN or aid agencies into large parts of Karen and other ethnic states, the only way to deliver aid is through people from those areas crossing into neighbouring countries to collect aid and take it back, known as cross-border aid. As the British government refused to fund this kind of aid, Buy generic Zovirax, Zoya led a high profile campaign for a change of policy, calling for a doubling of aid to Burma, and funding for cross-border aid. She spoke before the parliament and in the media, winning people over with the force of her argument.

Zoya was invited to speak at the annual conference of the Conservative Party, then the main opposition party, now in the government, Zovirax For Sale. Organisers were concerned when they met her, minutes before she was due to deliver her speech. This small and softly spoken woman, just twenty-five-year-old but looking much younger, where can i cheapest Zovirax online, seemed so shy. Had they made a mistake inviting her. How would she cope speaking after experienced politicians, and addressing thousands of people at a conference being televised live. Zovirax For Sale, They need not have worried. That day, Rx free Zovirax, she won a standing ovation for her speech, described by some delegates as the best and most passionate of the entire conference.

The speech raised Zoya’s profile, and increasingly she was being interviewed by exiled Burmese radio stations which broadcast back into Burma. She became a role model for young people inspired by her activism, and was admired by many Karen who had not had such a high profile voice in the international arena before.

But, while she saw that her profile was helping her raise awareness and ensuring access to media and politicians, it also made her uncomfortable, where can i find Zovirax online. She did not want the focus to be on herself, but instead on the issues. The increased profile also came with a price, as she learned that her name was now on a regime hit list which had been intercepted by the opposition.

She remained undaunted. Already there had been one attempt on her life, when someone had been sent to her home in Thailand with orders to assassinate her father, but failing that to either kill or rape Zoya, Zovirax For Sale. The plot did not succeed.

The campaign for a doubling of British aid to Burma, Zovirax alternatives, in the form of cross-border aid, received a strong boost when the International Development Committee of the British parliament issued a strong report backing the demands of the campaign and called for a change of policy. The government finally capitulated. In addition to doubling Burma’s aid budget the UK started funding life-saving cross-border aid, and increased funding for refugees in Thailand. Thousands of miles from those who she had left behind, Zoya had found a way to help them.

By now she was writing her autobiography, online buying Zovirax hcl. Zovirax For Sale, Having seen how through her own story people had come to learn about her homeland, she saw the book as being a window into Burma, “If my story is what it takes to get people to take action then it is worth writing.”

In January 2008, Zoya took a delegation of MPs and journalists back to the Thailand-Burma border to meet refugees and political activists, even sneaking back into Burma to meet the IDPs. She was reunited with her father for the first time in four years. He was so proud to see the work she was doing. His dreams for her had been fulfilled.

But, just days after her return to the UK, tragedy struck her life again.

On the morning of February 14, Zovirax canada, mexico, india, 2008, she received the call: “Your father has been shot.” She did not have a moment to grieve or take in the shock. Her father was a respected and much loved leader who had dedicated his life to the struggle. Now, he had been assassinated by agents of the Burmese junta, Zovirax For Sale. Journalists were calling Zoya within minutes, interviewing her even as she cried.

Travelling with Zoya to Thailand for the funeral of Padoh Mahn Sha is an experience I will never forget. Rarely does one witness such courage and bravery.

I had been expecting that her arrival in the Thai town of Mae Sot, where her father had lived, Zovirax steet value, would be a chance for her to grieve with family and friends, and for them to comfort a young woman who had just lost her father. The opposite was the case, as many were looking to her for comfort and encouragement. She understood that. Zovirax For Sale, She had been ready for it, and that is what she did.

She buried her personal grief underneath her sense of personal responsibility. Buy cheap Zovirax, There were no more tears. The loss of her father was not just her own, it was a loss to the entire Karen people. It would demoralise them greatly that the dictatorship had succeeded in killing their leader. She knew she had to be strong for them.

It was extraordinary to witness how people responded to her. In Karen culture, elders are respected more than youth, and men more than women, but here were elderly men, soldiers, and political leaders, looking to her for hope and support, Zovirax For Sale. I saw battle-hardened soldiers who have fought for decades in the jungles of Burma break down in tears, their head on her shoulder, Zovirax no prescription, not the other way round.

Wherever we went people looked to Zoya for encouragement and support, and she never failed to provide it, spending time talking to people, encouraging them, and maybe even recounting a funny story about her father to make people smile.

The dictatorship had used two Karen men, No prescription Zovirax online, from a group which had split from the KNU, to carry out the assassination. Even in their grief, Zoya and her family sought unity rather than revenge. They issued a statement to Karen soldiers belonging to this group saying: “Come back to us, come back to the KNU. Let us be one family again.”

The entire time we were on the border, Zovirax recreational, the security situation was tense. Zovirax For Sale, We knew that hit squads remained in town, and were planning to kill more pro-democracy leaders. Just weeks before, when Zoya visited the border, there had been two attempts to assassinate her and her father.

Despite her family suffering so much for their involvement in the struggle, the death of her father, After Zovirax, and her own life in danger, there was never a moment she considered giving up.

Her determination grew, stronger now as she and her brothers and sisters vowed that they would carry on their father’s work, and not allow what he fought for to die with him. They set up the Phan Foundation in memory of their parents, funding projects to fight poverty, promote education, order Zovirax no prescription, defend human rights, and protect the Karen culture.

Zoya has become one of the highest profile political exiles from Burma. Her autobiography, Little daughter, was published worldwide to critical acclaim. Zovirax description, And, in a new role as International Coordinator for Burma Campaign UK, she has travelled the world meeting presidents, prime ministers, and celebrities. In the past year, she has been made a TED fellow, and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and is regularly interviewed by the international media.

An effective and articulate speaker, she has the ability to touch people emotionally, but making it clear to her audience that she does not want sympathy, she wants change, Zovirax For Sale. Introduced at an event as a woman who would steal your heart, Zoya came onto the stage and stated boldly, buy Zovirax without prescription, “I do not want your heart, I want you to take action.”

At a Downing Street meeting, Gordon Brown declared that the British government was doing everything it could to help the situation in Burma. The girl from the jungle of eastern Burma was not to be awed by the charms of meeting the British prime minister. Without hesitation she replied, Order Zovirax from United States pharmacy, “Thank you Mr. Prime Minister. We do appreciate your support, but, actually there is more that you can do,” and then went on to list what she thought he ought to be doing.

While she has a remarkable ability to reach the international community, she also knows it is important to encourage other people from Burma, Zovirax without a prescription. She does not just speak about the horrific human rights abuses taking place, and the need for international action, but also about a vision of what Burma could be like, and should be like.

“I dream of a day when all the people of Burma can live side by side in peace, different but equal,” she says. “We can not just talk about what is wrong with Burma, we also have to talk about the kind of country and society we want, when we get democracy.” Until that day comes, Zoya Phan remains relentless in pushing for more action from the international community.


Mark Farmaner is Director, Burma Campaign UK.

In print: Independent World Report -- Issue 5, September 2010.

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Aldactone For Sale

Soldiers attacking protesters in Rangoon: Photo courtesy Alternative Asean Network on Burma.

[caption id="attachment_906" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Soldiers attacking protesters in Rangoon: Via AltAsean Network on Burma."]Soldiers attacking protesters in Rangoon: Photo courtesy Alternative Asean Network on Burma.[/caption]

Mark Farmaner Aldactone For Sale, of Burma Campaign UK writes about how – in the absence of a global arms embargo – China, Russia, Israel, Ukraine and others armed one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world: Burma.

In the case of Burma, Buy Aldactone no prescription, rhetoric and reality are very far apart, not only in terms of propaganda from the military dictatorship, which is only to be expected, Aldactone australia, uk, us, usa, but also in the case of rhetoric from the international community. Low dose Aldactone, The European Union, the United States and Australia, for example, Aldactone reviews, have boasted of tough sanctions against Burma. Aldactone without prescription, At the same time, Burma’s generals and its Asian neighbours complain about the sanctions imposed and say sanctions do not work.

The reality is far from both these arguments. As recently as October 2009, Aldactone steet value, Aung San Suu Kyi used sanctions as leverage to reopen dialogue with Burma’s generals, Where can i buy cheapest Aldactone online, demonstrating they have an important role to play. Despite this, the tough sanctions that the EU boasts of are mostly paper tigers, Aldactone For Sale. And until 2008, none of the US sanctions impacted on the generals’ three main sources of income: exports of gas, what is Aldactone, timber and gems.

However, Aldactone brand name, the most dramatic example of the distance between the sanctions debate rhetoric and reality is the fact that there is not even a United Nations mandated arms embargo against Burma.

By any standards the dictatorships that have ruled Burma for the past forty-seven years have been among the most brutal in the world. General Ne Win’s rule, between 1962 and 1988, cheap Aldactone no rx, is perhaps best known for its isolationist policies and brutal suppression of any dissent – arresting and torturing opponents and even going so far as blowing up a university building being used by students organising peaceful protests. Taking Aldactone, Less well known publicly but certainly known by governments and the UN, was the horrific slaughter carried out against ethnic civilians in the name of counter insurgency operations.

Around 1968, Ne Win’s regime introduced what it called the four cuts policy: targeting civilians in areas of conflict, Aldactone treatment, aiming to cut supplies, Aldactone overnight, information, recruits and food. Such a policy is a blatant breach of the Geneva Conventions, Aldactone natural, though Burma was not a signatory to any of the conventions at the time. Aldactone For Sale, Villages were burned, women raped, men tortured and executed.

During the period of Ne Win’s rule, East and West alike continued to supply arms despite the record of serious human rights abuses, including campaigns against ethnic groups in Burma that deliberately targeted civilians, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes as unknown tens of thousands more were killed. Generic Aldactone, It was only after a pro-democracy uprising in 1988 when the Burmese army opened fire on peaceful protesters in Rangoon and other cities, individual countries started to introduce arms embargoes. We will never know how many people lost their lives in those protests as bodies were taken from the streets and hospitals and destroyed, online buying Aldactone, but estimates range from a bare minimum of 3000 to well over 10, Buy generic Aldactone, 000.

A new military dictatorship took control of Burma in September 1988, naming itself the State Law and Order Restoration Council, later becoming State Peace and Development Council, order Aldactone online c.o.d. This regime would prove to be even more brutal than its predecessor. Aldactone images, As its priority was its own survival, the regime decided to double the size of the army and modernise its equipments. This army was to be used for one purpose only: internal repression.

The new regime opened up to international trade and investment, but, rather than trying to develop the economy to promote economic growth and improve the living standards of the people, investment and trade were almost solely focussed on natural resource extraction and joint ventures that would put foreign exchange directly into the pockets of the generals.

Although the US, the EU and a small number of other countries had imposed arms embargoes, there were no significant economic sanctions, Aldactone For Sale. Western companies – including UNOCAL (now Chevron) and Total Oil – pumped billions of dollars of investment into Burma, Aldactone photos. As a result, Aldactone maximum dosage, North American and European countries helped pay for arms, even though they would not sell them directly.

As there was no UN mandated arms embargo, there were plenty of countries willing to keep supplying Burma’s newly enriched generals, Aldactone used for. China, Aldactone blogs, Russia, Israel, Ukraine and others ensured Burma’s enlarged military – now standing at around 400, purchase Aldactone for sale,000 soldiers – was equipped with modern weaponry, Where can i order Aldactone without prescription, paid for largely by Western investment. At one point, it was estimated that the generals were spending eighty percent of the government’s budget on the military, effects of Aldactone. Aldactone For Sale, The figure is thought to average forty percent. Spending on health and education actually fell despite increased trade and investment, Aldactone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, while unpublished figures estimate ninety percent of Burma’s population lives in poverty.

Ethnic groups in Burma were the main targets of the bigger, better trained, better equipped army, is Aldactone safe. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Rohingyas – a Muslim minority mostly living in the Arakan state – were attacked and forced to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh. Aldactone class, Attacks against civilians in Karen and Karenni states were forcing tens of thousands of people across the border into Thailand. The army used hundreds of thousands of people as slave labour, which the International Labour Organisation would later describe as a crime against humanity, where can i find Aldactone online. Burmese troops also invaded neighbouring Thailand, in order to attack refugees sheltering along the Thailand-Burma border.

The human rights abuses in the early 1990s clearly fell within the remit of the UN Security Council, constituting a threat to international peace and security, Aldactone For Sale. The UN continued to document abuses taking place. Buy Aldactone no prescription, In 1998, Rajsoomer Lallah – the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Burma – reported on human rights abuses in eastern Burma: “These violations have been so numerous and consistent over the past years as to suggest that they are not simply isolated or the acts of individual misbehaviour by middle and lower-rank officers but are rather the result of policy at the highest level, entailing political and legal responsibility.” However, purchase Aldactone online, still no action was taken.

Since the brutal suppression of monk-led protests in September 2007, Where can i cheapest Aldactone online, the issue of a UN mandated arms embargo began to creep up the international agenda. Once again, it had taken the sight of people being shot on the streets of Rangoon to provoke international outrage, about Aldactone, despite abuses in ethnic areas being on a much greater scale than those committed by the soldiers in Rangoon. Aldactone without prescription, Monk leaders who escaped the brutal crackdown and were now in exile asked why it was still possible to supply Burma’s generals with arms. Support for the campaign for an arms embargo grew.

Aldactone For Sale, In February 2008, the British government publicly expressed its support for a global arms embargo. In April 2008, the EU added its voice, Aldactone street price, saying that it supported a global embargo. No prescription Aldactone online, However, in typical EU fashion, words were not followed by action and no step was taken to build any support for an embargo.

Bizarrely, Aldactone for sale, the demand for an embargo was even met with criticism or scepticism from some quarters. Rx free Aldactone, One argument was that the regime already had arms, so it would make little difference. This ignores two factors, purchase Aldactone. The first practical one is that the generals are always looking for new and more powerful and effective weapons, Aldactone For Sale. The second is that an arms embargo – or, even the threat of an arms embargo – can be used as a powerful tool in diplomacy with Burma’s generals. This is another form of leverage to pressure them to enter into genuine dialogue with Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic groups for the first time.

Another argument against has been a counsel of despair, that China and Russia would veto any resolution for an embargo at the security council. The position of Russia and China is critical. At present, there is no doubt that they would veto such a resolution. Aldactone For Sale, But, this is why organisations like Burma Campaign UK exist – to change things.

Burma Campaign UK is coordinating a campaign to build a global consensus for an arms embargo, as part of a long-term strategy to isolate Russia and China, making it harder for them to use their veto. So far thirty-one countries have publicly backed a UN arms embargo against Burma. In October 2009, an important milestone was passed when East Timor became the first Asian country to back an embargo.

Currently, there is a lot of wildly overoptimistic speculation that new US diplomacy and so-called elections in Burma due in 2010 could result in change. Again, reality and rhetoric are far apart. Attacks against ethnic people are on the increase and there are growing calls for the UN to set up a commission of inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma.

Burma’s generals do not want change. They will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from power, Aldactone For Sale. They are war criminals who commit crimes against humanity. In turn, those supplying them with weapons are complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity. A UN mandated arms embargo is the least we should be doing and until there is one the international community can not claim to have applied real pressure on the generals.♦

Mark Farmaner is Director, Burma Campaign UK. For more information about the campaign see:


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Buy Armour Without Prescription

Rohingya refugee child in Teknaf, Bangladesh: Photo by Tin Soe, Kaladan Press Network.

Buy Armour Without Prescription, [caption id="attachment_145" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Rohingya refugee child in Teknaf: Photo by Tin Soe, Kaladan Press Network."]Rohingya refugee child in Teknaf, Bangladesh: Photo by Tin Soe, Kaladan Press Network.[/caption]

Naomi Pardington
writes about the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

When four-year-old Laila reached the Médecins Sans Frontières clinic in Kutupalong refugee camp she was, as the staff described, almost dead. So severely malnourished and dehydrated, she was having difficulty to walk or even cry, ordering Armour online. The sores that covered her body oozed with infection as her depleted immune system gave in.

Thirteen-year-old Fatima visibly bared the mark of lack of healthcare. Where can i cheapest Armour online, The large tumour on her face was nothing but a small growth on her nose just a few years back. By the time she arrived at the MSF clinic in April 2009, the growth was so big that it blurred the vision in her left eye and blocked the air passage in her nose.

Nine-month-old Jamil nearly lost his arm, where can i order Armour without prescription, from what begun as a small red bump just a few months back. The bump became infected and overtime the wound steadily increased in size, Buy Armour Without Prescription. Armour used for, When his parents arrived with Jamil at the clinic, the deadened bone was sticking out of his arm.

Children of unofficial Rohingya refugees, Laila, Armour use, Fatima and Jamil know what it means to be stateless and deprived of services that many people around the world take for granted. About Armour, They are among the 22,000 Rohingya people living in grossly unsanitary and crammed conditions in Kutupalong makeshift refugee camp, in southeastern Bangladesh.

Originating from the Rakhine State in western Myanmar, Armour dangers, most of the Rohingya refugees have been denied official refugee status by the government of Bangladesh. Armour coupon, Out of the estimated 250,000 Rohingyas who fled Myanmar, only a paltry 28, buy Armour without a prescription,000 men, Purchase Armour online, women and children are officially recognised as refugees and eligible for basic support from UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency. The others remain stateless, real brand Armour online, with no one to provide them with food, Comprar en línea Armour, comprar Armour baratos, water, shelter or healthcare.

Over the past year, thousands of unofficial Rohingya refugees have flocked to the makeshift Kutupalong camp, Armour australia, uk, us, usa, clinging to the perimeter of an official UNHCR camp. They have not been provided with any of the basic assistance afforded to their counterparts residing in the official camp.

Buy Armour Without Prescription, The ramifications of being both stateless and without status are evident. Low dose Armour, “It is one of the worst pictures of poverty I have ever come across. People are living in shelters built with bits of plastic, wood or whatever they can find, Armour description. They do not even have any utensils to cook food and the sanitation is just appalling, Cheap Armour, ” says Gemma Davies, MSF project coordinator in Kutupalong.

MSF conducted an initial exploratory assessment in Kutupalong camp in March 2009 where team members found over 20,000 highly vulnerable people struggling to survive day to day without the most basic of amenities, buy cheap Armour no rx. 90% of the refugees were found to be severely underfed since they were unable to gather enough food to meet their daily needs. The situation had soared past World Health Organisation thresholds for what constitutes an emergency.

MSF responded immediately by setting up a project offering basic healthcare, treating the severely malnourished children and improving water sources and waste facilities, Buy Armour Without Prescription. Is Armour safe, Within the first month, MSF enrolled over a thousand malnourished children in its therapeutic feeding programme and treated around 4000 children in its outpatients department.

“Prior to MSF’s arrival, these people had little or no access to healthcare, Armour from canada. While working at the Kutupalong camp, Online buying Armour, I have treated some of the worst medical complications I have ever seen. It is immensely sad and frustrating,” says Kylah Taylor, where to buy Armour, MSF nurse.

In June-July 2009, Armour dose, just months after MSF began its project, Kutupalong camp fell into a full-blown crisis as Bangladeshi authorities resorted to violence and intimidation against the refugees in order to clear the area adjacent to the UNHCR camp. Between June 7 and July 14, Armour for sale, the unofficial refugees were threatened, Buy Armour online cod, arrested and beaten as their homes were destroyed by the local authorities.

On June 15, MSF treated twenty-seven people, including a newborn child, buy Armour from mexico, with violence-related injuries. Buy Armour Without Prescription, On July 14, thirty policemen and some local officials destroyed and looted the makeshift refugee camp. Doses Armour work, In the process, 259 homes were destroyed. “I was working, canada, mexico, india. When I went back to my shelter I found it totally destroyed, Armour from canadian pharmacy, ” a camp resident recounted. “A police inspector was there with nine or ten people. I asked why they destroyed my house, Buy Armour Without Prescription. He showed me a fish cutter and said: ‘One more word and I will cut you.’”

Trapped in a world where they are prevented from supporting themselves and denied any official assistance, buy cheap Armour, unofficial Rohingya refugees are vulnerable to the unscrupulous activities of people manipulating and making profits from their hopes and fears. Armour recreational, A large number of these refugees can be found working illegally as cheap labour, incurring the resentment of local communities. In some cases, Armour price, coupon, the small wages earned by these labourers are extorted from them by the locals. Order Armour from United States pharmacy, Regular harassment by the police, including beatings and detentions, is also widespread, Armour without a prescription. There are also reports of Rohingya women being coerced into commercial sex trade.

Buy Armour Without Prescription, The situation in Kutupalong is symptomatic of a far wider crisis, with its root lying across the border in Myanmar. Although they have been living in Myanmar for hundreds of years, Online buying Armour hcl, Rohingyas are denied citizenship by the country’s military government. Denied their basic human rights, Rohingyas face routine persecution and discrimination in their own land, buy no prescription Armour online. They are forbidden to marry, Armour brand name, to have children or to travel without purchasing government issued licenses that cost a prohibitive amount of money. The fear for life and the absolute loss of dignity of those who have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh is evident in their stories.

One Rohingya woman, now a refugee in Bangladesh, Armour trusted pharmacy reviews, described to MSF how she lost her pregnant daughter resulting from the fear of repercussions of an illegal birth, Armour interactions, “My daughter was pregnant. To kill the baby, she took a root drink and one of our relatives gave her a rough abdominal massage, Buy Armour Without Prescription. She was bleeding badly and having fits. We were scared that the Burmese authorities would force us to pay a huge fine or arrest her because she was pregnant while not officially married, Armour schedule. We did not take her to the hospital, Armour pics, instead, we went to the local healer. She died the next day.”

“Over the years I have heard many reasons why people fled from Myanmar. Buy Armour Without Prescription, Largely it comes down to fear of being arrested or intimidated. A woman and her three children left following her husband’s arrest, in fear for her family. Another couple – the woman some months pregnant – fled out of fear of the repercussions they would face for being unable to afford the official marriage license, not to mention the child birth license,” says Gabriela Popescu, MSF medical coordinator in Bangladesh.

The first wave of Rohingya refugees fled to Bangladesh in 1978, followed by another wave in 1991-1992. Today, despite Bangladesh government’s routine practice of involuntary repatriation to Myanmar, people continue to arrive in Bangladesh, escaping persecution at the hands of the Myanmarese junta. This has developed into a regional challenge as evident in recent headlines about Thai authorities pushing away boatloads of Rohingya men seeking refuge in Thailand back to the sea.

“I was born in Myanmar, but, that government says I do not belong there. I grew up in Bangladesh, but, this government says I can not stay here. As a Rohingya, I am caught between a crocodile and a snake,” a nineteen-year-old unrecognised Rohingya refugee told MSF.

Rohingyas must be guaranteed a healthy and dignified life and if, due to a well founded fear of persecution, they choose to leave their homeland then the government of Bangladesh, and other countries in the region, must offer them refuge and assistance in accordance with international standards of humanitarian assistance.♦

Naomi Pardington is Communications Advisor (Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Moldova, Myanmar, Somalia) at Médecins Sans Frontières. For more information about MSF’s work in Bangladesh and Myanmar see


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