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Circle of silence

Photo courtesy Teresa Maffeis/RESF

“When everybody talks, no one listens. So, we stand silent.” Réseau Education Sans Frontières and the struggle against enforced deportations of refugee/migrant families in France.

Turkey: Journalism behind bars

Nedim Şener: Photo by IPI/David Reali.

Journalists caught in a Kafkaesque affair can expect to spend years behind bars before being allowed to respond to the accusations against them. A climate of fear escalates with each raid and arrest.

Letter from Khartoum

Surviving imprisonment and torture in Sudan: “Electrocution and brutal physical beatings were the common methods of torture for all of them. Some of them showed me injuries on their bodies where they were burnt with boiled sugar.”

Supporting revolutions

Foreign support for pro-democracy groups: “It might well be the case that the lack of support from the outside world actually pushed the people to take desperate actions on the streets of Cairo and Tunis.”

Saving the Awá

An urgent international campaign to support the Awá’s fight for the protection of their land: “If fast action is not taken to save the Awá’s forest, it will not be long before they cease to exist. We can not let that happen.”

Migrant workers in Libya

CNN’s disinterest in the broader context of migrant labour in Libya and elsewhere is a symptom of the corporate media’s inattention to underlying social and economic forces in contemporary conflicts.

Forgotten prisoners of China

All of these prisoners of conscience are outstanding individuals. All of them have devoted themselves for the struggle of democracy, freedom, and human rights in China. And for their extraordinary efforts, they had to pay the price.

Burma’s Vanunu

How Major Sai Thein Win exposed the clandestine Burmese nuclear program.

Lewis and Ashtiani

We do not allow the rape of rapists, or the burning down of the houses of arsonists, do we?

Deadly ride

Children as young as ten years old forced to take part in dangerous camel races in the United Arab Emirates.

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