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IWR 6/SPRING 2011 LETTER FROM KHARTOUM Testimony: Surviving torture in Sudan. Yousif ElMahdi SUPPORTING REVOLUTIONS Foreign support for pro-democracy groups. Jørgen Johansen MIGRANT WORKERS IN LIBYA The story missing from CNN-style coverage of the crisis in Libya. Hannah Gurman SAVING THE AWÁ The plight of a nomadic Amazon tribe. Sarah Shenker, Survival International FORGOTTEN PRISONERS OF CHINA Nobel Peace Prize and the struggle for democracy in China. Chen Maiping BORN BEHIND BARS Documentary: Children growing up in a prison in Mexico City. Caroline Bennett DAUGHTERS OF SOUTH AFRICA Ndumie Funda and the struggle against corrective rape. Syeda Lubna Mehrin WAR SCHOOL Documentary: A military camp for children in Hungary. Arpad Kurucz SKETCHES FROM JENIN Portfolio of cartoons. Mohammad sabaaneh RADIATIONLAND Documentary: A trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine. Benoît Balança PRISON COUNTRY In Eritrea, forced conscription is the new slavery. Lalon Sander THE FUTURE OF FINE ARTS The past, present, and future trends in fine arts. Peter Ekström HOW DO WE BECOME GOOD AGAIN? Charles and Gregory Fried open the moral debate over torture. Joshua F leach B3: BOOKS, BLOGS, BRIEFINGS Recommendations from IWR. ----- IWR 5/SEPTEMBER 2010 BURMA'S VANUNU How Major Sai Thein Win exposed the Burmese nuclear program. Robert Kelley, Democratic Voice of Burma MOTHERS OF AFGHANISTAN The fight against maternal and child mortality. IRIN MISSED GOAL Labour rights abuses in the football stitching industry. Dingxiaozi Ding, International Labor Rights Forum IN DEFENCE OF LEWIS AND ASHTIANI Iran and the United States: Notes on capital punishment. Maryam Namazie KHARTOUM'S STATE OF DENIAL South Sudan votes in a referendum on secession from the north. Blake Evans-Pritchard, IWPR THE KAREN WARRIOR Zoya Phan: Freedom fighter from Burma. Mark Farmaner FOR FREEDOM "I was only fourteen but I had to flee from my homeland." -- Zoya Phan. Tasneem Khalil AFTER SAVAK A briefing on the security-intelligence complex of Iran. Houshang Asadi THE RISE AND FALL OF MIKHAIL KHODORKOVSKY Book review -- Putin's oil: The Yukos affair and the struggle for Russia/Martin Sixsmith. Dixie Eriksson CARTOONS FOR FREEDOM Illustrating the struggle for rights and liberties in Iran. Mana Neyestani THE DEITY OF GLOBALISATION Book review -- The God market: How globalization is making India more Hindu/Meera Nanda. Joshua F Leach HOW TO BECOME A REAL MUSLIM Censorship, Muhammad caricatures, the Rushdie affair. Kenan Malik ---------- IWR 4/APRIL 2010 WITCHES OF AFRICA Witch-hunts go on in the continent. Leo Igwe, Nigerian Humanist Movement BARRING THE BAHAIS How Iran persecutes one of its largest minority groups. Faraz Sanei, Human Rights Watch DEADLY RIDE The United Arab Emirates flouts ban on child camel jockeys. Catherine Turner, Anti-Slavery International BLOGGING BEYOND BORDERS Yoani Sánchez and internet freedom. Andrew Ford Lyons, Committee to Protect Bloggers IN BAD COMPANY Press and internet freedom: Kazakhstan takes page from Belarus. Nina Ognianova, Committee to Protect Journalists LITTLE WOMAN FOR LITTLE WOMEN Interview with Alaina Podmorow. Sharmin Afsana ORIGINAL SIN Catholic church child abuse scandal grips Germany. Lalon Sander DEMINER On clearing landmines, making the ground safe again. Magnus Boström GAY RIGHTS AND THE POLITICS OF HUMANITY Book review: From disgust to humanity/Martha C Nussbaum. Joshua F Leach ROSARNO Struggling against xenophobia, African migrants try to survive in Italy. Martin Edström A TRIP TO BURMA Do we help Burma, by boycotting the country? Anne Edelstam "WE BECAME MUSLIMS" Why Swedish women convert to Islam? Madeleine Sultán Sjöqvist GOD AND THE GOSPEL OF GLOBALISATION Amid the triumph of free market, secularism remains a myth in India. Meera Nanda ---------- IWR 3/FEBRUARY 2010 BLOOD DIAMOND Diamond mining in Zimbabwe bolsters the Robert Mugabe Regime. Tiseke Kasambala, Human Rights Watch FUELLING THE FIRE Sweden's role in India-Pakistan arms race. Anna Ek, Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society VS. SHARIA Resisting the misogynist, medieval and barbaric Islamic code. Maryam Namazie, One Law for All DO YOU KNOW WHO MADE YOUR GUITAR? Labour rights abuses in the guitar industry. Leslie Eme, International Labor Rights Forum NOT A FAIR DEAL Turkmenistan: Human rights for energy. Inga Sikorskaya, Institute for War & Peace Reporting AGAINST GENDER APARTHEID Interview: Parvin Ardalan. Haideh Daragahi IN IRAN, IMAGES SPEAK Civil resistance against the regime grows stronger. Parvin Ardalan OUTCAST Homophobia and politics in Uganda. Ariel Rubin MOTHERS OF DIYARBAKIR In the war-torn heartland of Turkish Kurdistan. Shirvan Nuray Sarikaya BAD COP Police violence in Germany. Lalon Sander HANGER OF HAL FAR Documentary: Refugees stranded in Malta. Martin Edström THE RIGHT TO RETURN Diego Garcia: Expulsion of the Chagossian people. Dan Archer KHARTOUM'S BEST FRIEND? Book review: An apologist for the Sudanese regime. Joshua F Leach ---------- IWR 2/NOVEMBER 2009 STOP FEEDING THE GENERALS Ending arms export to Burma. Mark Farmaner, Burma Campaign UK UNWELCOMING SHORES Migrant and refugee children in Greece. Simone Troller, Human Rights Watch SUFFER THE STATELESSNESS Twelve million people worldwide without a nationality. Maureen Lynch, Refugees International IMPUNITY IN THE PHILIPPINES Reign of extrajudicial executions. Brian Campbell, International Labor Rights Forum SLAVERY BEGINS AT HOME Millions of domestic workers in servitude. Audrey Guichon, Anti-Slavery International DAUGHTER OF PEACE Irom Sharmila Chanu and her struggle against military repression. Deepti Priya Mehrotra FROM THE KILLING FIELDS TO THE COURTHOUSE Genocide in Bosnia and the betrayal of the ICTY. Amila Jašarević AFGHANISTAN: IS THERE A HUMANITARIAN SOLUTION? The case for supporting pro-democracy groups. Joshua F Leach FULL DISCLOSURE A documentary on embedded journalism in Iraq. Brian Palmer IN HATE WE TRUST Hate crimes against LGBT people. Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin MYTHS OF NEUTRALITY Ignoring the Holocaust in Sweden and Switzerland. Arne Ruth THE FIRST FIVE THOUSAND YEARS OF DEBT Slavery, violence and the history of debt. David Graeber ---------- IWR 1/SEPTEMBER 2009 THE LAST COLONY Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. Malainin Lakhal, Sahrawi Journalists & Writers Union CAUGHT BETWEEN A CROCODILE AND A SNAKE Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Naomi Pardington, Médecins Sans Frontières AGAINST MILITARISM Swedish campaign for a weapons free world. Anna Andersson, Ofog/Avrusta QADDAFI'S MEDIA REPRESSION Libya's war against the press. Kamel Labidi, Committee to Protect Journalists CLOSING BASES International campaign against foreign military bases. Wilbert van der Zeijden, No Bases Network CHINESE APARTHEID Interview with Rebiya Kadeer. Wasfia Nazreen AMBASSADOR OF CONSCIENCE Interview with Craig Murray. Shafiur Rahman BLOOD COTTON Forced child labour in Uzbekistan's cotton fields. Tasneem Khalil LOST CHILDHOOD Children in Danish asylum centres. Amila Jašarević THE GOD WHO HATES WOMEN Oppression of women under religious regimes. Ophelia Benson STEPS TOWARDS FREEDOM Fragments from the history of free speech in Sweden. Ola Larsmo PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES A tale of the book in Iran. Azar Mahloujian SKETCHES WITH SECRET INK Book excerpt, translated from Arabic by Ghias Aljundi. Faraj Bayrakdar

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