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Abilify For Sale

Pakistan bought the Erieye radar surveillance system from Sweden, for $10 billion: Photo Saab AB.

Abilify For Sale, [caption id="attachment_1378" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Pakistan bought the Erieye system from Sweden, for $10 billion: Photo © Saab AB."][/caption]

Anna Ek -- President, Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (Svenskafreds) -- on Sweden's role in India-Pakistan arms race.

The Millennium Declaration, adopted by the United Nations Millennium Summit, in September 2000, proclaims: "We will spare no effort to free our peoples from the scourge of war, whether within or between states, which has claimed more than five million lives in the past decade."

The declaration contains commitments to peace, security, disarmament, environment, democracy and human rights. The best-known goals of the declaration are those relating to development and poverty reduction. Abilify use, The declaration evolved into the Millennium Development Goals, in which eight concrete and measurable goals are set, to be achieved by 2015.

In 2008, online buy Abilify without a prescription, the world spent $1464 billion on military expenditures -- that is $217 per person. Abilify over the counter, Since 2001, the year after the UN adopted the Millennium Declaration, global military expenditure has, buy Abilify no prescription, rather than decreasing, Abilify overnight, increased by 37%.

According to the UN, armed conflicts remain among the major obstacles towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. There is a direct connection between the level of development in a country and the risk of armed conflicts: the poorer the country, ordering Abilify online, the greater the risk that it will become embroiled in armed conflicts. The fact is that poor countries tend to have weaker governments, making it easier for armed groups to destabilise the nation or the region, Abilify For Sale. Abilify maximum dosage, Countries involved in armed conflicts rarely manage to achieve sustainable development.

The global arms trade is a major engine behind military escalations and, thus, a key contributor to conflicts, Abilify duration. Disarmament, Order Abilify online overnight delivery no prescription, on the other hand, has often been a crucial instrument in processes that has led to lasting peace between states. The European Union is an example of this, buy Abilify without a prescription. However, Abilify mg, the member states of the EU are not always working for peace and stability in other countries or regions. Abilify For Sale, Rather, these states are engaged in exploiting the conflicts and unstable regions for the sole purpose of scoring export deals for their own arms industries.

An example of this is South Asia.

South Asia -- Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka -- is a diverse region. Some of the countries in this part of the world are among the poorest of nations. In some countries, Abilify from canada, political instability, Abilify dose, absence of democracy, and serious human rights violations are part of everyday life. Some are also affected by internal and regional conflicts, purchase Abilify, many of which have been going on for a long time and have already taken thousands of lives.

Despite the gripping poverty in the region, Abilify schedule, countries like India and Pakistan allot large sums to their defence budgets, year after year. In its 2006 report, my Abilify experience, the United Nations Development Programme emphasised that military investments in poor countries often come at the expense of life-saving investments in clean water and sanitation. Pakistan was given particular attention since it spent forty-seven times more on its military than it did on water and sanitation, with 1,18,000 people dying there each year of diarrhoea.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, India is the second largest arms importing country in the world, just after China, Abilify For Sale. Abilify natural, Meanwhile, Pakistan plays the role of a strategic partner in the US-led war on terror. The country has been, Abilify price, for a long time, Buy Abilify without prescription, a standing customer of European arms, making it the eleventh largest arms importer in the world. Given this, Abilify wiki, the region is indeed a lucrative market for the arms industry to engage in, Abilify online cod, which it certainly does.

The Kashmir dispute is probably the most widely known story of conflict between India and Pakistan, though these countries have a history of skirmishes and outright war, on and off, where can i buy cheapest Abilify online, since their independence from British rule in 1947 -- 1965 in Kashmir, About Abilify, 1971 in then East Pakistan that became Bangladesh, and so on. These armed conflicts between the two nations have been used by eager European arms producers, order Abilify online c.o.d, aided by their governments. This goes back to 1948 when a deal was first signed with Pakistan.

Abilify For Sale, Swedish arms trade with India and Pakistan is an illustrative example of such war-profiteering. Order Abilify from mexican pharmacy, Here, to begin with, we have the Swedish howitzers that were reportedly used by India against Pakistan -- first in 1989, Abilify samples, and then in 1999 during the Kargil war, Abilify trusted pharmacy reviews, when the world held its breath as one million soldiers were standing along the frontiers between two nuclear powers.

Around the same time, in a very interesting twist, the Swedish government authorised the export of a defence system to Pakistan that would detect attacks from the Indian side, Abilify photos, using those very howitzers. Abilify no prescription, How are we supposed to explain this. Was it out of concern for Pakistan's safety, or, Abilify coupon, efficient exploitation of a conflict for business gains?

This became even more interesting as it was revealed that just a month before the howitzer export deal with India was authorised, Buy Abilify online cod, Sweden sold the surface-to-air Robot 70 system to Pakistan, that was to be used for shooting down Indian aircrafts.

Meanwhile, India was sold the infamous Carl Gustav grenade rifle -- one of the most widely used weapons in conflict zones -- in large quantities, Abilify cost. It is manufactured by Saab Bofors Dynamics and has been sold to more than forty countries, Generic Abilify, and has been used in numerous wars -- in Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, rx free Abilify, Vietnam, Abilify steet value, India, Iraq.

To this day, Sweden is selling spare parts and updates to those weapons systems, effects of Abilify, both to India and Pakistan.

And, Canada, mexico, india, within a few years, India will decide from which country it will buy its new batch of fighter jets. Of course, Sweden will be there to compete with other arms exporting nations.

Now, over the border in Pakistan, in 2006, the military bought an airborne radar surveillance system -- Erieye -- from, well, guess from where.., Abilify For Sale. Sweden, online Abilify without a prescription. This was, Online buying Abilify, actually, one of the largest Swedish arms export in recent years. The deal saw Pakistan spending about $10 billion, australia, uk, us, usa, an amount twelve times its yearly budget for water and sanitation.

This, however, will not go on unchallenged. This February, as the largest arms fair in India -- Defexpo 2010 -- is set to open in New Delhi, Indian peace and disarmament groups are organising protests against the shameless culture of war-profiteering. The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society will be in New Delhi from February 14 to February 18, to join hands with our fellow South Asian peace activists. The madness of global arms trade must stop, and that is why we need to challenge the arms industry in Sweden, India, and Pakistan.♦

Anna Ek is President, Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society.


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Buy Diflucan Without Prescription

Sharia enforced dress code: Photo by Nick Treacy.

Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, [caption id="attachment_1373" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Sharia enforced dress code: Photo by Nick Treacy."][/caption]

Maryam Namazie -- rights activist, commentator, where to buy Diflucan, broadcaster, Get Diflucan, and spokesperson for One Law for All -- on resisting the misogynist, medieval and barbaric Islamic code. There is a world of difference between sexists and bigots who believe religion gives them the go ahead to think that gays are perverts and unveiled women whores and a state that puts those beliefs into laws, Diflucan gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, under which gays are executed and badly veiled women are fined, What is Diflucan, imprisoned or have acid thrown in their faces by Hezbollah and Basiji thugs.

Sharia. Just the word to me is like a kick in the stomach, particularly when I hear it being mentioned favourably, Diflucan from canadian pharmacy. I know in this day and age of multiculturalism, Diflucan without prescription, it is not surprising to find tolerance for even the most intolerable of things, but, I still have to catch my breath when I hear the very word.

I suppose it is because I can not hear it without remembering sixteen-year-old Atefeh Rajabi hung for crimes against chastity; mother of three Maryam Ayoubi stoned to death for sex outside of marriage; Shirin Alam-Hoei who was sentenced to life in prison for enmity against God; and Neda Agha-Soltan who was shot dead at a June 2009 protest in Tehran, Diflucan recreational, and whose twentieth birthday would have been on January 23, Taking Diflucan, 2010.

Now, I know there are those who will say that these examples I give, or the many others we have come to know so well, Diflucan australia, uk, us, usa, are merely harsh interpretations of Sharia law -- that Sharia law is misunderstood, Diflucan description, and that it is not entirely medieval and draconian. But, one need only take a glance around the world to see the extent of its brutality.

To say it is misunderstood is merely an exercise in PR, which aims to make Sharia more palatable to a western audience and pave the way for its, at least partial, implementation in places like the United Kingdom, Buy Diflucan Without Prescription. The Islamists have no time for such niceties when you are living under their rule.

Of course Sharia law rulings on divorce and child custody are not the same as its rulings on stoning and amputation. Yet, Diflucan canada, mexico, india, even in civil matters, Cheap Diflucan no rx, a woman's testimony is worth half that of a man's; she does not have the right to child custody after a prescribed age regardless of the child's welfare. A woman has limited rights to divorce whereas men have unilateral rights to divorce. Men can marry up to four wives, purchase Diflucan online, and, Diflucan class, in the Shia tradition, have as many temporary wives as they want as well. Women can not even sign their own marriage contract; a male guardian must sign it on their behalf and so on and so forth.

Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, The misogyny behind a law that stones a woman to death, and one that denies her the right to divorce from a violent husband, is a matter of degree -- the fundamentals are the same. In fact, no prescription Diflucan online, the civil aspects of Sharia law are some of the pillars of women's oppression and the reason why so many have fled their homes and sought refuge elsewhere.

Clearly, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Sharia law is seen to be draconian because it is.

It is perceived to be misogynist, medieval and barbaric because it is.

And it is not just a question of interpretation. I have never seen an interpretation by Islamic feminists -- an oxymoron in my opinion -- that is suitable for the rights and freedoms worthy of twenty-first century humanity, where can i buy Diflucan online. It is only when it comes to religion in general and Islam in particular, Buy cheap Diflucan, that any nonsense can be passed as being pro people's rights.

One example we often hear of is regarding the verse in the Quran sanctioning violence against women. The feminists say that Islam only permits violence after admonishment and confinement and as a last resort and that since men would beat their wives mercilessly at that time, this is a restriction on men to beat women more mercifully.

How thoughtful, Diflucan forum. As if that is any consolation to the woman being beaten, Buy Diflucan Without Prescription. And as if condoning violence against women can be interpreted to be anything but. Purchase Diflucan for sale, The reality is that religion and women's rights are antithetical to and incompatible with each other. You can not defend both at the same time; you have to choose which one should and must take precedence.

Of course it is not just Islam that is such. This is true of all religions, is Diflucan addictive, which is why secularism and the separation of religion from the state, Order Diflucan no prescription, law and educational system as a minimum is so crucial. You can find just as much misogyny in the Bible Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, for example. But, Christianity in political power has been pushed back by an enlightenment so the pope or this or that archbishop does not decide if one lives or dies because of what they wear, Diflucan maximum dosage, believe, Diflucan description, say, do...

I think it is a cop-out to say that Sharia law is sacred guidance or rules for religious observation of Muslims, and, Diflucan over the counter, we should oppose the Islamists who seek to make it state law and not Sharia itself. Buy Diflucan from mexico, But, it is already the state law in many countries -- Iran, Iraq, purchase Diflucan for sale, Somalia, Kjøpe Diflucan på nett, köpa Diflucan online, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Diflucan images, Pakistan's Swat Valley, Cheap Diflucan, Aceh, a large part of Nigeria... and it is one of the tactics for the advancement of the Islamists everywhere.

In Afghanistan, canada, mexico, india, it is not enough that British troops are setting up informal Sharia councils and Sharia is the law of the land, Diflucan canada, mexico, india, but they have even established rape laws for Shia women, which states that a woman must have sex with her husband on demand whether she wants to or not. In liberated Iraq too, order Diflucan from United States pharmacy, a rapist can get off scot-free if he agrees to marry the woman he has just raped.

Wherever Sharia law is implemented -- whether fully in Somalia or in some sections in the UK -- it is the reflection of the strength and presence of the Islamists.

I am sorry but it is just not good enough to talk about Sharia as a personal matter in this day and age. Just because one wishes it to be so, does not make it such, Buy Diflucan Without Prescription. Diflucan interactions, And this is clearly not the case.

There is a world of difference between sexists and bigots who believe religion gives them the go ahead to think that gays are perverts and unveiled women whores and a state that puts those beliefs into laws, under which gays are executed and badly veiled women are fined, imprisoned or have acid thrown in their faces by Hezbollah and Basiji thugs, where to buy Diflucan. When this is the case, Diflucan dosage, speaking of personal beliefs is at best misleading.

This of course has nothing to do with attacking Muslims. There are many Muslims -- or those labelled as such -- who are opposed to Sharia law. After all, fast shipping Diflucan, they are most often than not the first victims and on the frontline of resistance. Iran is an excellent case in point where a revolutionary movement is bringing a pillar of political Islam to its knees.

Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, Whilst people have a right to their religious beliefs or atheism, you can not limit Sharia law to a personal matter when you are living through an inquisition. Diflucan from canadian pharmacy, Then, all of us are duty-bound to challenge it and push it back so that it does become the personal affair of adults.

As Mansoor Hekmat, the late Marxist thinker, Diflucan pics, said: “It has been proved time and time again that pushing back religiosity and religious reaction is not possible except through unequivocal defence of human values against religion. Order Diflucan online overnight delivery no prescription, It has been proved time and time again that preventing religious barbarism does not come about through bribing it and trying to give it a human face, but, through the fight against reactionary religious beliefs and practices. What price should be paid... to realise that Islam and religion do not have a progressive, supportable faction?”♦

Maryam Namazie -- rights activist, commentator, broadcaster -- is spokesperson for the One Law for All campaign.


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Buy Cialis Without Prescription

Abandoned Cor-tek factory: Photo by Noh Suntag.

[caption id="attachment_1349" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Abandoned Cor-tek factory: Photo by Noh Suntag."][/caption]

Leslie Eme Buy Cialis Without Prescription, -- Intern, International Labor Rights Forum -- writes about labour rights abuses by a South Korean company that controls 30% of the global guitar market.

Most musicians and music lovers around the world know of guitar brands like Fender, Gibson, Alvarez, G&L, ESP and Ibenez. What they may not know is where these branded guitars are made and who makes them, generic Cialis. Is Cialis safe, Until a few years ago, many of these guitars were produced in South Korea by factory workers who toiled long hours to meet production deadlines, buy Cialis online cod, Cialis duration, working in windowless rooms, inhaling harmful fumes and making less than the minimum wage.

These factories were run by a company called Cort, rx free Cialis, Cialis blogs, that currently controls 30% of the global guitar market. However, Cialis online cod, Comprar en línea Cialis, comprar Cialis baratos, factories in South Korea were shut down in 2007, shortly after workers unionised in hopes of receiving at least the minimum wage, online buying Cialis hcl, Taking Cialis, joining forces with the Korean Metal Workers Union.

Cort claimed economic hardship as the reason for this closure. However, Cialis natural, Ordering Cialis online, according to the Cort Action Network weblog, the CEO of Cort has become a billionaire, Cialis dose, Cialis for sale, one of the richest men in South Korea and the 125TH richest man in the world. With $78 billion in profit, Cort’s claim of bankruptcy and financial hardship to justify the mass firing of all of it’s Korean employees sounds all the more dubious.

As the Cort Action Network describes: “After dedicating decades of their labour in unventilated rooms full of fumes and solvent; enduring forced overtime and below-minimum wage pay; incurring injuries and lung diseases; and undergoing the abuse of their managers, these workers unionised to finally get minimum wage, Buy Cialis Without Prescription. Only a short time later, Cialis mg, Where can i order Cialis without prescription, they found themselves padlocked out of their factory in Deajon and were forced to sign resignation papers. It turned out that Cort had moved its operations overseas, Cialis no prescription, Buy Cialis online no prescription, for much cheaper and non-unionised labour in Chinese and Indonesian factories.”

For the past three years, Korean guitar workers and their supporters have been protesting the closure of these factories which left 123 workers without a job, Cialis dangers. Buy Cialis from canada, Workers are asking for these factories to be reopened under more just conditions. Even the Korean courts ruled in favour of the workers on this one, order Cialis no prescription. Buy Cialis Without Prescription, For many of these guitar workers, making guitars is not just a job – it is also their art. Australia, uk, us, usa, For some, it is what they have been doing their entire lives.

The workers are demanding that Cort reopen the factories in Korea and return jobs to the displaced workers, real brand Cialis online. Where can i cheapest Cialis online, They need the support of musicians, artists, buy Cialis without a prescription, Discount Cialis, cultural producers, media makers and anyone who believes that guitars – and therefore music – should be made under fair and humane conditions, herbal Cialis. Purchase Cialis online no prescription, Workers have set up a weblog – – where the public can hear their stories and find out about opportunities to support this cause.♦

Leslie Eme is Intern, International Labor Rights Forum, cheap Cialis no rx. Purchase Cialis online, An earlier version of this article was published in the Labor is not a commodity blog.

. Cialis results. Cialis forum. Cialis pictures. Cialis treatment. Cialis recreational. Where can i buy Cialis online. No prescription Cialis online. Cialis from mexico. Cialis schedule. Purchase Cialis.

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Ventolin For Sale

Turkmen president, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, with Hillary Clinton: Photo by US State Department.

[caption id="attachment_1339" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with Hillary Clinton: Photo by US State Department."][/caption]

Inga Sikorskaya Ventolin For Sale, -- Senior Editor for Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan at Institute for War & Peace Reporting -- reports on Western energy interests in Turkmenistan and how this is sweeping the human rights agenda under the carpet. As one of the experts interviewed for this report notes: "Commercial energy interests seem to have won out, and no one is paying any attention to rights."

When Turkmenistan began opening up to the outside world following the death of President Saparmurat Niazov three years ago, Ventolin price, the theory was that increased economic engagement by Western states would encourage a more general relaxation of policy in such areas as human rights and political liberties.

When he was elected in 2007, Doses Ventolin work, the new president, Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, held out the prospect of a break with the country's repressive past, my Ventolin experience, and promised to open up the country, Ventolin price, coupon, not just by engaging with foreign investors but also by allowing access to information, freedom to travel abroad, and other improvements.

Since then, Ventolin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Berdymuhamedov has launched some reforms in education, Online buy Ventolin without a prescription, healthcare and the arts, in the main to reverse some of Niazov's more catastrophic policies.

However, when it comes to fundamental civil rights and liberties, Ventolin pharmacy, the consensus among Turkmen human rights defenders is that little or nothing has changed, Buy cheap Ventolin no rx, and Western governments are fooling themselves if they take minor concessions as a sign of goodwill.

Rights experts believe President Berdymuhamedov is dangling the prospect of gas industry contracts in front of Western states and corporations in the hope that they will pass over human rights abuses in silence -- and they fear that the latter are taking the bait.

"Commercial energy interests seem to have won out, and no one is paying any attention to rights," commented Vyacheslav Mamedov, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, head of the Netherlands-based Democratic Civic Union of Turkmenistan.

The formal launch of a new pipeline taking Turkmen gas to China on December 14, Ventolin class, 2009 was the culmination of a year in which this energy-rich Central Asian state has been actively seeking international investment. European states, in particular, Ventolin used for, are interested in Turkmenistan because it offers the possibility of accessing Central Asian gas without going through Russia as broker and supplier.

One way of breaking Moscow's stranglehold on gas supplies is the Nabucco pipeline, Where can i find Ventolin online, which is planned to run from eastern Turkey to the south-east and then Central Europe. To get Turkmen gas into this pipeline it would have to cross the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan, which would be achieved by laying another pipeline along the bottom of the sea.

The United States, online buying Ventolin, too, Ventolin alternatives, is clearly interested in Turkmenistan as an energy supplier, as shown by visits paid by senior US State Department officials to the country.

With the door to dialogue ajar, Western governments have attempted to engage the Berdymuhamedov Administration on broader issues, order Ventolin from mexican pharmacy. The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Effects of Ventolin, the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights have increased their activity in the country, Ventolin without a prescription. This includes projects related to human rights, implemented in cooperation with the Turkmen government.

Human rights observers, both inside the country and internationally, warn that the dialogue on energy has done nothing to promote openness in other areas, Ventolin For Sale. In November 2009, Buy no prescription Ventolin online, for example, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee issued an open letter jointly with Turkmen rights defenders, calling on Western governments and institutions like the European Union to pay greater attention to human rights.

"We understand the concerns of Western countries regarding energy security for Europe, buying Ventolin online over the counter, concerns that have led to such intense interest in Turkmenistan's energy potential, Buy generic Ventolin, " read the statement. "However, we do not understand why the standards for evaluating human rights conditions in the country have been severely diluted, buy cheap Ventolin, and the unwillingness of the international community to condemn fundamental human rights abuses publicly when they arise."

The same month, Ventolin samples, Global Witness, a London-based watchdog group that monitors the misuse of revenues from mineral resources, published a report: All that gas, Ventolin coupon. Five reasons why the European Union is wrong to bow to the dictatorship of Turkmenistan. One of the arguments made in the report was that the European Commission "thinks a softly-softly approach to Turkmenistan will reduce human rights abuses. Ventolin overnight, But there is little sign that it will.”

Noting that the European Parliament approved a trade agreement with Turkmenistan in April 2009 "without any clear plan of how this would improve the situation in the country," Global Witness said, "There is a risk that the Turkmen regime is learning to play to Europe's need for progress on rights by making small cosmetic reforms that could be reversed in the future, about Ventolin. Ventolin For Sale, Though welcome and obviously necessary, such reforms would change very little for the majority of people in Turkmenistan. But they would enable certain parties in the European Union to argue that engagement with Turkmenistan is working."

IWPR's own enquiries suggest that three years after the death of Niazov, Ventolin no rx, there has been little change to any of the worst abuses for which he was responsible. Dissidents and independent journalists continue to be persecuted, freedom of movement remains severely limited, buy Ventolin without prescription, and fundamental political rights and freedoms remain just as distant a dream as they were in the Niazov years.

There is considerable evidence to support Global Witness' suggestion that the Turkmen authorities are deliberately calibrating their response to Western concerns by offering concessions that can be held up as small victories, Ventolin photos, without moving an inch on the substantive issues.

For example, when the authorities released one political prisoner, Muhametkuli Aymuradov, Ventolin street price, in May 2009, Online Ventolin without a prescription, it did not herald an overall liberalisation, and no more were freed. Over the summer of 2009, Ventolin wiki, current restrictions on freedom of movement -- in the shape of a blacklist of undesirables -- seemed to be tightened rather than relaxed when students were prevented from leaving the country to take up university places abroad.

Like other commentators interviewed for this report, Order Ventolin online c.o.d, a media-watcher in northern Turkmenistan [name withheld] said Western states ought to insist on democratic progress as a precondition for buying gas from the country, but acknowledged that this was unlikely to happen.

"The West must not validate a dictator by buying gas or other resources from him; but instead make him understand that gas purchases are based solely on the democratisation process and on improvements in the human rights situation," he said, is Ventolin addictive. "The West has essentially started doing the same as Russia has done all these years -- closing its eyes even to violations of the rights of fellow Russians in Turkmenistan, Ventolin long term, in exchange for Turkmen gas."

Annadurdy Khadjiev, a Turkmen economist living in Bulgaria, also believes it is important for Western states and businesses to ensure that economic agreements are tied to more general reforms, Ventolin use. He believes that in the first couple of years of Berdymuhamedov’s rule, there was some hope that such mechanisms would be put in place and have some effect, Ventolin For Sale. Nowadays, Get Ventolin, he says, the impression is that Turkmenistan's prospective partners would do anything "just to get hold of its gas."

A Turkmen diplomat [name withheld] called on critics of the Western policy of dialogue to show more patience. Change would come, Ventolin trusted pharmacy reviews, he said, After Ventolin, but it would take time: "The West is going to move step by step. First it will lay the ground for economic contracts, then it will shift towards demanding transparency around these contractual obligations, Ventolin cost, and then, Ventolin from canada, once Turkmenistan is heavily dependent on economic agreements, it will demand that democratic values be upheld."

Another foreign ministry official [name withheld] offered a more jaundiced view of the West's chances of leveraging change in this manner. "Many people make the mistake of relying on the Western democracies," he said. "What they fail to take into account is that the West is not going to interfere in Turkmenistan's internal affairs."

A human rights activist inside Turkmenistan [name withheld Ventolin For Sale, ] expressed concern that the international community would squander future opportunities for setting conditions: "Right now, prior to signing any gas agreements with Ashgabat, the West has quite a few levers of influence on Turkmenistan, via the OSCE and various commissions. But they are not being used. Once the agreements are signed, this leverage may cease having any effect."♦

Inga Sikorskaya is Senior Editor for Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan at Institute for War & Peace Reporting. An earlier version of this report was published by IWPR News Briefing Central Asia. Republished by special arrangement.


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Elavil For Sale

Young Afghan girl at a detention centre: Photo by Noborder Lesvos.

[caption id="attachment_895" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Young Afghan girl at a detention centre: Photo by Noborder Lesvos."]Young Afghan girl at a detention centre: Photo by Noborder Lesvos.[/caption]

Simone Troller Elavil For Sale, of Human Rights Watch describes the plight of migrant and refugee children in Greece and how Greek authorities are doing the dirty work for other members of the European Union – giving them the opportunity to get rid of migrants, including potential refugees.

“We were one group of twelve persons they took out from the detention centre. They drove us in a car, for maybe one and a half hours, Elavil from canadian pharmacy. We arrived in the forest around 9 PM. Cheap Elavil, They kept us there until midnight, they told us not to move, otherwise the Turkish police would find us, Elavil price. It was next to a small river. This side was Greece, the other side was Turkey.., Elavil For Sale. My Elavil experience, The boat was a metal boat, a long metal boat. Inside the boat there was one policeman, Elavil use. He started the engine and after we arrived to the other side he told us to get out quickly and the boat went straight back. Elavil results, When the Turkish police arrived two of us explained what happened. Elavil For Sale, We were, for twelve days, in Turkish detention. They beat me too much... When the Turkish police beat me they said I should call my family to send me money to return to Afghanistan, doses Elavil work. I asked them not to send me back to Afghanistan, Order Elavil from United States pharmacy, because I had problems. I asked them to keep me. But they did not care.”

This was how a seventeen-year-old Afghan boy described his secret expulsion from Greece to Turkey and ultimately back to Afghanistan, Elavil For Sale. Unfortunately, buy no prescription Elavil online, his experience is typical of the fate of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers who have been expelled from the European Union at the hands of Greek authorities. Elavil pics, As a result, many people who need protection are sent back to danger, abuse or inhuman detention conditions.

In 2008 and 2009, kjøpe Elavil på nett, köpa Elavil online, Human Rights Watch investigated the treatment of migrants and asylum seekers, Elavil wiki, including unaccompanied children, in Greece and published its findings in three reports. In late 2008, real brand Elavil online, when we first presented our findings to the Greek government about systematic illegal expulsions of migrants, Fast shipping Elavil, asylum seekers and refugees to Turkey, we were given the cold shoulder – they ignored our findings.

When we presented them to EU policymakers in Brussels and also described the total absence of protection for migrant children who arrive without a parent or caregiver, there was recognisable disbelief and even shock in people’s faces, Elavil description. When I summarised in a meeting with a policymaker in Brussels that an unaccompanied migrant child who enters Greece is either detained or left to survive on the streets, Elavil from mexico, I was told: “I don’t believe this.”

It may be hard to believe that such callous and illegal acts are taking place in the heart of Europe that has long committed itself to respect basic human rights standards. Elavil For Sale, It may also be hard to believe that Greece offers no safety net for unaccompanied children. Those who are not expelled are either detained in filthy and overcrowded conditions or released onto the streets where they face a miserable struggle for survival and exploitation, including as child labourers.

Yet, Elavil no rx, ignoring the reality on the ground means such acts will continue to take place. Elavil duration, Greece’s treatment of migrants and refugees, including these children, violates binding European Union directives for asylum seekers.

Despite the shocked reactions in Brussels when we described what we had found, buy Elavil online no prescription, our call to the European Commission to take Greece to the European Court of Justice for these violations has so far gone unheeded.

We also expected a stronger signal from other EU member states. What is Elavil, In late 2008, in a meeting with EU member state delegations, we urged them to stop sending migrants and asylum seekers back to Greece under the so-called Dublin II regulations, purchase Elavil online no prescription, because of the ill-treatment, Buying Elavil online over the counter, detention and unfair asylum procedures. They told us, in the words of one diplomat: “If we stop doing that, order Elavil online overnight delivery no prescription, more migrants will arrive to our country.”

There is no doubt that Greece is on the frontline of migration to Europe and that it carries a heavy burden for the rest of the EU under the Dublin II rules. But that reflects a wider failure of Europe’s asylum and migration policy that puts pressure on countries at its borders instead of ensuring equitable burden-sharing across the continent.

Under Dublin II regulations, the country where a person first enters the EU is generally held responsible for examining that person’s asylum claim, though for unaccompanied children the rule applies only if the child has made a claim there, Elavil For Sale. Elavil recreational, The regulations are premised on the notion that all EU member states have comparable asylum and migration practices. Yet, there are wide disparities, Elavil over the counter, with countries like Greece effectively offering no protection at all.

Greece gives refugee status to 0.05% of asylum seekers after a first interview and recently abolished meaningful appeals. Australia, uk, us, usa, This prompted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to withdraw from a formal role in Greece’s asylum procedure. Yet, EU member states continue to return migrants, where to buy Elavil, asylum seekers, Where can i buy cheapest Elavil online, and even unaccompanied children to Greece, simply pretending that everything is perfectly fine.

It is hard not to get the impression that these EU member states are perfectly happy with Greece doing the dirty work for them – giving them the opportunity to get rid of these migrants, including potential refugees among them, Elavil australia, uk, us, usa. Elavil For Sale, In mid-2009, six months after we brought our findings to both Greek and EU attention, the Greek government began a new crackdown against migrants – arresting hundreds across the country, bulldozing a make-shift camp in Patras, evicting them from run-down dwellings in Athens, and detaining new arrivals on its islands.

Human Rights Watch returned to Greece in September 2009 and collected evidence that Greek authorities have arrested persons all over the country, and summarily expelled some of them across the river to Turkey, though previously it only sent those who had just entered from Turkey back that way. This means that no part of Greece is now safe for anyone in need of protection.

While the EU has largely remained silent on Greece’s abusive record or has focused on blaming Turkey for refusing to take migrants back, Elavil steet value, there are some encouraging signs from the newly elected Greek government. It announced in mid-October that Greece would no longer be a hell pit for migrants. The government also pledged to release 1, buy cheap Elavil,200 migrants from detention, Buy Elavil from mexico, where most are held in inhuman conditions, and to create a special police unit to investigate allegations of abuse.

Fixing the system will be a tall order, though, is Elavil addictive. The new government inherits an asylum system that no longer deserves that name, Ordering Elavil online, a police force that commits abuses against migrants both in broad daylight and in secret nighttime operations, and detention facilities that are a hazard for detainees and staff alike. Fixing this will require more than promises and symbolic acts.

Despite the overwhelming agenda, there are obvious priorities, Elavil For Sale. The Greek government can protect the most vulnerable migrants, Elavil dangers, especially unaccompanied children, Elavil canada, mexico, india, and get rid of the stark alternatives in the current system of either detaining them or abandoning them to the streets and to exploitation. Greece should give them decent shelter, food, Elavil dosage, clothing, Buy Elavil online cod, health care, and, of course, buy cheap Elavil no rx, protection from traffickers.

Not all of the more urgent reforms even require more resources. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, An unambiguous commitment to stop the illegal expulsion of migrants to Turkey is essentially a matter of political will to operate according to the rule of law. The new police unit should immediately investigate these secret expulsions and levy sanctions against those responsible. Accountability for these acts is paramount for meaningful police reform.

Elavil For Sale, Greece also needs to come to terms with the reality that many undocumented foreigners, adults and children alike, left their countries because their lives were in danger and have a legitimate claim for protection. The government needs to put its broken asylum system back on track, take the asylum procedure away from the police, create a special body that assesses claims fairly and promptly and institute a fair, workable appeals process. Otherwise, the adults and children the Greek government releases from detention now will end up again in a dead-end situation: unable to leave Greece, unable to return to their countries, and unable to be recognised as refugees.

Halting human rights abuses that have gone unchecked for too long should be urgent priorities both for Athens and for Brussels. The European Commission should make clear to Athens that unless the new government takes steps to bring its laws and practice in line with EU and human rights standards, the commission will refer the matter to the European Court of Justice. In addition, the EU needs to ensure that EU member states are held to account when they fail to respect their obligations under EU law, and ultimately to reform the Dublin system. Only then can the EU take meaningful steps toward creating a common European asylum system that offers equal level of protection across the continent and supports the countries on the frontline.♦

Simone Troller is Researcher, Human Rights Watch. For more on migrant and refugee children in Greece, see: Greece: Unsafe and unwelcoming shores and Left to survive: Systematic failure to protect unaccompanied migrant children in Greece, available at


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Aldactone For Sale

Soldiers attacking protesters in Rangoon: Photo courtesy Alternative Asean Network on Burma.

[caption id="attachment_906" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Soldiers attacking protesters in Rangoon: Via AltAsean Network on Burma."]Soldiers attacking protesters in Rangoon: Photo courtesy Alternative Asean Network on Burma.[/caption]

Mark Farmaner Aldactone For Sale, of Burma Campaign UK writes about how – in the absence of a global arms embargo – China, Russia, Israel, Ukraine and others armed one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world: Burma.

In the case of Burma, Buy Aldactone no prescription, rhetoric and reality are very far apart, not only in terms of propaganda from the military dictatorship, which is only to be expected, Aldactone australia, uk, us, usa, but also in the case of rhetoric from the international community. Low dose Aldactone, The European Union, the United States and Australia, for example, Aldactone reviews, have boasted of tough sanctions against Burma. Aldactone without prescription, At the same time, Burma’s generals and its Asian neighbours complain about the sanctions imposed and say sanctions do not work.

The reality is far from both these arguments. As recently as October 2009, Aldactone steet value, Aung San Suu Kyi used sanctions as leverage to reopen dialogue with Burma’s generals, Where can i buy cheapest Aldactone online, demonstrating they have an important role to play. Despite this, the tough sanctions that the EU boasts of are mostly paper tigers, Aldactone For Sale. And until 2008, none of the US sanctions impacted on the generals’ three main sources of income: exports of gas, what is Aldactone, timber and gems.

However, Aldactone brand name, the most dramatic example of the distance between the sanctions debate rhetoric and reality is the fact that there is not even a United Nations mandated arms embargo against Burma.

By any standards the dictatorships that have ruled Burma for the past forty-seven years have been among the most brutal in the world. General Ne Win’s rule, between 1962 and 1988, cheap Aldactone no rx, is perhaps best known for its isolationist policies and brutal suppression of any dissent – arresting and torturing opponents and even going so far as blowing up a university building being used by students organising peaceful protests. Taking Aldactone, Less well known publicly but certainly known by governments and the UN, was the horrific slaughter carried out against ethnic civilians in the name of counter insurgency operations.

Around 1968, Ne Win’s regime introduced what it called the four cuts policy: targeting civilians in areas of conflict, Aldactone treatment, aiming to cut supplies, Aldactone overnight, information, recruits and food. Such a policy is a blatant breach of the Geneva Conventions, Aldactone natural, though Burma was not a signatory to any of the conventions at the time. Aldactone For Sale, Villages were burned, women raped, men tortured and executed.

During the period of Ne Win’s rule, East and West alike continued to supply arms despite the record of serious human rights abuses, including campaigns against ethnic groups in Burma that deliberately targeted civilians, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes as unknown tens of thousands more were killed. Generic Aldactone, It was only after a pro-democracy uprising in 1988 when the Burmese army opened fire on peaceful protesters in Rangoon and other cities, individual countries started to introduce arms embargoes. We will never know how many people lost their lives in those protests as bodies were taken from the streets and hospitals and destroyed, online buying Aldactone, but estimates range from a bare minimum of 3000 to well over 10, Buy generic Aldactone, 000.

A new military dictatorship took control of Burma in September 1988, naming itself the State Law and Order Restoration Council, later becoming State Peace and Development Council, order Aldactone online c.o.d. This regime would prove to be even more brutal than its predecessor. Aldactone images, As its priority was its own survival, the regime decided to double the size of the army and modernise its equipments. This army was to be used for one purpose only: internal repression.

The new regime opened up to international trade and investment, but, rather than trying to develop the economy to promote economic growth and improve the living standards of the people, investment and trade were almost solely focussed on natural resource extraction and joint ventures that would put foreign exchange directly into the pockets of the generals.

Although the US, the EU and a small number of other countries had imposed arms embargoes, there were no significant economic sanctions, Aldactone For Sale. Western companies – including UNOCAL (now Chevron) and Total Oil – pumped billions of dollars of investment into Burma, Aldactone photos. As a result, Aldactone maximum dosage, North American and European countries helped pay for arms, even though they would not sell them directly.

As there was no UN mandated arms embargo, there were plenty of countries willing to keep supplying Burma’s newly enriched generals, Aldactone used for. China, Aldactone blogs, Russia, Israel, Ukraine and others ensured Burma’s enlarged military – now standing at around 400, purchase Aldactone for sale,000 soldiers – was equipped with modern weaponry, Where can i order Aldactone without prescription, paid for largely by Western investment. At one point, it was estimated that the generals were spending eighty percent of the government’s budget on the military, effects of Aldactone. Aldactone For Sale, The figure is thought to average forty percent. Spending on health and education actually fell despite increased trade and investment, Aldactone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, while unpublished figures estimate ninety percent of Burma’s population lives in poverty.

Ethnic groups in Burma were the main targets of the bigger, better trained, better equipped army, is Aldactone safe. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Rohingyas – a Muslim minority mostly living in the Arakan state – were attacked and forced to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh. Aldactone class, Attacks against civilians in Karen and Karenni states were forcing tens of thousands of people across the border into Thailand. The army used hundreds of thousands of people as slave labour, which the International Labour Organisation would later describe as a crime against humanity, where can i find Aldactone online. Burmese troops also invaded neighbouring Thailand, in order to attack refugees sheltering along the Thailand-Burma border.

The human rights abuses in the early 1990s clearly fell within the remit of the UN Security Council, constituting a threat to international peace and security, Aldactone For Sale. The UN continued to document abuses taking place. Buy Aldactone no prescription, In 1998, Rajsoomer Lallah – the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Burma – reported on human rights abuses in eastern Burma: “These violations have been so numerous and consistent over the past years as to suggest that they are not simply isolated or the acts of individual misbehaviour by middle and lower-rank officers but are rather the result of policy at the highest level, entailing political and legal responsibility.” However, purchase Aldactone online, still no action was taken.

Since the brutal suppression of monk-led protests in September 2007, Where can i cheapest Aldactone online, the issue of a UN mandated arms embargo began to creep up the international agenda. Once again, it had taken the sight of people being shot on the streets of Rangoon to provoke international outrage, about Aldactone, despite abuses in ethnic areas being on a much greater scale than those committed by the soldiers in Rangoon. Aldactone without prescription, Monk leaders who escaped the brutal crackdown and were now in exile asked why it was still possible to supply Burma’s generals with arms. Support for the campaign for an arms embargo grew.

Aldactone For Sale, In February 2008, the British government publicly expressed its support for a global arms embargo. In April 2008, the EU added its voice, Aldactone street price, saying that it supported a global embargo. No prescription Aldactone online, However, in typical EU fashion, words were not followed by action and no step was taken to build any support for an embargo.

Bizarrely, Aldactone for sale, the demand for an embargo was even met with criticism or scepticism from some quarters. Rx free Aldactone, One argument was that the regime already had arms, so it would make little difference. This ignores two factors, purchase Aldactone. The first practical one is that the generals are always looking for new and more powerful and effective weapons, Aldactone For Sale. The second is that an arms embargo – or, even the threat of an arms embargo – can be used as a powerful tool in diplomacy with Burma’s generals. This is another form of leverage to pressure them to enter into genuine dialogue with Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic groups for the first time.

Another argument against has been a counsel of despair, that China and Russia would veto any resolution for an embargo at the security council. The position of Russia and China is critical. At present, there is no doubt that they would veto such a resolution. Aldactone For Sale, But, this is why organisations like Burma Campaign UK exist – to change things.

Burma Campaign UK is coordinating a campaign to build a global consensus for an arms embargo, as part of a long-term strategy to isolate Russia and China, making it harder for them to use their veto. So far thirty-one countries have publicly backed a UN arms embargo against Burma. In October 2009, an important milestone was passed when East Timor became the first Asian country to back an embargo.

Currently, there is a lot of wildly overoptimistic speculation that new US diplomacy and so-called elections in Burma due in 2010 could result in change. Again, reality and rhetoric are far apart. Attacks against ethnic people are on the increase and there are growing calls for the UN to set up a commission of inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma.

Burma’s generals do not want change. They will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from power, Aldactone For Sale. They are war criminals who commit crimes against humanity. In turn, those supplying them with weapons are complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity. A UN mandated arms embargo is the least we should be doing and until there is one the international community can not claim to have applied real pressure on the generals.♦

Mark Farmaner is Director, Burma Campaign UK. For more information about the campaign see:


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Allopurinol For Sale

Bihari woman, Bangladesh: Photo by Shafiur Rahman.

Allopurinol For Sale, [caption id="attachment_881" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Bihari woman, Bangladesh: Photo by Shafiur Rahman."]Bihari woman, Bangladesh: Photo by Shafiur Rahman.[/caption]

Maureen Lynch of Refugees International writes about the twelve million people worldwide who are forced to live their lives without a nationality. While recent developments in Bangladesh and Kenya are encouraging, Allopurinol samples, large groups of stateless people in the Dominican Republic, Syria, and Kuwait continue to live in limbo.

“We ask ourselves: Will our children have food tomorrow, Allopurinol online cod. Can they get education. Low dose Allopurinol, Where will they get healthcare if they get sick. The answers to these questions should be simple in a very rich country like Kuwait, but, buy Allopurinol from canada, a Bidun has no guarantee of finding any answers.”

Questions like these haunt more than twelve million people worldwide. They are people who have no legal tie to any country, Allopurinol For Sale. Allopurinol without a prescription, They are stateless. While there has been some progress in recent years, the campaign to solve this overlooked human rights problem is far from over, order Allopurinol no prescription. Meanwhile, Where can i buy Allopurinol online, lives are wasted and needless suffering continues.

Nationality is a fundamental human right and a foundation of identity, dignity, justice, Allopurinol mg, peace and security. Allopurinol schedule, Statelessness, or the lack of effective nationality, affects millions of men, Allopurinol alternatives, women and children in all regions of the world. Being stateless means having no legal protection or right to participate in political processes; inadequate access to healthcare and education; poor employment prospects and poverty; little or no opportunity to own property; travel restrictions; social exclusion; vulnerability to trafficking; harassment and violence.

Allopurinol For Sale, Common causes of statelessness include shifts in political power; reconfiguration of international borders; and differences in laws between countries that can leave someone without a nationality. Discount Allopurinol, Children of migrant workers who are not or can not be registered at birth may be at risk of statelessness.

Because states have the sovereign right to determine the procedures and conditions for acquisition and loss of citizenship, statelessness and disputed nationality must ultimately be resolved by governments. But, Allopurinol no prescription, state determinations on citizenship must conform to general principles of international law. Allopurinol price, coupon, And when states do not act, it is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees that has the official mandate to protect stateless persons.

Since 2004, Refugees International has visited over a dozen countries to assess the situation of people who are stateless or at risk of statelessness, buy Allopurinol without a prescription. The organisation’s most recent report – Nationality rights for all: A progress report and global survey on statelessness – provides an updated global survey of statelessness in over eighty countries and assesses progress made since 2005 in protecting the human rights of stateless persons and in preventing and reducing statelessness.

It highlights cases of progress, Allopurinol interactions, like Bangladesh and Kenya, which illustrate how improvements can occur, but also the challenges remaining to achieve complete and lasting solutions to statelessness, Allopurinol dose. These cases demonstrate the critical roles of political will (or the lack of it), international and national legal frameworks, liaison efforts by the UN and other agencies, as well as the initiative of stateless people themselves.

In Bangladesh, following legal precedent, most of the Urdu-speaking minority (also called Bihari or stranded Pakistanis) were recognised as citizens in a May 2008 high court judgement, Allopurinol For Sale. Since 1971, Allopurinol coupon, at least 200,000 and as many as 500,000 people from this minority have lived in squalid urban slums, Allopurinol pharmacy, with limited access to healthcare, Allopurinol brand name, education and livelihoods. For thirty-seven years, neither Bangladesh nor Pakistan recognised them as citizens, Allopurinol from canada. As a first step towards integration, Allopurinol cost, the high court ordered that willing adults be registered to vote and issued national identification cards.

In Kenya, around 100,000 Nubians have had less difficulty obtaining national identity cards, canada, mexico, india, particularly since they filed lawsuits in 2003 and 2004 against the government in the Kenyan high court and the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights in Gambia.

At the same time, Allopurinol long term, large groups of stateless people in the Dominican Republic, Syria and Kuwait continue to live in limbo.

The number of stateless Dominico-Haitians is not known. According to the US State Department, get Allopurinol, approximately 650, Comprar en línea Allopurinol, comprar Allopurinol baratos, 000 Haitians live in bateyes – clusters of concrete barracks or wooden shacks near sugar cane plantations – without any documentation, sanitation, or healthcare, after Allopurinol. Allopurinol For Sale, Because of their migrant status and darker skin complexion, many face discrimination and deportation. Although Article 11 of the constitution allows everyone born in the Dominican Republic to be a citizen, Allopurinol forum, Haitian children are denied citizenship on the basis that they are falsely considered in transit, not having regularised their stay in the country. Children must be officially registered at the Haitian consulate in Santo Domingo, Allopurinol reviews, but most are probably not registered because their parents consider themselves Dominican. Online Allopurinol without a prescription, Parents often do not register their children because of lack of knowledge, economic resources, or documentation proving their Haitian citizenship.

In 2005, buy Allopurinol without prescription, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights found that in preventing two children from obtaining their birth certificates, Allopurinol pictures, the Dominican Republic violated their right to nationality, the rights of the child, and the right to equal protection before the law, order Allopurinol from mexican pharmacy. Since the court ruling, Allopurinol trusted pharmacy reviews, however, the situation has not improved, but has worsened.

Approximately 80, herbal Allopurinol,000 to 140, Online buy Allopurinol without a prescription, 000 stateless Bidun reside in Kuwait. Most Bidun in Kuwait are descendants of Bedouin tribes that roamed freely across national borders in the region, Allopurinol For Sale. Either because their ancestors failed to understand the importance of citizenship, because of illiteracy, online buying Allopurinol hcl, or given their centuries-old nomadic way of life, Australia, uk, us, usa, they could not furnish sufficient proof that they were settled in any particular country. As a result, hundreds of thousands became stateless, what is Allopurinol. The country’s 1959 Nationality Law defined Kuwaiti nationals as persons who were settled in Kuwait prior to 1920 and who maintained their normal residence there until the date of the publication of the law. Allopurinol samples, Approximately one third of the population was recognised as full-fledged citizens. Allopurinol For Sale, Another third was naturalised and granted partial citizenship rights. The remaining third was classified as bidun jinsiya, meaning without citizenship, buy Allopurinol from mexico. The law has been amended fourteen times since and with almost every amendment has become more restrictive.

After 1985, Bidun were dismissed from their jobs, children were barred from public and private schools, and driving licenses were revoked. They could no longer carry passports unless they left the country and renounced the right to return. Following the liberation of the country from Iraqi occupation in 1991, they were fired en masse from positions in the military and police. Only a small fraction was rehired, Allopurinol For Sale. Those dismissed could not collect severance pay unless they produced a passport, either Kuwaiti or foreign, or left the country. The Bidun can not petition the courts to have their citizenship claims adjudicated.

Citizenship in Kuwait is passed on to children through their fathers, not their mothers. Consequently, the children of a Kuwaiti woman and a Bidun husband are also Bidun. In theory a child of a divorced Kuwaiti woman or widow can acquire citizenship, creating an incentive for couples to divorce for the sake of their children’s future. Allopurinol For Sale, However, individuals interviewed by Refugees International have said that they are still waiting on their cases.

Governments, the UN, stateless people, and each of us can take action to resolve statelessness. All states must respect human rights and facilitate acquisition of nationality for all individuals, and ensure that ethnic, religious and gender discrimination is eliminated from all nationality legislation. Countries should ensure that every child is registered at birth, whether born to married parents or not. Equal access to health care, education and employment must be given. The UN refugee agency must take concrete steps to fully live up to its mandate to help stateless persons.

Excuses for continuing to violate human rights are growing thin. One Nubian elder aptly advised other stateless groups to “use international organisations and international law to apply pressure on your government to implement the law, Allopurinol For Sale. Tickle the minds of decision-makers.” Bolder and more creative efforts to uphold nationality rights for all – a foundation of identity, dignity, justice, peace and security – must be identified and relentlessly pursued.

Ensuring nationality rights for all is a war that can be waged and won.♦

Maureen Lynch is Senior Advocate for Statelessness Initiatives, Refugees International. For more on the campaign to end statelessness, see:


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Buy Abilify Without Prescription

Migrante International picket: Photo via Arkibong Bayan.

[caption id="attachment_832" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Migrante International picket: Photo via Arkibong Bayan."]Migrante International picket: Photo via Arkibong Bayan.[/caption]

Brian Campbell Buy Abilify Without Prescription, of International Labor Rights Forum writes about the reign of extrajudicial execution, torture and enforced disappearance in the Philippines. A counterinsurgency campaign by the Philippine military targets leftist activists, human rights defenders, Abilify reviews, labour leaders and clergymen.

According to the Philippine Commission on Human Rights, Purchase Abilify online, an independent government body tasked with protecting human rights in the Philippines, there had been a resurgence of human rights violations: killings, summary executions, buy Abilify without prescription, enforced disappearances and torture. Buy cheap Abilify, Between 2007 and 2008, the CHR identified over 142 cases of extrajudicial killings of leftist activists, human rights defenders, rx free Abilify, labour leaders, Abilify class, and clergymen – accused by the military of supporting a forty-year-long communist insurgency.

According to Karapatan, a leading human rights organisation in the Philippines, more than a thousand activists were killed since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo took office in 2001, order Abilify no prescription, with more than thirty-four deaths this year. Abilify cost, Most recently, Cecilio Lucero, a Catholic priest and human rights defender, Abilify from mexico, was assassinated in September. Abilify without prescription, Lucero had been the director of the human rights desk at the social action centre of the local diocese.

After visiting the Philippines in early 2007, Philip Alston – the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Extrajudicial, Summary and Arbitrary Executions – reported that the military was responsible for the dramatic rise in killings, Abilify dangers. Accusing the military of being in a state of denial, Alston pointed to its counterinsurgency program, where activists were accused of supporting the communist party, and then systematically hunted down, Buy Abilify Without Prescription. According to Alston, Abilify duration, activists were killed following a campaign of individual vilification by the military and that the strategy was designed to instil fear of the military in the community.

In an effort to head off the growing local and international criticism of the human rights record, President Arroyo appointed Jose Melo – a retired supreme court justice – to chair a commission to investigate the spike in extrajudicial killings and the allegations that the military was behind the killings. According to the president, Abilify coupon, the commission would be the government’s sole voice on the issue of extrajudicial killings.

After several months of investigation, No prescription Abilify online, the commission released its preliminary report in early 2007 with evidence linking the military to at least some of the killings. Noting that “only a group with certain military capabilities can succeed in carrying out an orchestrated plan of eliminating its admitted enemies,” the commission found that “the likelihood.., Abilify used for. of violence increases after senior military officials label those organisations as communist fronts and ‘enemies of the state.’” The commission stopped short of implicating the whole military leadership, Buy no prescription Abilify online, but, described disturbing statistics showing that killings increased dramatically wherever Major General Jovito Palparan was in command.

When Palparan was in Oriental Mindoro from 2001 to 2003, Karapatan documented thirty-eight cases of extrajudicial killings and five incidents of enforced disappearances, ordering Abilify online. Buy Abilify Without Prescription, In Eastern Visayas in 2005, where he was the battalion commander, Karapatan documented twenty-five killings and twelve abductions. From 2005 to 2006, Abilify treatment, when he headed the seventh infantry battalion of the army, Karapatan reported seventy-five killings and forty-two disappearances in central Luzon. The Melo Commission called for the immediate investigation of General Palparan, herbal Abilify, in its final report to the president in November 2007.

Since then, Abilify online cod, witnesses came forward to point fingers at General Palparan. In one recent case, the Manalo brothers – two brothers who had been abducted by the military but managed to escape – successfully petitioned the court for a writ of amparo to provide them protection from the military after positively identifying General Palparan from the military camp where they were tortured, Abilify gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. When granting the writ, Abilify brand name, the court of appeals found that General Palparan was directly involved in the abduction of the brothers. The supreme court upheld the lower court’s ruling in Secretary of National Defence vs, Buy Abilify Without Prescription. Manalo brothers, prompting lawmakers in the United Opposition to renew calls for investigation.

Yet, purchase Abilify for sale, despite the growing body of evidence that General Palparan, Buy cheap Abilify no rx, who sat among the military’s highest ranks, maybe responsible for the rise in killings since 2001 in areas under his command, the Philippine government has taken no steps to open a full investigation, get Abilify. When the Melo Commission questioned the heads of the police and the military about ongoing investigations into Palparan, Purchase Abilify online no prescription, neither the military nor the police believed that they had the responsibility to investigate him. In fact, General Esperon, where to buy Abilify, then head of the military, Generic Abilify, stated that while the military has authority to open an investigation, “to investigate General Palparan during the time when he was neutralising the NPA [New Peoples’ Army, Communist Party of the Philippines] would have been counterproductive.”

Instead, purchase Abilify, the Arroyo administration continued supporting General Palparan by publicly considering him to head up the government’s anti-drug efforts this year. Order Abilify online overnight delivery no prescription, After the administration was forced to drop the idea in the face of strong public outcry, officials bemoaned that General Palparan’s poor reputation with the public was simply because he was an effective general.

The general long enjoyed favour within the Arroyo administration, who, Abilify recreational, at the height of the killings, Abilify wiki, promoted him as Major General and placed him in charge of the seventh and eighth infantry battalions. Buy Abilify Without Prescription, In 2006, while Karapatan was documenting seventy-five extra-judicial killings under Palparan’s command, President Arroyo awarded him the Distinguished Service Star.

General Palparan moved his war against leftist activists to the Philippine parliament as an elected official of the Bantay party – claiming to represent former military officers, security guards, and victims of the communist insurgency. Using his new political soapbox, Palparan even begun an effort to undermine the Philippine Commission on Human Rights, Abilify photos, that recently stepped up efforts to investigate human rights abuses, Order Abilify online c.o.d, under the leadership of its new chairwoman – Leila de Lima – after years of inaction or inability to investigate human rights violations.

By failing to open an investigation into General Palparan, the Philippine government sent the resounding message that military officials would continue to enjoy impunity. For decades, Abilify over the counter, the Philippine military enjoyed impunity for thousands of human rights violations committed under the Marcos dictatorship, Abilify australia, uk, us, usa, where activists were killed, tortured, and illegally detained by the military, Abilify mg. The death squads under Marcos were never fully uncovered or dismantled, Abilify description, and the perpetrators were never held accountable.

It should come as no surprise, then, that human rights abuses continue to plague the Philippines, Abilify dose, flaring up whenever military commanders, Fast shipping Abilify, like Palparan, give the signal. Until those responsible for human rights abuses are held accountable through credible investigations and prosecutions, military officers will not think twice before ordering or following orders to kill, abduct or torture. The body count will continue to rise.♦

Brian Campbell is Director of Policy and Legal Programs, International Labor Rights Forum. ILRF website:


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Premarin For Sale

Photo by Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons.

Premarin For Sale, [caption id="attachment_802" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Maid cleaning fireplace, 1942: Library of Congress."]Maid cleaning fireplace, 1942: Library of Congress.[/caption]

Audrey Guichon of Anti-Slavery International writes about the suffering of millions of domestic workers in servitude, and the need for an international convention to protect them from abuse and exploitation.

"My employer would shout at me at me for being too slow and was always complaining about my work and ordering me around. I would get up at 6 AM and work all day until after midnight. I never had any breaks or the time to take a bath or sometimes even to go to the toilet, Premarin alternatives. I was only allowed one day off a month and I was not ever allowed to leave the house."

These were the words of Poulin, Premarin trusted pharmacy reviews, a thirty-five-year-old Indian domestic worker. She was employed to be a live-in cook and cleaner to a married couple in their twenties. She was paid far below the minimum wage and when she finally did escape her torment, her employers attempted to punish her by reporting her to the police and falsely alleging that she had stolen from them.

Almost as shocking as her treatment is the fact that Poulin was not employed in Delhi or Mumbai but in London, Premarin For Sale. Though many would think the hiring of maids or servants in the United Kingdom was consigned to the Victorian past, discount Premarin, this type of work is on the increase, Premarin natural, even in industrial countries.

Millions of people are employed in domestic work across the world. In some countries, domestic work constitutes up to ten percent of total employment, buy Premarin online cod. Today, Premarin overnight, domestic work includes housekeeping, childcare and other personal care, whether paid or for in-kind payment such as food and shelter, kjøpe Premarin på nett, köpa Premarin online. It can also include working in the family shop, Low dose Premarin, gardening or looking after the household animals including chickens and goats.

Domestic work is seen as low-skilled work that is easily accessible to people without an education or specific technical training. Premarin For Sale, For many women from poor families it is the only work available, even though it very often means they must leave their children behind and travel great distances for the job.

Equally, many countries heavily rely on exporting domestic workers, trying to combat their crippling unemployment rates and also to garner much needed remittances to prop up the domestic economy. More than 660,000 Sri Lankan women work abroad as domestic workers, is Premarin addictive, nearly ninety percent of them in the Gulf countries. Premarin canada, mexico, india, In 2006, Sri Lanka’s mobile labour force brought in $2.33 billion in remittances. This was more than nine percent of the gross domestic product and $526 million more than the country received in foreign aid and foreign direct investment combined.

Yet, Premarin from canada, despite the large number of domestic workers and their economic impact, Is Premarin safe, their contribution is undervalued – frequently passed off as help not worthy of decent pay, or protection. Prevailing public attitudes towards domestic work and domestic workers perpetuate the notion that domestic work is of little value and importance compared to other so-called productive sectors. Many governments have traditionally regarded domestic work as informal labour and have taken the active decision to let domestic work fall outside labour legislation, where can i buy Premarin online, resulting in millions of domestic workers left unrecognised, Where can i find Premarin online, unregistered, and unprotected.

To protect domestic workers like Poulin, Anti-Slavery International is pushing for a new international convention that will spell out the rights of domestic workers, Premarin forum. A new convention on domestic work is due to be debated at the International Labour Organization in Geneva in June 2010, Premarin For Sale. If agreed, Premarin images, the new convention will be adopted in 2011 and would be a major step forward in protecting millions in servitude.

The ILO is the only United Nations agency comprised of governments, trade unions and employers. A new convention on domestic work would sit alongside other ILO conventions against slavery and slavery-like practices in the world, Premarin price, coupon, including conventions against forced labour and the worst forms of child labour.

Anti-Slavery International focuses on this issue because domestic work is one of the oldest and most important occupations for millions of women around the world and is rooted in the global history of slavery, Premarin dosage, colonialism and other forms of servitude.

The threats and insults Poulin received, as well as low wages, long hours and lack of breaks, Premarin interactions, are common examples of the mistreatment faced by many domestic workers. Where can i cheapest Premarin online, Also, as the workplace for the domestic worker is in a private household it means that, in practice, order Premarin from United States pharmacy, the protections that do exist are not extended to her. Where can i buy cheapest Premarin online, Alarmingly, as the abuses take place behind closed doors and away from prying eyes it means that the treatment of domestic workers has become a hidden human rights issue.

In many cases domestic work can even be fatal. Premarin For Sale, In August 2008, a Human Rights Watch report found that more than one migrant domestic worker a week died in Lebanon from suicide or by accident in desperate attempts to escape from their employers. Over two-thirds were from Ethiopia with the rest from the Philippines, effects of Premarin, Sri Lanka, Premarin results, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Madagascar and Nepal.

The mistreatment of domestic workers is now so common place that some governments have taken drastic steps to protect their citizens, Premarin pics, even if it affects their bottom line through reduced remittances. My Premarin experience, After years of dealing with domestic workers routinely abused and absconding from their employers, the Philippines went as far as setting up a black list of countries, including Syria, Premarin no rx, Lebanon and Jordan, Premarin price, where it has forbidden Filipinos to work.

The vulnerability to exploitation and forced labour of migrant domestic workers are rooted in policies linking workers’ immigration status to individual employers, excessive recruitment fees, language barriers and confiscation of passports, Premarin pictures. One example of this is the kafalah system found across the Middle East, Buy Premarin without a prescription, which gives the sponsor control over the domestic worker regarding employment and residency, and makes it impossible for the worker to change her employer.

However, the most frequent form of migration of domestic workers takes place from rural areas to cities within their own countries, real brand Premarin online. We see this across the world, Order Premarin from mexican pharmacy, with hundreds of thousands of domestic workers migrating from the Visayan islands of the Philippines to Manila, or from the Andean highlands of Peru to Lima.

Perhaps the most vulnerable of all domestic workers are children. The vast majority of child domestic workers are girls and domestic work is estimated to be the single largest employment category of girls under the age of sixteen, globally, Premarin For Sale. Anti-Slavery International’s own research has found that in many countries the average age of entry into domestic work is as young as nine-year-old.

For child domestic workers, buy Premarin from canada, the risk of abuse is far higher. Buy generic Premarin, Their young age, isolation and separation from their families and near-total dependence on their employers exacerbate their vulnerability. Despite many children entering domestic service in the hope of continuing their schooling, online buying Premarin hcl, most are deprived of education, Cheap Premarin, creating a cycle of poverty and lost opportunity. Many have been trafficked and many are in forced labour. Premarin For Sale, It is unfortunately not uncommon for the poorest families to struggle to feed all their children, and so it is perhaps not surprising that some are happy to believe the promises of agents, who offer guarantees of finding paid work for their child with respectable families who will also keep them well-fed.

Away from the protection of their parents, these child domestic workers routinely suffer horrendous abuse. Thirteen-year-old Ulka was found by the police attempting to walk 1, where can i order Premarin without prescription,700 KM back to her home in Orissa after fleeing abusive employers in Delhi. Taking Premarin, She was one of the 100,000 girls from the tribal areas of India who work as child domestic workers for higher caste families in Delhi.

For countries with a long history of both supply and demand for domestic work, there is a perception that domestic work is a safe form of work for children, Premarin without a prescription, leading to reluctance to include special protections for child domestic workers. Buy Premarin online no prescription, Also domestic work is often seen as worthwhile training for girls that prepares them for their role of wife and mother in later life. Indeed, many employers think they are helping poor families by unburdening them of a child, rather than recognising that they are robbing the child of her childhood.

Child domestic workers also exist in the UK. Parents from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan and Nigeria have been known to give up or in some cases even sell their children to middlemen in the hope that their children will have better opportunities in the UK than they would receive at home, Premarin For Sale. While some children get lost in the system, others avoid the detection of British social services by being privately adopted by distant relatives, who put them to work instead of registering them in school.

The benefits to children of a new convention become clear if we accept the reality that child domestic workers, robbed of their education, are very likely to grow up to be exploited domestic workers, who through economic necessity will be forced to send their own children into domestic work. By improving pay and employment rights for adult domestic workers the convention will also raise the esteem of the industry and thus help reduce the poverty related factors that result in children entering the industry to begin with.

The adoption of a new convention is, therefore, a crucial opportunity to achieve increased legal protections for domestic workers and deliver real change to the lives of millions worldwide. If successful, this process will significantly contribute to the eradication of the forced labour, trafficking, debt bondage and child slavery to which many domestic workers are subjected.

First and foremost, the new convention would recognise that domestic work is work and domestic workers deserve the same employment rights as any other worker. It would also set out clear rules to prevent abuse and will spell out that they should receive equal minimum wages, working hours and holiday allowance as other workers.

The convention will also deal with the issues unique to domestic work. Premarin For Sale, It would guarantee that domestic workers are not required to reside in the home of the employer, as well as ensuring for those who do a certain degree of independence and privacy, including the need for a separate, lockable room. This is a significant issue to tackle because live-in arrangements can contribute to situations of forced labour for migrants due to restrictions on movement outside of the employer’s home, violations of limits on working hours and domestic workers’ privacy.

While we believe the arguments in favour of adopting this convention are self-evident, we of course anticipate that there will be many obstacles to overcome. For a start, for many countries domestic work is often linked to the issue of migrant work, which remains politically sensitive. This confusion creates an association with more controversial political objectives, such as the desire to control immigration, which can distract from the real issue of the risk of abuse and exploitation of the workers.

Yet, despite the uphill struggle ahead of us we know that there is popular support to protect domestic workers. This October, the British government backed down from objecting to a new law proposed by Anti-Slavery International and Liberty to make the holding of someone in servitude a crime, punishable by up to fourteen years in prison.

The fact that there was cross-bench support for the issue in the British parliament, despite the general lack of awareness that the issue even existed in the country, shows that people are sympathetic to the plight of domestic workers and demand that those who commit this crime to be severely punished.

We hope that this base of moral support can help us in our efforts to achieve our aims over the coming year and finally create a convention that can help end the abuse suffered by millions across the world.♦

Audrey Guichon is Domestic Work Programme Coordinator, Anti-Slavery International. For more on the worldwide campaign defending the rights of domestic workers, see:


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Buy Armour Without Prescription

Rohingya refugee child in Teknaf, Bangladesh: Photo by Tin Soe, Kaladan Press Network.

Buy Armour Without Prescription, [caption id="attachment_145" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Rohingya refugee child in Teknaf: Photo by Tin Soe, Kaladan Press Network."]Rohingya refugee child in Teknaf, Bangladesh: Photo by Tin Soe, Kaladan Press Network.[/caption]

Naomi Pardington
writes about the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

When four-year-old Laila reached the Médecins Sans Frontières clinic in Kutupalong refugee camp she was, as the staff described, almost dead. So severely malnourished and dehydrated, she was having difficulty to walk or even cry, ordering Armour online. The sores that covered her body oozed with infection as her depleted immune system gave in.

Thirteen-year-old Fatima visibly bared the mark of lack of healthcare. Where can i cheapest Armour online, The large tumour on her face was nothing but a small growth on her nose just a few years back. By the time she arrived at the MSF clinic in April 2009, the growth was so big that it blurred the vision in her left eye and blocked the air passage in her nose.

Nine-month-old Jamil nearly lost his arm, where can i order Armour without prescription, from what begun as a small red bump just a few months back. The bump became infected and overtime the wound steadily increased in size, Buy Armour Without Prescription. Armour used for, When his parents arrived with Jamil at the clinic, the deadened bone was sticking out of his arm.

Children of unofficial Rohingya refugees, Laila, Armour use, Fatima and Jamil know what it means to be stateless and deprived of services that many people around the world take for granted. About Armour, They are among the 22,000 Rohingya people living in grossly unsanitary and crammed conditions in Kutupalong makeshift refugee camp, in southeastern Bangladesh.

Originating from the Rakhine State in western Myanmar, Armour dangers, most of the Rohingya refugees have been denied official refugee status by the government of Bangladesh. Armour coupon, Out of the estimated 250,000 Rohingyas who fled Myanmar, only a paltry 28, buy Armour without a prescription,000 men, Purchase Armour online, women and children are officially recognised as refugees and eligible for basic support from UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency. The others remain stateless, real brand Armour online, with no one to provide them with food, Comprar en línea Armour, comprar Armour baratos, water, shelter or healthcare.

Over the past year, thousands of unofficial Rohingya refugees have flocked to the makeshift Kutupalong camp, Armour australia, uk, us, usa, clinging to the perimeter of an official UNHCR camp. They have not been provided with any of the basic assistance afforded to their counterparts residing in the official camp.

Buy Armour Without Prescription, The ramifications of being both stateless and without status are evident. Low dose Armour, “It is one of the worst pictures of poverty I have ever come across. People are living in shelters built with bits of plastic, wood or whatever they can find, Armour description. They do not even have any utensils to cook food and the sanitation is just appalling, Cheap Armour, ” says Gemma Davies, MSF project coordinator in Kutupalong.

MSF conducted an initial exploratory assessment in Kutupalong camp in March 2009 where team members found over 20,000 highly vulnerable people struggling to survive day to day without the most basic of amenities, buy cheap Armour no rx. 90% of the refugees were found to be severely underfed since they were unable to gather enough food to meet their daily needs. The situation had soared past World Health Organisation thresholds for what constitutes an emergency.

MSF responded immediately by setting up a project offering basic healthcare, treating the severely malnourished children and improving water sources and waste facilities, Buy Armour Without Prescription. Is Armour safe, Within the first month, MSF enrolled over a thousand malnourished children in its therapeutic feeding programme and treated around 4000 children in its outpatients department.

“Prior to MSF’s arrival, these people had little or no access to healthcare, Armour from canada. While working at the Kutupalong camp, Online buying Armour, I have treated some of the worst medical complications I have ever seen. It is immensely sad and frustrating,” says Kylah Taylor, where to buy Armour, MSF nurse.

In June-July 2009, Armour dose, just months after MSF began its project, Kutupalong camp fell into a full-blown crisis as Bangladeshi authorities resorted to violence and intimidation against the refugees in order to clear the area adjacent to the UNHCR camp. Between June 7 and July 14, Armour for sale, the unofficial refugees were threatened, Buy Armour online cod, arrested and beaten as their homes were destroyed by the local authorities.

On June 15, MSF treated twenty-seven people, including a newborn child, buy Armour from mexico, with violence-related injuries. Buy Armour Without Prescription, On July 14, thirty policemen and some local officials destroyed and looted the makeshift refugee camp. Doses Armour work, In the process, 259 homes were destroyed. “I was working, canada, mexico, india. When I went back to my shelter I found it totally destroyed, Armour from canadian pharmacy, ” a camp resident recounted. “A police inspector was there with nine or ten people. I asked why they destroyed my house, Buy Armour Without Prescription. He showed me a fish cutter and said: ‘One more word and I will cut you.’”

Trapped in a world where they are prevented from supporting themselves and denied any official assistance, buy cheap Armour, unofficial Rohingya refugees are vulnerable to the unscrupulous activities of people manipulating and making profits from their hopes and fears. Armour recreational, A large number of these refugees can be found working illegally as cheap labour, incurring the resentment of local communities. In some cases, Armour price, coupon, the small wages earned by these labourers are extorted from them by the locals. Order Armour from United States pharmacy, Regular harassment by the police, including beatings and detentions, is also widespread, Armour without a prescription. There are also reports of Rohingya women being coerced into commercial sex trade.

Buy Armour Without Prescription, The situation in Kutupalong is symptomatic of a far wider crisis, with its root lying across the border in Myanmar. Although they have been living in Myanmar for hundreds of years, Online buying Armour hcl, Rohingyas are denied citizenship by the country’s military government. Denied their basic human rights, Rohingyas face routine persecution and discrimination in their own land, buy no prescription Armour online. They are forbidden to marry, Armour brand name, to have children or to travel without purchasing government issued licenses that cost a prohibitive amount of money. The fear for life and the absolute loss of dignity of those who have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh is evident in their stories.

One Rohingya woman, now a refugee in Bangladesh, Armour trusted pharmacy reviews, described to MSF how she lost her pregnant daughter resulting from the fear of repercussions of an illegal birth, Armour interactions, “My daughter was pregnant. To kill the baby, she took a root drink and one of our relatives gave her a rough abdominal massage, Buy Armour Without Prescription. She was bleeding badly and having fits. We were scared that the Burmese authorities would force us to pay a huge fine or arrest her because she was pregnant while not officially married, Armour schedule. We did not take her to the hospital, Armour pics, instead, we went to the local healer. She died the next day.”

“Over the years I have heard many reasons why people fled from Myanmar. Buy Armour Without Prescription, Largely it comes down to fear of being arrested or intimidated. A woman and her three children left following her husband’s arrest, in fear for her family. Another couple – the woman some months pregnant – fled out of fear of the repercussions they would face for being unable to afford the official marriage license, not to mention the child birth license,” says Gabriela Popescu, MSF medical coordinator in Bangladesh.

The first wave of Rohingya refugees fled to Bangladesh in 1978, followed by another wave in 1991-1992. Today, despite Bangladesh government’s routine practice of involuntary repatriation to Myanmar, people continue to arrive in Bangladesh, escaping persecution at the hands of the Myanmarese junta. This has developed into a regional challenge as evident in recent headlines about Thai authorities pushing away boatloads of Rohingya men seeking refuge in Thailand back to the sea.

“I was born in Myanmar, but, that government says I do not belong there. I grew up in Bangladesh, but, this government says I can not stay here. As a Rohingya, I am caught between a crocodile and a snake,” a nineteen-year-old unrecognised Rohingya refugee told MSF.

Rohingyas must be guaranteed a healthy and dignified life and if, due to a well founded fear of persecution, they choose to leave their homeland then the government of Bangladesh, and other countries in the region, must offer them refuge and assistance in accordance with international standards of humanitarian assistance.♦

Naomi Pardington is Communications Advisor (Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Moldova, Myanmar, Somalia) at Médecins Sans Frontières. For more information about MSF’s work in Bangladesh and Myanmar see


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